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Re: Amazing Skin on 102-Year-Old

On 8/10/2014 Harpa said:

I just came from a memorial service for this dear, dear Christian lady, my college roommate's mother, who was 102! Her facial skin was utterly amazing from her latest photographs and the way she looked today! Simply unbelievable! Everything - jaw, neck, eye area was taut, firm, lineless. All she had were some age spots. She was a former nurse, but had long since retired from the years I had known her.

This is a little morbid.

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Re: Amazing Skin on 102-Year-Old

My grandmother and mother both had beautiful skin until the end of their days. Neither wore much makeup, to speak of. Some lipstick, a little dab of powdered rouge and loose or pressed powder on their face for special occasions. Only in her last years did my mother wear eye makeup. She was blessed with black hair (great brows) and dark brown eyes, and so she did not need anything to enhance her eyes.

Both used Pond's Cold Cream to remove their makeup on those days they wore it, and each washed her face with nothing but Ivory soap. They might have used a nice cream to moisturize their face, but I do not remember which cream it was. They really were not that much "into" makeup as my grandfather was very strict and old-fashioned. (Ladies didn't paint their faces when my mother was young.)

Who knows? Plain and simple is best, maybe? It goes without saying that they had no chemical peels or laser treatment.

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Re: Amazing Skin on 102-Year-Old

I think genetics, environment and skin care all play their part. Also of significance, I think the type of skin you have has a lot to do with how you will fare in the long run. Those with fragile fair skin, I think, do not fare as well as those with darker thicker skin. You will note African American ladies show way less aging on their skin than the fairest white. Also, olive skin ladies, Latinas, Italians, etc., seem to fare well. Fair, fragile skin, IMO, is damaged more from the sun and environment.