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Hello Issy, Snappy and MsLoMo, missing all of you. WOW Spring is just around the corner exciting for sure. I'm in A hurry to see flowers Blooming. ! Well Ladies my hubby and I have sold our " Corvette " the Maybelline. It was time and it went to a good home my Brother bought it. Thats how the " Corvette " thing started with me threw 2 of my older Brothers so it's like it went full circle. Hoping all of you are doing good and healthy. BOY we will soon be springing forward with time change. 

Our " Lucky " our rescue White POM with one Blue eye and one brown eye is quite the Helper. He brings in our morning paper and then he loves taking clothese out of the dryer. Yelp I came back home from the store and I had left the dryer door open so the clothes would cool down and low and behold clothes were all over the kitchen floor and " Lucky " was jumping up and down barking wanting a treat for helping. no one else was hiome just " Lucky " at that time. I took pictures of ' Lucky " getting the clothes out of the dryer. so cute.. 

Well the days and months flying by.. we have twin Great Grandchildren 9 months old and A Boy and Girl and A New Great Granddaughter 3 months old so cute for sure. WE sure count our Blessings.Signing off and chat later.



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Hello Issy, Mslomo , Snappy, So good to read your chats ! BOY ladies Spring will soon be here and time change. Hoping all of you are doing good. My Hubby was in the hospital 11 days and is back home Re/Cooping. Yes he still works. He got to feeling poorly with the flu around time for his Birthday. We just stayed home for his Birthday and i baked his favorite cake Uo/Side down Apricot cake like the one his mother always baked for him. Well i shall get off of here and get busy.. Counting Blessings here that my hubby is safetly here at home.By For Now.


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Hello, Cute T.......what a nice surprise.  So nice to see you today.  We all have been missing you so much.  I am sorry to hear that Mr. Cute was in the hospital.  Hope that he is feeling better now.  They are still vacinnating people at the community center next to my office.  The parking lot is usually pretty full, except for Monday when they are closed. sold the Corvette!!!!  I thought that would never happen.  But you came full circle indeed.  You always kept Maybelline in tip top condiion, and it went to a good home.  Your family is growing by leaps and bounds.  How is your Texas family doing?



I always think of you when it is daylight wavings time.  I won't forget this year.  I look forward to the time change because I can run errands after work.  I have just been busy at work, and I haven't done much shopping.  It is hard for me to go into the stores because I can't stand wearing a mask for very long.  When will this all end????


Hello, Snappy.  I so appreciate your update on you and your family.  I miss you, too.


Hello, is Hal doing?


Hi, Hilo; I hope that you are doing well.  Greetings to are you doing?  Hello to Selah, Rowan, NAES, Lurky, Delaney, AgnesAnn and all of you wonderful people who post here.


I will be back soon.  Take care and stay safe!!

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Hello, everyone. Had to look around to find this thread, but here you are! Cute, I also didn't think you would part with Maybelline, but she's still in the family, so she's not really gone. We have a lot of memories of good times with her.

I'm sorry your hubby was in the hospital. Grateful he is at home now, still able to work, and wanting to.

Congratulations on the new great grand children. Are their parents the ones who live close to you, the ones with the back yard full of fun things to do? 

And how are the TX people? 


Issy, it's good to see you here. I watch less of the Q. If I really want something, I can order it on my phone app or my Kindle. 

Watching triggers my "want it, need it" impulses. Have the stores around your work area stayed in business through covid? 

Absolutely nothing in this country is what it once was, let alone in the world. I'm not concerned for myself, but my 4 little GGdaughters are growing up in such a strange place. 

The youngest is 13 months old, running all over and climbing anything. She pulled the drawer out from her mommy's stove, stood on it and climbed up to the top of the range! Not much hair, but it looks in pictures like it will be either blond or red. Her older sister, who will be 4 in early July has brown hair. She goes to preschool twice a week. Star will be 5 the end of June. She's in TK where she's excelling. They may want to place her in first grade next term, but I hope not. She's smart for sure, but needs socializing with her peers. She is tall and slim and still beautiful. 

Her little sister is 2 1/2, very curly red hair. She has an impish look in her eyes in pictures. She is speech delayed but getting therapy and also is probably high on the autism spectrum. Smart, bothered by noises, not too fond of being held, but they are working with therapists to help her. I haven't seen them since Christmas. There's a plan for an open house here the day before my birthday with small groups coming and then going so I'm not overwhelmed with everyone at once. Hope to get some good pictures. I'll be 88, which boggles my mind. 


Hi to MsLomo, all the KS ladies and BASSETBABE whom I know has a different name now, but can't remember it. Hi to anyone I've forgotten. Sorry about that.

Keep safe and well. God is still sovereign, otherwise I'd be scared to death about this world's condition. So sorry for the Ukrainian people. God bless them, and all who are trying to give them aid and comfort. 

Much love,


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Big hello Issy,Snappy, Mslomo,  so good to chat Yes missing all of you. Yes the " corvette " is with my brother hated to part with it but it was to much for my Hubby and I too take care of! it has A good home at my Brothers. Yes My Hubby is retired now as hes on Oxygen 24/7 and will see A lung specialist the28 of this month in another town.Our Grandchildren from Missouri and Oklahoma will be here for a few days this Friday,Our Texas family will be here the 31st.of this month of July. We have A Oklahoma Great Granddaughter we have not met in person yet so you bet we are excited for sure. fun fun times. WE have been getting a lot of rain. Hoping all of you are doing great. BOY the days and months flying. NO we do not go much as this Covid is still out there. WE do not shop much anymore.well I will sign off and All of YOU are in my Thoughts and Prayers! WE have A Great Grandson getting married in Missouri in October. EXCITING times


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Hello, Cute.  What a nice surprise to see you here.  We all have been missing you.  I guess that it was time for Mr. Cute to retire.  He has worked so hard and been such a wonderful person to a lot of people.  I guess that the guys where he works will miss your cakes and other goodies that you used to bring them.


I have been busy at work.  Unfortunately, I caught covid, along with my brother and SIL.  I just thought at first that I was coming down with a cold.  I was off work for about two and a half weeks, and I was miserable for the first three days..  All better now.  I have been vaccinated, too!!!  


We are experiencing a heat wave in my neck of the woods.  The heat just drains all of my energy.


Hello, JamandBread---how is Hal doing?  Hi, MisLomo.  I miss you.  Hello, Snappy.  I hope that you and your daughter are doing well.  We all miss you so much.


Hello, to BassetBabe, Rowan, Selah, Lurky, NAES, Agnes and Jacob, and Delaney.


Take care eveyone, and I shall return.......