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Re: why I keep or throw away

Donate your clothes.

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Re: why I keep or throw away

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Would you agree that you buy on impluse? I think you do and it might be wise to do a closet inventory before you order any more. My recollection is you are in your 80's and walk where you need to go. 10 bottoms and 15 tops should be great plenty for your lifestyle.



@Auntg   I agree with you.  However, I don't think @halfpint1  is still following this thread.  She hasn't been back since her original post.








@halfpint1  posted on the "Ideas for less stress" thread today.

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Re: why I keep or throw away

The most difficult things for me to give away, are those items that have sentimental value to me. So if I am really torn i.e. an old beat up rocking chair, I take a few pictures and keep them on an album in my computer. Then I donate or give away.

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Re: why I keep or throw away

I just don't buy clothing online unless I can return it for free, usually at a local store. It just isn't possible for me to make a right decision on clothing I haven't tried on. 


And I won't buy from someplace that I have to pay return shipping. I never keep clothing that I don't like or doesn't fit right. That is just a huge waste of money, to me.

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Re: why I keep or throw away

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Twelve packages in a year would barely touch what I return.

I hate to say it, but me too!  I buy a lot & return what I can't use.

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Re: why I keep or throw away

I am trying to buy less. Always a work in progress. I donate to women needing clothes to get back to work. House stuff goes. No problem. Pictures and albums I keep. Every day I tell myself I have to keep doing this.


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Re: why I keep or throw away

I just posted something similar about the cost of keeping the stuff or sending it back.


Anyway, you can donate to Goodwill.  Just put it in bags but note what is in the bags.  If it works with your taxes (i.e. earned vs donated), you might be able to take it off (donation) on your taxes.


I used to just keep the stuff.  I finally decided it didn't make sense to keep stuff I didn't want.  I either donate it or give it to friends who want it.


Problem is all of my friends are skinny and can't wear the big momma clothes I wear.


I used to send it (them) to people here until I had a bag experience (people were selling them on other websites).  Really bothered me, so I stopped doing that.


Anyway, I've also donated them to women's groups where they collect clothes for women who are just entering the workforce.  Some were women who had to get a job due to divorce or something.


Clothes are expensive and it helps them out.  Most of my clothes are barely worn and more like the clothese Mary Beth wears (casual but kinda dressy).  Things like Isaac, etc.  Joan Rivers, like that.


You might think of donating them to shelters too.  But do what I do...QVC started throwing lots of clothes and various items in one big box mailing it to me.


So, I decided I would do the same sending it back to them.  I put lots of return clothes etc into one big box and stick their label on it.


I used to separate each piece.  It gets expensive ($6.95 each), now I put it in their big box!  (Fair play...right)?


It's a pain in the neck but think about the money you'll save by sending it back.  Take care.  We've all been there...