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vision back.  not a lot because of  the gas bubble but it  has improved a great deal.  now it is just a waiting game.  it will take about 6 to 8 weeks but i fam excited.  got my fingers crossed and saying myprayers and eatin gmy veggies that it does not detach again

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That is such good news @shortbreadlover .  You have really been through a lot with this.  I wanted to add that I love your avatar!  I know you have Boston Terriers, and the one in your avatar is adorable.

The Bluebird Carries The Sky On His Back"
-Henry David Thoreau

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i love boston terriers but i would never ever buy one from a breeder.  all of mine are rescues.  and they are all spoiled rotten.  but that's okay with me.


i have been through alot this year and it has been hard but things are looking up.  i do have wonderful friends and neighbors that have been there for me..and i am so grateful for all of the kindness that has been shown to me.

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You are on your way!  So happy that you are beginning to regain your vision and eating your veggies!  These weeks will fly by and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too!

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Sending hugs and prayers your way.  Keep up a positive attitude.

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I'm so glad your vision is better! Surgery is no fun and you've had your share. Take care and thanks for letting us know!

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@shortbreadlover ~ This is such good news.  On the way to recovery!  Wishing and sending prayers for the best.❤️

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Great news!  

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I am so glad that you have some improvement.

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Wonderful!!!!!Smiley Happy