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Dear Snappy, I've caught up on all of your posts to me and the other ladies here after being off the grid 😉 for a while. All is well, or as well as possible... I just take internet breaks now and again, since my work involves a lot of computer use, too. Then, I went to spend time with aunt Cynthia in South Carolina. Some of that time involved traveling ~ taking her back to visit loved ones and her parish church in Louisiana. Lord, did the rain pour down there! Thought we would drown, after many detours on the backroads, each time we got out of the rental car. Her adult kids had not the time for this, or some other personal matters... the good Lord provided and our prayers were answered. Grace saw us through it, with no ugliness and I don't believe either of us are any worse from wear. 


She is feeling much like you are ~ useless. I can certainly understand why that would be, but it's just another of life's deceptions. You are both still serving His purposes here, though they be hidden from you right now. A place is being prepared for us, far away from all suffering. Likewise, others are being prepared to join us there ~ through us by the guidance of the Comforter within. “This is where the rubber meets the road,” as Cynthia told me. The most vital part of our witness walk is through this final valley. I pray for the courage and strength of her faith when my time comes. She proved to uplift me much, much more than I did her. No surprise there! I'm still stuck on dreading the day we're separated however temporary. She's asking for me to rejoice in her soon Homecoming. To actually sing at her funeral and to host her wake in gladness. All this with no bitterness in my heart (a dangerous snare of evil) for other's shortcomings regarding her humanly needs and care. I'm trying to get there ~ up where we all belong. Please pray for me and rest assured I am daily praying for you and yours. 


Your light is still shining brightly, too ~ to me and others, even as you face your own and dear Shirley's health struggles. Your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will never forget you, with what grace you carried throughout life, and how very much you loved them, second only to God. 


I'm sorry the sweet tasting tonic gave you painful side-effects, yet I'm thankful they were reversed when you stopped taking it. Trial and error with our imperfect medical practices. How we long to be truly healed by the Great Physician. I hope you'll love the new Sleep Number Bed. I have heard the new luxury models are a big improvement over the older ones. Good, quality rest is so important to our overall health and well-being. Will and I are still enjoying our new Saatva adjustable bed, as are James and Suz'. 


So relieved that it appears to be no cancer on your nose!! I await in prayer for (hopefully) encouraging news on Shirley whenever you feel up to sharing. Glad the trembling doesn’t happen when you type. We don't know for certain yet that the IV antibiotics won't result in longer relief for you, since they will be stronger and greater in quantity. Flushing this stubborn bug completely out of your system ~ if safe, regarding your other conditions ~ sounds promising. If only for a few months at a time. Seems the only other route right now is the maintenance dose of oral antibiotics and that vicious cycle with the fungal infections. 


Yes, Father's Day is nearly upon us again. Bittersweet as many of us miss our dads and/or husbands, but we carry on in deepest gratitude for our sons and sons-in-law, grandsons who are fathers... I hope you will be able to enjoy the gathering and time with those precious girls! 


I'm looking so forward with you to DD's vacation time, when you can both better relax and enjoy your days together. 




Dear ones, I sent many of you a group message today, regarding private things and prayer requests for other dear ones who must be absent from here for now. TIA, as I know you can each be relied on, in faith. I love you all, look forward to seeing many of you again soon, and will be back to chat here when possible. 


Much Love, Hugs and Blessings to All, 

~Joy 💜


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Hello, friends on this, another rainy ol' day here in N.C. Our section of the state is under another flash flood warning. Glad I don’t have to go to work tomorrow, or any place else. Detours can add on hours to commute time. Chay was just speaking with his cousin who lives in upper Ohio and learned that Lake Erie - in fact that All of the Great Lakes are reaching capacity. Can you imagine them all flooding? 😬 I shudder to think of it! 


That reminds me, Joy … how is your brother, Eddie and his family up in Cleveland? Has he officially retired yet? I hope you invited him to join us during KS-Fest. I'm so happy that Becky and Josh will be. Nosh will meet up with us when we reach the OBX. He'll be working the rest of the week, and I suppose his GF will choose to sit and stew in her own bitter juices while he joins us. I can’t help but to pity her myself, though that of course can't help her. She's imprisoned herself behind the dark walls she built for protection and is trying to make herself our brother’s warden therein. Please pray she'll be moved to seek professional help. 


I don't envy you your tasks on behalf of sweet Cynthia, but God bless and carry you through. I do so admire her spirit, or rather the Spirit within her dear temple. No navel-gazing for her! What will you sing and will you be accompanied? I know I couldn’t do this thing, so I'm naturally very anxious for you. You're not me, though, thank goodness! Very grateful for no ugliness, but it's too bad you can't bring her home to VA with you. I pray she's not silently suffering too much. 


I recieved your group msg and will write our dear friends soon. I don't want to place a burden upon them to feel obliged to reply to me, while they are going through so much. Your updates will be fine in the interim and my assurances to them that I'm praying daily faithfully. Thank you! 💗


Snappy, you're as astute as ever! No, this possessiveness isn't love. It's a desperate, selfish attempt at self-preservation by Nosh's GF. That and the insatiable need for self-love (narcissism) as Marcia correctly implied. It's tragic how this plague spreads throughout society. Not new, of course … we know who the father of false-pride and all lies is. I suppose social media makes it all the more obvious and it is a tool used for shameless self-promotion in many cases, too. Still, it seems to me - in real life - to be much more prevalent than ever before. 2 Timothy is manifesting before our eyes. 


Oh, I won't miss this fallen world's beastly system or any material thing either, when I pass over into Eternity. Surely for most … just as for you; it'll be hardest to say “farewell” to our loved ones. In the case of my children - and any grandchildren, God-willing - I worry already about their “inheritance.” Of course were I here for 300 more years, I can't save them or spare them any tribulations to come. I have done as instructed with love according to the Lord, but I'm sure if my day doesn’t come as a thief in the night … I'll still be wondering if there wasn’t one more thing left undone or unsaid. I personally believe that we won't miss witnessing anything from beyond the thin veil. Certain scriptures back that up.


Are you feeling better? I have prayed for the Lord to guide and strengthen you for whatever treatments lie ahead. I wondered if you may benefit at all from taking Biotin? When my mother suffered this cycle (bacteria/yeast) prior to her diagnosis of kidney cancer, during her treatments and still today, her doctors found she was deficient. She yet takes a capsule a day, as prescribed. Not to suggest it can cure your bladder disorder, but it may make things less hospitable as a host to both types of infections. Just thought you may want to ask the IDS.


We love you and want only the best for you. 💗 



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Hello, Agnes and thank you! I really should sign up for a Pilates class, as I would do better with instructions and discipline than on my own. Whole body and core strengthening with flexibility is what I need. More than I realized prior to the kayaking. I could definitely tell the difference in the leg that was broken, too. I suppose some arthritis may be settling in there. 


Did you finish the double-bottomed egg basket yet? Those are among my favorites. You can buy stretchy, washable, fabric liners at some craft stores, or easily fashion your own. Let me know if you need any help, or send the dimensions by email. I know how busy you are, as I'm enjoying my vacation. Happy to help and I can bring it along with me to KS-Fest. 


Regarding hurricane season - or any other … I don't believe anyone can completely predict the new weather cycles. Nor can we presume to be fully prepared, regardless of where we live. Other than spiritually, that is. We're becoming much more aware of how vulnerable we've always been here. I keep emergency bags backed for evacuation and we have our “safe room” stocked and organized. Darrell is wise to remove those big, beautiful but deadly trees from the proximity of your new house! Tree damage accounts for most destruction from high winds, including power outages. I wish they'd cut them back from the power lines, but it would cost a fortune here. 


Yes, yes! We're so relieved that Daniel and Harper are marrying here and have changed their honeymoon plans. (Read Selah’s post.) They may change those yet again, after hearing of the strange deaths and violence at certain resorts. Besides which, with less travel time, there's more time left for enjoying. 😍 


See you soon! 💗


Anu, I hope that you and yours are still OK out there in TX. I know the storms persist. I thank you for the delicious pasta salad recipe! I think it would be great with smoked salmon. Chay prefers that and smokes ours himself now. I have a good one for an easy Chicken Cacciatore that I'm making now and will share. 


Marcia, congrats to your niece on graduating, and to you and Mike on finishing up Tyler's bedroom and bath!! Now your lovely log home is complete with plenty of space for all. Is BG still there with you? I do so dread the day for your whole family, when she'll be with her own full time. Just the same, I continue to pray for her mother, as you requested, to find the will to get herself together. 


Did Owen get his correct knee brace? You know I'll be more than happy to hang back with him and others who are a bit less mobile. This includes my own parents. Our father has his Euro Nitro Drive rollator at the ready! (Thanks again, Anu!) He's practiced with it over all types of terrain and polished it up. Sometimes Mom uses it just for carting things about in the house. He told her to buy her own. 😅 Likely fears she'll damage it somehow. He was the same about his vehicles when he used to drive. I fully expect he will sit on this when the men fish. 


Thank you, dear friend and sister for praying for Nosh and his troubled GF. I have read the link and gone on to the online book written by a narcissist to help others cope with those in their lives: “Self-Love Malignant Narcissism.” Very enlightening. The more you learn; the more you recognize it everywhere. Very disturbing to say the least. She (his GF) hasn’t the worst case of it that I've ever observed. I don't believe she's reached the point of being a physical danger to anyone yet. She shows many signs and symptoms of having Borderline and Histrionic Personality disorders, too. These are often co-morbid, as you know, and so very difficult to treat. Tragic what a dysfunctional childhood can create within a mortal mind. 😥 Yet another kind of epidemic, with no cures in sight. Only God knows …


Are you enjoying good weather up there in Montana? When is the military ball? So good of you and Mike to take your niece and her BF! There's something they'll never forget. 


Be seeing you soon! 💗


Issy, hello! So good to hear from you - yes! You definitely scored some grand slam steals with those nice bags! Too bad we don’t all have a Cleo boutique nearby. 


I hope you luck out as well with your new vehicle of choice. There are so many nice ones to choose from, and now - for the next 15 days or so, is the time to buy. We're not in the market right now, having just traded our vehicles in after moving here from CT. Kind of wish I were, though. I see so many on the road that I like more than my own, which was chosen in haste. A bit of buyer's remorse, but it's only of the superficial so I'll live with it. 😉 


Hope you're having a beautiful weekend! 💗


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Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore



1 15-ounce can diced tomatoes, preferably fire roasted
3 tablespoons pure tomato paste
1 tablespoon smoked paprika
1 ½ teaspoon Italian Seasoning
Pinch crushed red pepper
2 teaspoons coarse kosher salt, divided
6 bone-in chicken thighs, skin removed
½ cup chopped olives
1medium onion, thinly sliced
1 red bell pepper, finely chopped
4 ounces crimini mushrooms, sliced
½ teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary


1. Stir diced tomatoes and tomato paste together in the bottom of a large slow cooker. Mix smoked paprika, Italian seasoning, 1 teaspoon salt and crushed red pepper in a small dish. Lay chicken on a sheet of parchment. Sprinkle all over the chicken turning pieces to coat completely. Arrange chicken in the sauce in the slow cooker. Pour any extra spices from the parchment on top. Layer olives, onion, bell pepper and mushrooms on top. Cover and set slow cooker to low for 6 hours.

2. When timer goes off, carefully pull chicken out of the cooker, keeping thighs intact if possible. Stir rosemary and the remaining 1 teaspoon salt into the vegetable mixture. Serve the vegetable mixture and sauce with the chicken.

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Wow, @Rowan72... does that chicken cacciatore ever look good! Too bad that Darrell can't have it yet. He'd love it, for sure. Maybe by the time my dad returns for a visit, I'll be able to make it. 


I wonder if all the added weight from Lake Erie contributed to causing the 4.4 earthquake near Cleveland this morning? 😳 Stuff is getting real, I tell you.


Darrell did finish removing the trees, which they'll be recycled. Thank you for the NOAA predictions - I agree with you 100%. I didn’t decide to leave the West Coast due to earthquakes, wildfires or weather systems, but rather I wanted to raise my son in a different social environment, including school system. This job allows for the expense of the private Christian school that also meets his special needs. Well worth it to me and we love the small town community where we live. We have the mountains, the beaches are not that far away, but far enough for safety from most hurricanes....or tsunamis. We don't have a desert here, but that's one thing I definitely don't miss. 


Another reported death - making 4 now - from that same resort in the D.R. A CA man died in April after taking a small drink from the mini bar. Sounds like a serial killer there who targets Americans. Even if it's some environmental factor, I'll not be visiting. Prefer to spend my hard-earned money right here at home anyway. Becky and Josh loved the Emerald Isle so much that they plan to return soon. Daniel and Harper might consider that for their honeymoon destination. 


I will send you the measurements, though I still have to complete the handle on my basket. I really appreciate your help! I'm not much good at sewing, other than putting buttons back on, or hemming pants. Are your hens laying any eggs yet? We're getting too many, so sharing with neighbors. Been making lots of omelets! 


I'll return to chat more soon, friends. Very busy day here. I'm praying as requested for all here, including our absentees. 🙏


❤️ from Agnes 


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Hi everyone, greetings from a very warm SoCal. It's 101 at our house right now. So thankful the AC worked again.

Good old machine.

I've been away for a while, but wanted to say hi to each of you.

Thank you for praying for my sister. I spoke with her yesterday. She gets "fuzzy" in the brain since her radiation, but make perfect sense to me. She's tired and concerned. On Thursday, she will have the PET scan to determine whether or not the chemo got rid of the cancer. Soon she'll have an MRI to see what effect the radiation had on that cancer.

She was in good spirits, although I know she's tired and has thrush again. She got the good medication, so I know it will be better soon.

Tomorrow I go to see the infectious disease doctor. Every day is sort of focused on do I or don't I have an infection, or inflammation, or something else. As time goes by, I'm more unwilling to have IV antibiotics, but that could change. DD#1 is coming to take me tomorrow morning.

DD#2 has to teach through Thursday, although no real "teaching" is happening this week. She has to go back on Friday to put her room in summer order so she can stay away for as long as possible. I so wish this were the year she could retire, but it isn't. We are trusting the Lord to take care of us, especially her in the years ahead.

Don't know whether or not I'll get to the party. I managed to purchase all the presents for both girls through Amazon. Love, love that site.

Am eager to know whether we are having another girl, or a boy. As DD says, that's all there is.....hehe.

Star's mommy seems to be doing better. Not particularly hungry, and the smell of meat bothers her, but she's okay.

I hope all of you are okay. MsLomo, I'm certainly hoping your hubby is doing well, continuing to stay upright and healing.

Hi Issy, cute, bath


snappy Heart

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Hi Issy, so good to hear from you. Glad you continue to get good deals on things you really enjoy.

It must be fun to be car shopping. I know you will find just the right one for you and your needs.

I do love all the safety features they have now. Especially glad for my kids.


I hope at least DD can get to the party on Saturday. If so, she can take the presents I have for both girls. Sunny is all but walking now.

My DDIL will have knee replacement surgery sometime before the end of the year. Sooner the better. She's in so much pain, but keeps on truckin'

School is out on Thursday, but DD will go on Friday to put her room in order for the summer so she can stay away. They will be getting a new principal in the fall. She's been promised K for the coming year which may be her last one. I wish she could retire now, but have to think about her future and what she will need.

Are you staying in touch with your shopping buddy who is now in the east?

I'm glad for the auto save here especially when it works as it just did.

We have apricots that look really good from inside, but aren't quite ripe.

Blessings on you, dear friend,


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Dear WaJa,

Thankful to hear that your time with your aunt went well, especially through the bad weather conditions, and family "stuff". Who doesn't have it sooner or later?

I'm sure your participation in her memorial service someday would bless many, but it would be hard to sing if it's emotional. Of course everyone would understand that, feeling the same way.

I'm not at the place where I'm eager to leave this world. Well, actually I only mean my family. This world is HORRIBLE, and I'll not miss it one bit. But I'd love to see the babies grow up and stay with DD. And I'm actually grieving that the insurance won't let me see my eye doc anymore. They clamped down. Of course, that's something the Lord has allowed, so it's best, but I care about that man and he knows ALL about my vision history.

I'm going to attempt to write letters to each of my own children. Where to begin? I've kept journals for my grandkids all their lives, and now for the babies, but want my own to know how much they are loved.


Tomorrow I see that specialist. Don't know what she will suggest. Her mantra is "old, female, non-functioning bladder". It's the last part that is what matters, and I don't see how antibiotics however delivered will or can change anatomy. This is an anitomical problem.

If she says that to me yet again, I may tell her I've gotten it, and please to stop saying it. It's demoralyzing and not one bit helpful.

I'm so looking forward to having DD here this summer.


You are an amazing woman. I'm so privileged to know you at least a little bit. Your life shines and we know the source of the Light. The world is dark and deluded by the enemy, but victory is assured. It's already been purchased for us on the Tree. Yesterday I read the opinion of someone who is a great Bible teacher. He thinks it at least possible that the Tree where death for us was chosen, may be the Tree of Life mentioned in the Word. Ever present in our real home to remind us of the price paid. I don't know, but I love the thought.


Father's day is harder for us than almost any holiday.

There are 3 daddies in the family now, so DD bought cards for them.

I just read "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up". Of course we haven't been forsaken by hubby, but he is not with us here in the flesh and its hard. I know it will be difficult when I'm not here, especially for my girls. If I know that, I'm quite sure the Heavenly Father knows it too, and will help them through.

I have an appointment with the dermatologist for late July, but my PC doc doesn't think it looks like cancer on my nose. It's not at the top of my list of concerns.


I'll try to drop by later this week with news about my sister and myself.

Shine on..


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Howdy, all! A nice day here at around 80°, sunny and low humidity. I'll water my flowers this evening after dinner. My sister back in Santa Barbara told me that many plants are burning and blistering there, despite proper watering. The UV rays are obviously stronger, so I constantly warn the kids and Logan about sunblock. Did you hear about the new craze going viral on the 'net? Sunburn tattoos. Just nuts! People lay a pattern on a body part, which will shield the sun, and deliberately expose the rest of their skin until it burns... leaving the pattern pale. I don't even trust the fake tanners on my skin. 


@WaJa61 - thanks for the messages with updates, sad as they are. I'm praying, faith-believing, for both and have written short, personal messages to each. Made it clear they need not reply during such busy, stressful times. I was first concerned that something had happened to Lurky, but found her on D and was relieved to see she's just fine. Said she still reads our thread here weekly and prays accordingly. Otherwise this website bores her half to death. 😆 I don't normally have the free time to notice beyond this thread and a few others here I'm praying for, but just looked around. It is sort of like the movie Groundhog Day. Most members must be busy outdoors or traveling. Anyway, Lurky said she'll check in here soon. I'm relieved to learn your aunt's spirits remain up, though if YOU are struggling with any bitterness... that tells me something very foul is afoot with regard to her care. 😔 I hope you're feeling some relief from the sinus and ear infection now. 


Speaking of traveling; a replica of the infamous ship, the Titanic II, is set to make its first voyage in 2022. Its construction has resumed after a financial crisis that delayed the $500 million project for a couple of years. Any takers here? 😜 


@SelahG, what say you? I love Luke's new Ford - it's a “crossover,” isn’t it? Very sporty! 


@Rowan72, you never can tell about the seriously unbalanced. Knowing you, you'll try to help Nosh's gf and she will likely only resent you for your efforts. I hope she doesn’t have the sanpaku eyes! Be careful, and hopefully Nosh will get himself well out of her range, too. These disorders can be, in part, inherited. They run in families according to DNA studies and brain scans. 


@agnesann - after reading the latest report on fruit juices containing heavy metal contaminates (lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.) I dug out the juicer last night. Will even make our own popsicles. The kids go through those like crazy, and yeah smoothies. It's so weird... all those deaths at the resort in the D.R. Also the ex-baseball player who was ambushed and shot in the back. TG he is recovering. No, not a place I care to travel to either. I didn’t hear about the Cleveland quake - interesting question you pose with the extra water weight as a contributing factor. God forbid should the Great Lakes all flood their banks! It reminds me of that Climate Change military preparedness proposed future map of the U.S. 






Nothing much would surprise me at this point. 


I hope we have good weather for KS-Fest! 


I found this jumpsuit on sale at Nordstrom and bought it (hopefully) before Marcia-Marcia spied it! 




I like the cinchable waist and lightweight material for southern traveling. 


Got this dress, too! 




And these Gentle Souls wedged sandals after @MsLomo 😘 mentioned the brand: 



How are you and MrLomo? Sending you hugs!


Hi, @Issy379 and @snappyfrappy!! ❤️❤️ It's nice to read your posts. 


Snappy, I sure would tell the IDS that you indeed got that memo in triplicate and you await some answers to the problem now. I hope this isn’t her way of suggesting there are none. If so, it's no sin, imo, to get a second opinion. I'd still be suffering the jaw bone infection if I hadn’t done so. Remember MsLomo got one, too, and was cured from her throat problem. Lurky found a better qualified Rheumatologist... I'm also not of the opinion that the Lord is the one behind our declining medical systems and the greed-driven insurers either. You're not being punished for anything and you deserve quality care. There may not be a cure, but there must be better treatment than cycling tests and the repetitive mantra. I hope you got some answers you're more comfortable with today. I'm praying for you and Shirley. I'll check back soon for updates. 


Love to all,

Anu 💞