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@Q-Anu—😱—oh no! No kidding (right now) that's scary, and I'm sorry about your and Mia's injuries. Not to mention the antique serving platter. Hope you don’t have a concussion and that you will heal up in time to begin your law practice with the firm. Of course, these things can't be rushed, so do take it very easy. When does Logan return from FL? 


Here's the pan you’re looking for: 




Scanpan Classic Rectangular Everyday Pan for $120 at Amazon and other retailers. That's $30 less than we paid at the time, and it's great for most everything, including searing meat. Perfect size for frying bacon. I sautéed a bunch of onions and mushrooms in it to go over grilled steaks Sunday evening. You don’t need to turn the heat up as high in these either. Another feature I love, once I adjusted to it. 


This is the first I have ever heard of Peruvian Connection, but I love what I see here! Will definitely check it out soon. Agnes might beware of alpaca allergies with her super sensitive skin. Is that why the hand washing or dry cleaning? Bummer. . . 


Best wishes to Marian and her sons with adopting a new dog! It's well worth the effort to find a good fit. 


I'll be back soon—hope we hear from Snappy & Hilo soon. 


Love & Blessings to each of you and thank you for being here! 

—Marcia 😘


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Hello friends. I confess that I didn't read the posts since I was here last, but did want you to know what is happening with my sister.

She was taken from the hospital to a rehab facility for 2 weeks of PT to see if she could stand up straight and walk to go home to her daughter's house. It was a "no restraint facility" which among other things, means no side rails on beds. She fell out several times.

She decided no more chemo. So on Sunday she was taken to her daughter's home under hospice. On Tuesday, DD drove out to see her for her own sake and mine. It took just an hour. A very hot day, but we had no trouble other than the stress she feels knowing these things are hard on me.

They have a hospital bed in one of the bedrooms. There's a TV in there which was on. Just room for an old upholstered chair on which I sat. It was hard to look at her and hurt to sit there. She dozed off and on, but was alert at other times. She knew who we were and did speak sometimes, making sense. If her eyes were open, I could still "see her" in there. The chaplain from hospice came and we all sang "Shout to the Lord" together and he prayed for her. Two men from their church also came. We left them alone with her, but I'm sure they also prayed with her. They were on their way to some meeting, so weren't there long.

We played "I can only imagine" for her. I quoted John 14.

We talked a bit about our childhood, but not much.

My niece's boyfriend went out to get lunch for himself and for my sister's special needs son who was there. Tuesday is his day off. They brought home enough for DD and me to have some.

My niece knows she needs some counsel about how to help her brother understand. He knows about Heaven and that his mother is going there. He was smiling and let me hug him. His sister will make sure he continues to bowl and do the social things with his group. After sis is gone, that is. I'm glad he can continue working.

When we were there, hospice hadn't yet brought the medications for her, and I know that once she begins taking them, she will sleep most of the time. It's very hard when that time comes. She wasn't hungry, but was thirsty.

My niece's BF is very strong and good with my sis. She likes him. He's sort of a character, but seems to have a heart of gold. He can move her so she doesn't hurt from too much time in one place.

My niece is exhausted. One of her sisters lives very close, but she works full time. She does go in the mornings before work, but can't be a long visit. This is the 5th time my niece has had to see someone dear through this dark place. Her hubby passed away years ago from lung cancer.

I'm tired. Tomorrow I see the dermatologist. I'm concerned about my nose. It could be the cancer, or not. I'll find out what she thinks.

I was to see my cardiologist today, but yesterday I was told she's no longer with them, so now I will see a new doc on August 8th. Have to go to the PC doc and I had dental work done. An ancient crown cut off. Decay under it. I have a new crown and all seems well.

DD has to return to work soon. She's off at the teacher's supply store now.

God is faithful.

Thank you for praying or my sister and the rest of us. I may not see her again in this life.

Take care of yourselves.


snappy Heart

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@snappyfrappy, here (((you))) are and thank you for sharing, what is so hard for you to say, and for us to hear. You are losing your sweet-heart and a rock of a sister, after her long, brave efforts to survive cancer. You're watching it through not only your eyes, but through those you love and who love her. What could be harder? 


I'm thankful you could be there, though, and while Shirley is yet lucid. It's a blessing that her daughter and the boyfriend is able to not only have Shirley in their home, but also her son. He will accept the inevitable, in small doses, as he must. His sister has the best plan for him. Some counseling and a gentle attempt to carry on with his regular schedule, once his dear mother is in Heaven. He may even become a productive helper to his sister in some time, as well as a comfort. Just as he's been to Shirley for so long. Sounds like he is beginning to work through his crisis, and it's good that he sees his extended family pulling together in support of one another. 


Hospice should relieve your niece and her boyfriend of some stress, though they rarely stay for long each day. It will free up some time, so that your niece, especially, can collect herself. Or just have a good, releasing cry. She has a lot of collective grief that this painful process may trigger, compounding sorrow. My heart goes out to each of you, as my prayers go up to Christ Jesus. 


Hoping so much that no new cancer has invaded your nose. The very LAST thing you need.


We'll all be standing in the gap, until we hear from you again. God keep you, dear friend, safe, sound and comforted in His grace. 


Much Love,

Marcia 🙏


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Hi, friends! If you're getting weird messages here today like “Your request is being processed” and redirected to other's not your device. I just read where many are having these issues, and IT is working on it.

@MsLomo, I finally made it over to HSN to look at their Strive footwear. (We were discussing them on another thread that I can't find now because Notifications are also down for me.) I ordered these on Clearance for $62.45!

Well.... I can't post pics here today either. What a mess this site is.

Strive Trio Slim-Line Leather Z-Strap Orthotic Slide in the Black and Tan. Those were the only color still available in my size, but as it happens, they were my favorite. I'll be excited to try and compare them to Vionics, which are too hard and stiff on my feet.

Did your pans arrive? Can't wait to hear your review! I need to become more vigilant like you on checking back on the prices. I remember early on when I would place items in my Amazon cart....if I waited a few days, the price would go down. That doesn’t seem to happen anymore.

Our wishlists here were ruined during the last upgrade when we got the annoying rolling banner up top, that also scrunched up every page of the forums for most mobile device users. We had to find our own work arounds for that. HSN has a better shopping site all around. Can you post to their chat forums easier, too? I have never tried. They're tricky to even find. Maybe they want to phase them out.

In American Lit, we had to study the Beatnik authors, their works which delved into that culture. I got the same feelings that you've described living through. Dark, gloomy, distrustful, hopeless....yes, depressing. Dissatisfied with most everything and drug use was popularized to the point of faux religious rituals. I find that I don't care for any classic films based on that disturbing movement, or much of the music either. I do like some of the Rolling Stones and Beatles songs. Every generation seems to produce the rebellious culture, including this one that's going beyond the pale. As Darrell says, “it's thick out there.” All out anarchy.

Now I'm getting the pink error msg up top, so I'll see if this will even post, before continuing..... ❤️


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@Q-Anu - you crack me up, even when you must be in such pain! This definitely qualifies as a “WHY, GOD?” close to your beginning the new position. I pray you feel a tiny bit better today. I know your whole shoulder must be terribly bruised. There's a lotion that helps with that, but the name escapes me. I'll look it up later and txt it to you. Poor Mia....she was coming to your rescue, but slipped. 😔 


I so want that first dress to wear with my boots and coral shrug! It doesn’t contain alpaca wool, and I’m wondering if it would be okay to wash it in my machine on the gentle cycle. Maybe in my lingerie bag? Then hang to dry over the rack. I have so much laundry, so little time to be hand washing things. I can’t take the dry cleaning chemicals. Have you ever tried the dry cleaning bags in the dryer? Do they cause shrinkage? I wouldn’t worry so if the price was lower. Let me know iI you buy anything there! 


As happens, I love beets, other than pickled. Becky loves them that way, but I just can't.... Mom knows best, in your case, with your finicky digestion. Have your salad (I'll try it, too) and REST. 🙏


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@DeLaney - I'm so relieved to hear that Ron is hanging in there. We have to stand strong against the bullies of the world, and especially in these cases, with conviction of faith. I know you are a huge help to him, and most of all, the Holy Spirit will guide him.


I've had one lucid dream and I've never forgotten it! Back when I was living in Seattle with Jacob's dad - my ex - and working at the job I hated, etc. I dreamed I was at my makeup/hair counter in the bathroom....getting ready for work. In the full length mirror on the inside of the bathroom door, I saw myself! A bit younger, with my arms crossed and leaning to one side, with a sneer on my face, while watching me. I immediately thought that my younger self was disgusted with my current self - my choices in life. My compromises that weren’t resulting in contentment. Like living a lie - that marriage, my previous ambitions unrealized - all of it.


I spoke to my younger self: “I know you're right. This isn’t really me. I have to get unstuck.” Then I thought....I'm just dreaming - it's time to wake up. I did with a jolt.


It took no analysis to figure that one out. I can still see it all so plainly and I'm thankful it never reoccurred! Such an eerie feeling. Almost like an outer body experience. It helped me, though - propelled me toward positive change. 


I'm sorry about the further troubles BG's Mom is causing everyone. I'm still praying that she'll accept the mental (and spiritual) help she needs. It seems that some can’t be satisfied in life if they’re not attempting to tear others down. Full of spite and jealousy. She's punishing her mother - beyond competing with her, as many young daughters do. I hope she gets to the bottom of her psychological problems and does no harm to her precious daughter. You're wise to not allow her to use you, through flattery and other sycophant behaviors with her own child as a pawn. She wants you and Mike “on her side” - drive a hostile wedge between you and her mother. As though there’s anything to be gained by all this. She may have to burn ALL of her bridges before she realizes she's self-destructing....and quite alone in a harsh world that doesn’t find her extraordinary at all. Just another lost soul to be consumed. 😥


I looked up the book you referenced and will order it. Best wishes with your efforts to help increase the age limit on foster care! ITA. These young citizens need more help, not less. Why bring them up, then throw them to the wolves before they have a chance to make it on their own? ❤️

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@snappyfrappy  - you're welcome for the prayers. Continuously with you and yours. I sure do feel for your niece having to go through this again....and with her dear mother this time. Thankful for her boyfriend with the heart of gold, and the support through her church.

How awful that Shirley fell from her bed several times in rehab! I don't think of bed rails as “restraints.” Just necessary for anyone so ill. Grateful she is out of there and home with her loving DD. I know it's hard to witness the necessary hospice care, even in the home. Though they are especially trained to assist with this process. My friend and co-worker who died from the inoperable brain tumor, had wanted to die at home, under their care. It wasn’t possible in her case, though. She had to be moved to a full care facility. Her family and friends could still be there, until her husband wisely decided it was too hard on their young children. I kept them most evenings, so he could be with her until the end. I hope it won't be too upsetting for your nephew to witness, but I trust his sister will know. God be with them all.

If and when you see this, please know how very sorry I am. ❤️

Please let us know what the dermatologist determines when you can. 🙏


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Grilled Sea Bass




1⁄4 tsp garlic powder
1⁄4 tsp onion powder
1⁄4 tsp paprika
1 lemon-pepper, to taste
1 sea salt, to taste
2 lb seabass
3 tbsp butter
2 large cloves garlic, chopped
1 tbsp flat leaf Italian parsley, chopped
1 1⁄2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil


Preheat grill for high heat.

In a small bowl, stir together the garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, lemon pepper and sea salt. Sprinkle seasonings onto the fish.

In a small saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter in olive oil with the garlic and parsley. Remove from heat when the butter has melted and set aside.

Lightly oil grill grate.


Grill fish for 7 minutes, then turn and drizzle with butter mixture. Continue cooking for 7 minutes, or until easily flaked with a fork. Flip onto serving plate. Drizzle with butter mixture before serving.


Serves 6

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Hello, dear ones! 💜 Just a quick check in with you. 


Glad to see a msg from Snappy... heartbreaking as it is. I do tend to over-empathize, so share your pain quietly. Reminds me so much of my mother, but in our case, home hospice was an answer to our prayers. I pray that Shirley will receive the same compassionate care, and the family will be comforted by their counseling. Unlike what happened with your husband. 


Issy, I offer you my deepest condolences on your loss of Joan. Heaven's gain is the world's loss. May your lifetime of warm memories bring you comfort in time. 🌹


Your poor pointy head and shoulder, Anu! Keep chilling both and stay as still as possible ~ hard as it is, I know. A good time to binge watch a compelling series, or rest your eyes with an audiobook. A little escapism. 


Agnes (Anu and Marcia, too) ~ I'll check out similar, if not identical “fabrications” (we love that word, right? 😉) of the first dress to a lower priced top at Peruvian Connections. I'll order it and try washing it on my “hand wash” machine setting. Can't be so different from your gentle cycle. Will let you know if it survives. I like the tunic style top with the pockets, if they have it in petite. 


MsLomo, I wonder how that Strawberry Panna Cotta would turn out with half heavy cream and half low-fat milk? I know a lot of people have to watch their calories and there must be a low-fat version. I'll look around through my favorite cooking blogs. I can tell you this much... the version I posted doesn’t thaw from the freezer well. Soggy through and through and runny on the bottom. I'm very particular about texture, as well as taste. Enjoy your new skillets! Nothing much thrills me more than excellent cook and bakeware. 


Having a lazy kinda summer day here, after steam cleaning the indoor and outdoor furniture this morning. Been floating around, reading an e-book via the kindle app on my iPhone. Letting the locusts serenade me. Ms. Sophie tries to get my toes each time they drift by close to the edge of the pool. Won't put her own toe in the water, though. 😽 




The kids took both grandkids to King's Dominion for the day. We gladly declined. They'll be here tomorrow for an early dinner after church. Will and I will prepare the grilled sea bass he and the boys caught on the OBX, with roasted asparagus and baked sweet potatoes. Watermelon for dessert! Pulled our first today and will leave it in the ice chest overnight. 


Our DD has decided to take the marine biology lab job, provided she passes the exams. Those are scheduled for late next month. She and the team are off the coast of Greece now. 


Have a nice and safe weekend, all. ~ Joy 💜


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Quickly running in to say:


ANU, nooooo!! I hope you are on the mend and not in pain! Oh my goodness. The only good thing I can think of right now is that one of your neighbors has a Ring or some security system with a long lens that captured the entire incident. It's now gone viral, and you will win some very big prizes! I hope you heal quickly. Sending you warm wishes for a quick return to normal. Also, I'm editing again (I am not organized this afternoon!) to let you know that I've never heard of Peruvian Connection, but will check it out.


Joy, what a beautiful foot! Is that yours? Wow! I am never sure if some of the pics posted here are the online "generic" ones, or personal photos. Marcia, I am thinking that the photo of the baby boy is a "generic" online one and not really Tyler. (What I do is right-click on the photo and then click on "Search Google for this image." Typically, the "generic" ones will pop right up.) Joy, no image popped up that matched the photo, so I want to tell you that I admire your foot's shape and apparent health and the pedicure! Smiley Happy And I want to jump in that water!!


I Googled "Low-fat and low-calorie Panna Cotta" and some recipes came up ... "What's Cooking America" has one that looks good. Of course, the "lighter" version of any Real Deal is rarely as satisfying. I can only hope that eating the lighter version for a long enough time (without even a sniff of the Real Deal in the meantime) will teach the taste buds to be happy with the healthy version. Hmph. Smiley Very Happy


Edited to add: Agnes, I hope you like the Strive sandals! That particular version does depend on the shape of your foot. Some didn't care for it, but I hope it works for you. The footbed is so comfortable ... so much better than the plastic-y footbeds that feel pretty bad once you've had the Strive and Gentle Souls and NAOT footbeds. Also, my pans should arrive this week!


Marcia, your post was soooo kind ... thank you. I will respond very soon. Heart


Snappy, I am feeling very sad for you about Shirley. She is a warrior who gave it her best. Blessings on all of you. Heart I am thinking of you and sending my love.