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Hello, Snappy.  Thank you for checking in.  I know that it is hard for you.  I have, also, forgotten my password a few times, and it makes it hard to sign in.  Hopefully, I will remember from now on.  I hope that you and your family are doing well.


Things have changed so much with Covid-19 causing a threat to all of us.  I don't venture out shopping any more---not much fun and too much trouble.


This winter has been mild in my neck of the woods.  We have had only one really bad storm come in this past January.  Unfortunately, the wind blew over part of my backyard fence.  So my neighbor and I shared the cost of having it replaced.......just what I needed.......another expense.  Well, at least it is done and I won't have to worry about it.


Hello, Cute.  I miss you.  Hello, Lurky, Selah, Rowan, NAES, Bathina, Qanu and Agnes.  Hope all if well.


Hi, MsLomo.  How are you doing?  Simone told me last week that she is closing up the wig shop this month, and she will only do mail/special orders for her clients.  It doesn't make sense to pay rent on a space when it hasn't been really open for months.  Her landlord doesn't want her to go but we will just have to wait and see what happens.  I really hate to see her leave.


I am still working, and I spend more time with my brother and SIL.  Everything else is okay with me.  Just trying to stay safe and healthy.  I miss all of you.


Take care........until next time.


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Hi Snappy


You have been on my mind recently but have had a hard time finding this thread. 

Happy to hear of your daughter's retirement and the fact that she is always there to support you.  How blessed you are!


I find myself going down more because of the isolation. Six months ago I walked without a cane and now I depend on it whenever going out of the house.  There is so much fear of falling.  


Other physical problems are always popping up but it does no good to share them.


Is this soon expected ggrandchild part of the same family as the others?   I don't know how they do it but some people can handle large families very well.  I have yet to even see my own ggrandchildren in Texas.   Am able to see them on TV screen and also on Facebook.and at least that's a plus.  I try to constantly find things to be thankful for  and that helps to cope.


My best friend since the 5th grade passed away suddenly last month and that leaves such a big hole in my heart, plus the passing of my only remaining Uncle and Aunt and 3 cousins all within the past year. My younger son Stephen is such a help to all of us....although he lives about an hour away he is always here when I need him.  My other son Rob, who has cancer is dependent on him too for all the things he has to endure in his cancer journey.   Rob recently became so despressed he had to be admitted to the hospital for treatment  .  He had developed chemo brain and wasn't able to think clearly. but whatever they gave him for that seems to be working


My concentration is not as it once was so I'll be closing now.....let's keep our eyes on Jesus.  Don't know how people make it in this dark old world with out Him.



Issy:   I see you have been improving a lot since your accident.  You have certainly been through the storm and are gradually coming out on the other side.  PTL!




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Hello Issy, HiLo and all,


I almost never use my computer except for emails, but I came here the other day to leave a message on the Widow's thread, and couldn't find this one, but today I did.


I'm grateful that you are recovering Issy and had a mild winter. It's important that you are spending time with your brother. I imatine your SIL is still grieving especially with special days and covid has caused so much stress to so many.


On February 27th, my fourth great granddaughter was born. My grandson and his wife have 2 girls. Star who is more than 3 1/2 now and gorgeous, her sister Sky is almost 16 months old, walking, running. My granddaughter has Sunny who is 2 1/2 and the new baby is her little sister. These girls are my son's granddaughters. They are all beautiful.

We had Star and her sis and parents here in November and again in January. Haven't seen Sunny or her family since the end of January last year when we had the family picture taken. They are planning some sort of drive by so the family can meet the baby. God has blessed me with these 4 little girls and I do thank Him.


I had my first dose of the vaccine last month with no side effects whatsoever. I'm scheduled for the second one on March 13, which is soon now. I hope all of you are getting yours and staying well. I never leave the house except to see a doctor which isn't often. I'm blessed to be a homebody and to have DD#2 living here so I'm not alone. 

I apologize ahead of time for the fact that I won't be here often. I just have other things now that take my time and I'm in quite a bit of pain from arthritis and the CMT. I have authorization to see a pain management doctor. Just need to make the appointment. Don't know what can be done, but it's very hard for me to stand up or walk except like a crab walk all bent over. I'm thankful I can still sleep mostly pain free. God is good.


Take care each of you dear ones. Cute, MsLomo all the KS ladies




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@cute t 



Hello! So very nice to see your posts. It's certainly not like the "old days" when we would come here to say "hi" just about every day (or as often as we could, which was pretty often!).


Snappy, I am so sorry that you have to walk all bent over and are feeling pain from arthritis and the CMT. That's very stressful. The pain management doctor can help you; even if means taking medication to ease your pain, that's a lot. Glad you're getting Covid shot #2 soon; I am, too. I've been very careful, as I imagine we all have been.


Issy, I'm happy that you have made great strides in your recovery. I hope you are doing fine and that Jay is good, too. So much has happened to all of us since our "hello" thread(s) on HSN and then here.


I have darted around a couple of times, not looking where I was going and have fallen and broken some bones. Physical therapy is great, but I have become scared of falling again. I try to think before I take each step, and I'm trying to look down so I won't trip over something. I've got a broken hand now and a small tear in my rotator cuff (of course, on the other side of my body!). I'm having surgery soon for that tear. (Ugh) Getting old over here! 


Hilo, I hope your son is OK, and I'm hoping that you will see your Texas family at some point (soon!). 


Snappy, congratulations on your four great-grands. What beautiful girls they all must be. It seems like such a long time ago when you would go with your DH to doctor appointments. Do you still have the note he left, "Gone for donuts." (I think that's what it said.) Long time ago.


Cute t, I will be amazed (but not too surprised) if your DH has not slowed down yet and is still working! That would be great, though. Remember how we loved our DG2 jeggings. 


I still like to imagine that someday we will all meet for lunch at a Marie Callender's restaurant. I've never been anywhere that had a Marie Callender's restaurant, but I'd like to order the chicken pot pie. And, Snappy, I think of you when I see a Panera sign, because you and DD#2 used to order the BLT turkey and avocado sandwiches. Do you still get takeout from there and also go through the *bucks drive-through for frappuccinos sometimes?


Take care, everyone! Heart

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Ms. Lomo:


I can seldom find these posts but had good luck today.  When you mentioned you had broken some bones I became concerned because of having had the same experience.  And the constant looking at every step you take gets quite frustrating.  My latest fall was breaking my wrist when stepping up on a sidewalk.  Also, there are often cracks in sideswalks that you can get your shoe caught under so the older members of my community are frequently falling outside.but in the house as well..  


My daughter finally insisted I  get a cane and it does help to be able to feel a little more confident than before.but the fear of it happening again will always be there. She also fell, hurt her neck and has been going back and forth now for 6 months to different doctors looking for help.  Finally, one doctor suggested an acupunctureist and it seems as though she is finally getting some results, a really good method of pain relief.that even Medicare is finally accepting for back pain.



Hope your husband is doing better  these days,  looking out for someone besides yourself can be very stressful.  Praying that things are getting better for both of you. Only wish these were truly the golden years!


Thank you, Ms. Lomo for thinking of my son and ggrandchildren.It's not easy when one's children don't live nearby but my youngest son gets here ASAP when something does  happens.


Best wishes and prays also for: Snappy, Issy and Cute t.  May God bless you all.


HiLo  (Lois)

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Hello, my dearest Snappy.  I am so very happy that you took the time and effort to come here to chat and let us know what is happening with you and your family.  I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain, and I hope that you can get some relief.  I know that you are grateful that DD#2 is staying with you.  I think of you quite often and pray that you will be okay.


I loved hearing aobut your beautiful great granddaughters.  I remember when we all were anxiously awaiting for the first one to be born.  Now, you have four; that is such a blessing.


It is very important that I spend time with my brother and his wife.  My other SIL is doing okay but she still misses my brother.  She mostly stays in the house because of Covid-19.  I have talked to her but I know that the pain is still there. 


I have essentially healed from the accident but I am keenly aware of walking and falling down because of the injuries to my knees and hip joints.  The health department is vaccinating people for Covid-19 in the building next to our office.  There is a parking lot between the two buildings, and so, it is very busy around here.


So, I hope that you will be able to come back soon.  Until then.........I love you and miss you.  Take care, sweet lady.

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Hi, Lois, I'm happy to see your post. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about. Just as your daughter suggested to you, the ortho suggested to me that I take a walker or cane with me to unfamiliar places, such as new doctors' offices and parking lots (which is where I fell the last time -- at the end of January). She said it would help me to focus on each step so I don't get impulsive and dart off without watching where I'm going.


I tried out the cane in my kitchen, just to see how it felt, and it was OK, but my fear is that I'll lose my balance and twirl with the cane like I'm in some Fred Astaire movie and somehow impale myself on the cane! (Kind of funny, but not really!) It's not like there are two sides to the cane that will "cushion" me when I go down. I think I'd feel safer with the walker, but it's such a clumsy piece of equipment, arrghh.


I've been told that we older folk do not lift our feet (as we used to) when we're walking, so those sidewalk or bathroom floor "ridges" are just waiting for the toe of our slipper or shoe to get caught, and then BAM!


I'm always so surprised when all of a sudden I am going down -- it seems so random and out of nowhere. And then I feel furious at myself for falling yet again.


Right now I have a small tear in my right rotator cuff that needs surgery, as well as a broken left hand that is in a sling. Of course, they are on opposite sides of the body! (I TRY to see the positive side of a challenge -- ha.)


I think it's great that your daughter was able to find help from acupuncture. It's good that she persisted in finding relief. Your youngest son sounds wonderful and very helpful to the family. I feel bad that your other son is suffering as a result of his treatments, which is common but still terrible for him -- and for you. Such a helpless feeling as a mother to not be able to step in and fix it.


I got my second Covid shot this week, and my DH got his second one weeks ago, so I soon will be able to see him without our having to wear masks. We FaceTime during the day, which is great.


I'll be thinking of you as I watch where I'm walking, and sending you warm, positive thoughts that we will stay upright!  Heart

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Hello, Ms. Lomo.......what a wonderful surprise to see you here.  I have been wondering how you were doing.  I am sorry to hear that you have fallen and injured yourself.  Yes, so much has happened to us since the HSN days, etc.   We certainly had a good time, and I think of all of the ladies that used to post quite often.  


I do spend a lot of time with my brother and his wife, and of course, Jay.  We are both doing well; he is very athletic and I am more of a "couch potato" but we manage somehow to balance it out. friend, Simone, has closed here wig shop across the street from my office.  I was so sad to see her go but she just couldn't justify paying that expensive rent for a boutique when there were no customers.  People are just not coming out.  She said that she is doing some mail orders for special customers, and she wants to take a year off and think about what her options are.  Lucky for her that she can afford to do that. 


Speaking of offices.......the building next door caught fire and the fire jumped to the roof of our building.  The fire was contained quickly but I was envisioning our office going up in flames.  We were very lucky not to have any structural damage or damage to the inside of our building.  As if I didn't have enough to worry about!!!


I, too, think about Snappy every time that I drive by Panera Bread.  I imagine one day that we will all sit down at a Marie Callender's restaurant-----the chicken pot pie is really delicious.


I am hoping that you are feeling better and please be careful.  Stay safe.  

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Hello, Hilo......thank you so much for posting today.  It is harder to find this thread because we don't post as much as we used to.  Besides, I forgot my password.  So, I had to go thru establishing a new one, etc, etc., etc.  


I am sorry to hear that you have fallen and injured yourself.  Glad that you have the cane to feel more secure.  I do remember your family very well, and am happy to hear that your son can help out when you need him.  I am also hoping that your daughter can find some relieft for her neck pain.  If the acupunture works........then go for it.  


I think that we are all just trying to stay safe and reasonably healthy with the way that the world is fighting the virus.  I do so many things differently now.  Guess that it is the "new normal".  So, take care, dear lady, and I hope that you come back soon.



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Hi, Issy! I was typing my message to @Hilo and right after I sent it I saw your new messages. Lois and I were just "talking" about falling, and now here you are, also having to be aware of moving! I never imagined that we'd have to worry about these things ... always took it for granted that we could dart around as we pleased without fear. Well, ha! Surprise!


I, too, often think about the KS Ladies who used to post on this thread. I hope that, wherever they are, they are doing fine. It would be fun if they would pop in here and say "hello." Smiley Happy


I'm with you on the couch! My neighbor friend (who just moved away - sniff!): In the past year we walked three miles every other day. She is athletic, plays tennis, etc., while I default to looking for excuses to get out of walking. ("Oh, look, I see a small dark cloud in the sky, all the way to the right. See it? There may be a storm coming this way.") But she was just what I needed to get in the habit of exercising. I've been walking without her, but I miss her.


That is too bad that Simone had to close her wig shop. I know you are going to miss her.  I'm happy for her that she can take a year off to decide her next steps. I am thinking that a year from now, she could be ready to jump back in because things could be a LOT different (fingers crossed).


The building next door caught fire that jumped to the roof of your building? Oh noooo. Glad there was a good ending to that "adventure." But, as you said, just ONE MORE THING to have to watch out for. JEEZ!