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I just had to post on here, I tried 2 New products in a new line for me-Clarins! My biggest rave is that I tried Their Ever Matte Powder, and with a very oily tzone, especially this time of year, it has worked better than anything I have ever tried........There are only 3 shades, and after chatting with a specialist and reading reviews, I ordered the medium which is perfect for my Tan/Warm Olive skintone....I love this powder so much and it just makes my face look so nice, I guess it mattifies without being too matte and flat looking, and I also use and love It Cosmetics Byebye Pores, but this is even better!!!Oily ladies give this a try. I also purchased and really like the Instant Concealer-a tiny dab will do to conceal darkness under the eyes, it lasts all day and does not settle. I will re-purchase this product again as well. It is just like the It Cosmetics Byebye under eye, but not as thick! I am very very happy with these products from Clarins and it has inspired me to want to try other things in this line in the future!!!!!!  

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Thanks for the review Candlequeen Woman Happy


I've only tried an eye cream but it really wasn't enough product to give an objective opinion...the only thing you can really establish from tiny skincare samples is how it feels going on and/or its absorbancy...

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@CANDLEQUEEN-Clarins is an excellent brand! I haven't tried the makeup but have used some of the skin care. Their sunscreen line is awesome. One of their award winning products is the Beauty Flash Balm--I think Dimitri/Skinn Cosmetics created a dupe of this product. And the milky cleanser is nice-special application/process-if you buy it, read the directions for usage 

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 I love their everlasting foundation.  

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My skin is normal which is thanks to Marula oil balancing it out.  I never had oily skin but it could get dry.  My first foundation was from Clarins.  They really have exceptional products.  Their lipsticks are really nice too.  When I worked part-time in fragrances years ago I also sold cosmetics and Clarins self tanner was a big seller.  Just some FYI - definitely try their lipstick though.  Glad you found a product (s) that really works for you.

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I also like Clarins.  It is probably the best mid-priced line on the market.