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First let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rowan! If it was the 4th, it's the same as my son's. He was 65. And tomorrow, my GD will be 34. Lots of spring birthdays here.


Hi agnesanne, the doctor tells me my problem is that I'm old, female and have a non functioning bladder. Baring a miracle, I don't see that changing. DD got me cranberry tablets which I need to remember to take. They contain probiotics which I don't like to take, but will.


Yes, DD will be happy when school is out, but vacation is shorter this year since they are changing the schedule for next year. School will be back in session in mid August and out in May, but that will be the time when she plans on retiring. I pray I live long enough and have the health I need for her to make it through without her concerns.


Hi to everyone. Issy, cute, bath...missing you dear ones.


snappy Smiley Happy

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Hello, WaJa,

Girl, I have no trouble at all donating clothing. I can't iron anymore, and DD doesn't do it, so some things are going to someone else just because they are so wrinkled! And if I can't even see them in that jam packed full closet, I must not need them.

Sometimes when I find a top or bottom I just love, I order several colors. I'm in the ankle pants with elastic right now with 2 more pairs in different shades are on order.

Why? Well, I like them.

It's cool and cloudy here today. We had rain in the night or early morning. Puddles outside. Better than inside, right?

I also watch Call the Midwife. It's a bit odd and sometimes I wonder what language they are speaking. It sounds almost like English.

When you need and are ready for elastic waist pants, you will have to do some trial and error sessions, but they will become your new best friend. Not yet.


DD looked at the apricot tree. Lots of fruit, but all still green. There are birds out there all the time now. Fruit inspectors perhaps.

When we reach a certain age and have serious issues, surgery is really too chancy. Even anesthesia for a colonoscopy for instance. They are just managing this innfection. Or trying to. One day at a time.

Hitting 85 was a shock to me. Really!!

You will have many years with all those little babies.

DD#2 says that Jaxson, Jackson, and other spellings is a popular name these days.

I did speak with Star on Sunday night. She knows where the baby is and showed me. She repeats almost every word after them, but if she doesn't want to she says "nope" and doesn't. Not with an edge in her voice, just matter of fact. She calls me GG, but won't say her own name.

So sorry for all the problems your aunt has. Hope they can figure out a way to make sure she takes her meds.

Maybe she's just tired of it all. I still want to hang on to see all the babies and watch them grow and speak, etc.

When I hear my name, I'll be gone.


Take care of yourself and have a wonderful Mother's Day.

snappy Heart

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Here I am ... ol' Slowpoke Ro' to 




all most sincerely for all the lovely birthday wishes! 💜


Snappy, mine was on the 2nd - I turned 47. Incidentally, I'm nearly smack dab between your loved ones in years. We certainly do have many spring birthdays to celebrate here, and in my family, too.


Doesn’t time just fly? 😯 When I met you here, I was living up in CT, teaching HS art and art history. Both of our sons still attending there at the same HS. You were somewhere in your 70s and wondering if you'd ever have any great-grandchildren. You had made baby blankets to give them! You described those to me. Now you have both the adorable Star and Sunny - with another on the way! Your heart must nearly burst with love and excitement. Indeed you have so very much to live for - in gratitude - despite the trials of life. If you'll require the IV treatments, I'll pray this helps to manage your UTI symptoms for a good, long time - if not rid you of them entirely. 


I'm sorry that Shirley is dealing with oral thrush, too. As though completing another round of chemo and facing radiation isn’t enough. Mom suffered it, too, during her treatments for kidney cancer. I'm sure I shared it before. She still so fears the thrush will return that she continues to use the RX rinse, Biotene toothpaste, Act gum, etc. It's truly a miserable mess to deal with if it invades the throat, as in her case. Our family's prayers remain with you both. 


Your DD's school schedule sounds very similar to my own: 


May 23 end of quarter, last student day
Teachers work days through 27th Memorial Day
Teacher work days begin Aug 5
Aug 12 open house
Aug 14 first student day


I finished grading exams last night, so I have a free day before returning tomorrow. I won't brag since I have to go in and meet with the county mental health counsel (about the new state initiative for the students) on Friday evening. The good news is, the program is helping some, so I'll not complain either. 


From here, you seem to be doing incredibly well! (Not to diminish your suffering.) I'll be rejoicing with you and your DD when she retires, and who knows what else awaits to celebrate? 🤗


Hope Sunny's nap time doesn’t keep her from the visit tomorrow!


A happy and blessed Mother's Day to you on Sunday.


Keep on keeping on in faith, dear friend! 💖


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Hi, Lurky! How sweet it is to “see” your spirit beaming here. 😊 


I have tried my best to wiggle a hint from both Daniel and Harper on the wedding date and destination! Failed miserably. I'll just have to wait until after Josh and Becky's reception … when they'll leave for their honeymoon, to hear all about it.


I'm nervous about both, because depending on the destination, it may be hard for some (including me) to get there! Need plenty of forewarning in order to plan accordingly to our work schedules.


Daniel did assure me that they kept it all in mind. 🤞🏼 I can’t guess where - they're planning it all themselves and don’t want any help, including with the expenses. They will keep it simple, knowing those two. Maybe a beach ceremony somewhere. Here in N.C. would be great for us, but not her family scattered up north.


Chay thinks they're having it in Belize, where they'll honeymoon. He won’t tell me why, but he also thinks they were already legally married in a private civil ceremony. I won’t be crushed, if so. Just thinking of my parents and other elders in the family who would have some difficulties traveling very far. See, if it's going to be soon … if they'd only tell me; I could begin helping others to plan. Or allow them a grace time to explain why they can’t attend. Kids! 


Mom told me she's been enjoying visiting with you! I know it's easier for you both to do so privately. Thank you for being such a devoted friend to her, and everyone! You never cease to amaze me. Always find a way to be a comfort to others. 💖 


How heartbreaking that Erin may have to go on disability at such a young age. The RA must be advancing quickly. Could she have Lupus? Getting the correct diagnosis is so vitally important. Second and third opinions never hurt! 🙏🏼 


You don't have to worry over any in our group visiting that casino. They'd never get a plug nickel from me! Besides what Mom shared with you … our father told us as children about the pitfalls of gambling. He also explained that the numbers on the roulette wheel tally up to 666. 😈 


Are you cooking up anything good? I need new vegetable and side dish recipes for the warmer months, including salad ideas. 


Oh, here's a tip a produce guy offered me, as I’m still concerned about raw fruits and veggies: rinse the produce well, apply baking soda from a shaker. Leave to sit a bit, then rub the paste in well before rinsing again. Apparently the nasties glom onto the paste so more are washed away. Not full proof - nothing is - but I'm taking the time to do this. Even with tomatoes, lemons and limes before slicing into them. I thought you might want to share it on your recipe forum. I'll be there soon! 


I'll be thinking of (((you))) Sunday, and be careful if you get out to the cemetery. 🌹🌹 I'm sure both your mother and daughter are smiling down on you from Above in such love and gratitude. 


Hugs and Blessings,

Ro' ❤️


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KS Ladies, I have ordered the tickets for all interested in visiting the space center! Thanks for letting me know in time. I do believe we're set as far as reservations, etc. Picturing me packing is another story. I'm the worst indecisive, over packer you'll ever meet! 😫


Joy, please thank Lindsay for offering to help with my hair! I'll do her nails in exchange, since I know she'll refuse a tip. I'm so elated to hear that she and Kyan are planning their first child!! Babies to the left and right of me … I'm sure to have a grandchild soon, right? 🤗 In the interim, we'll both spoil Jax and Tyler rotten during our time together! (I happen to adore the name Jaxon + his middle name!) 


Some of you have been shopping up a storm! Left me in the dust. I've only shopped recently for the disastrous swimsuit 😝 that I couldn’t return … Oh, Marcia, you would have laughed, too!! Something about the cut of the skirt and my own ill portions was just way OFF! I don't know what I'll do with it. Recycle it as window rags perhaps. I do a lot of recycling and donating, too. No clutter in our new house and closets. That last move cured me of any and all hoarding! I replace the old with the new and that's that


Here are the last sunglasses I bought right here on the Q: 




I'm still wearing them: “Sixty One Lindquist Polarized Unisex Sunglasses in white/purple“ … when I replace them, it'll be all plastic - hopefully matte - frames. The metal bars reflect the sunlight’s glare into my line of vision. I hope yours won’t do the same - they are lovely! I also will look for those that cut the glare from the sides. In the car, while driving with the sun low and shining through the trees, we get that terrible strobe-effect! 


Oh my goodness ... those plans. 😍 I'm so there with you! 


Yes! Joseph is bringing his girlfriend again. Seems serious, since he's never dated anyone else exclusively for this long. We're all so pleased! 


Nosh is just as stoked as Mike. Nothing he'd rather be doing! He surprised us all by bringing lobster tails to my birthday party. 🤗 He even prepared them to perfection, so Selah didn’t have to. She'd already managed a feast fit for a queen - nevermind a princess! 😁 The surprise cake was Chocolate Raspberry!! She'll get you that recipe sent out in plenty of time for your father's birthday. Have a sensational time at the ranch, you four! 


💛 Happy first Mother's Day to you!! 💛





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@Q-Anu - many thanks my “baby sis!” 💕 You made me look, and I saw this on Anthropologie: 




(on the standing model) and once I measure myself to compare to their chart; I think I'll order it! Very me, at a fair price. 


I think I'm giving up on The Son … following that massacre for greed, and now … all those poor cows. I do more looking away than watching. Are you by any chance a Paul Newman fan? I learned here on the TV forum that TCM is celebrating his work each Wed all month. (I saw your post there, Joy!) Have set my DVR for some great classics he starred in. Both my mom and aunt will be very grateful! 😆 They can’t stand most current entertainment - including a lot on PBS. Have to say; Call the Midwife has become as predictable as any other network series. I usually dose off. 


So glad Nathan has curb-stomped that nasty bug and no one else caught it! 👍🏼 Be seeing you soon!! 


@agnesann - hope the conferences don’t drag on too long. Let us know, please, when you're safely home.


Yes, exciting news for the British Royal family! Little Archie Harrison has arrived: 




What a sweetpea! 😍 I hope it doesn’t break the internet - the pics and videos are everywhere! 


Enjoy the festival, including the fried dough - YUM! We have fundraisers planned here, too. Same situations all over our great nation with increased enrollment into especially Christian private schools:


As Joy surmised … more schools needed. Blessings abound, even through the worst of times. 


Your Mother's Day plans sound perfect to me! No huge affair here either. Our sons were both here for Easter - then Joseph returned for my birthday. I completely understand that they can’t possibly come again this weekend. I'll focus on making it special for Mom and await their calls, though Daniel will be working all day. 


Looking forward to our time together at the wedding and reception! 🤗 


Sending love out to all of you wonderful ladies! 

Ro' 💛🌹💛🌹💛🌹💛



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Snappy, hello! 


I hope your DD, DIL and Sunny get to have a nice visit with you today! I giggled reading about Star's “nope” when she doesn’t like a word - including her own name. She's a smart one and won’t embarrass herself! Or maybe she thinks, “I know who I am.... I'm talking to my GG - not myself!” 😅 'Baboons' - 2 'b's total and they scare the heck out of me, though the babies are so cute. Baboons, gorillas and hyenas, I avoid at the zoos. After watching a few episodes of “Hostile Planet” on NGC.... I have a whole new 'respect' for most species. Won't watch it again before bedtime! I over-empathize with the prey, though I understand the 'circle of life'.


Did Shirley begin the radiation on schedule, or must they wait until the thrush clears up? 🙏


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Joy, thanks!


It's such a comfort to me to know Jacob is in such good care when I rarely have to be away for work. 


They're now calling for rain showers both Sat and Sun. 😟 I hope the festival isn’t a wash out. Your Mother's Day plans, too. Shamefully, all I keep thinking about is the funnel cakes! 




Maybe after I have one, the cravings will subside. 


Darrell told me our air fryer went out on him while making dinner last night. I'll have to replace that soon. It's the only kind of 'fried' foods he's allowed on his ulcer diet. Which brand do you have again? 

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Rowan, hi! 


You sure don't get much time off from school. I knew before reading your link that private school attendance has been rising over the past several years. I suppose your school there has to have much larger fundraisers to try to keep costs down.


Belize? I wonder where your hubs is getting his info. His people, who know Harper's? Well, if he's right, it should be beautiful - I love a beach wedding! Just hope all your kin, who want to, can attend. 


Glad you enjoyed your birthday party! Ooh.... Chocolate Raspberry cake! 😋 I like the outfit you chose. Hope they have it in your size.


Paul Newman - I haven’t seen many of his earlier films, but have enjoyed those I caught on TCM. Thanks for the tip! I had to watch the latest episode of GOT in D.C. on the hotel's HBO. I think... 


Jamie's returning to do what must be done to his sister, or die trying. I felt so bad for Brienne standing there shattered and sobbing! Knew Dany's friend never stood a chance...

I'm back now - in my usual office, then home this evening! 


Thanks for the pic of little Archie. 😍 Enjoy spoiling Winona! 


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A good Thursday to good friends! 😘 So nice to read all of your posts. 


Rowan, you're no slower than I am! I'm sorry I'm just posting your birthday card: 




I knew Selah and the rest of the family would help to make your day special- like it should be! 


Bless you, dear for your words of comfort to me. ❤️ I will visit the cemetery and place wreaths- giving my thanks to the Lord that I had such a loving mother and daughter. I know I'll see them again, in that far better place. Until then, I'm grateful they no longer suffer or face the trials of this world that increase daily. We'll have a lovely brunch at the big church, following services. 


When you have time to spare (ha!) come on over to the recipe board. It's really buzzing and since Joy added several new categories and moved things about.. it's much better organized. You can easily find just what you need. I hope Selah posts the cake recipe there, too. I'll certainly add your baking soda tip (giving you credit) in the prep section! 


I haven't been cooking much recently.. must confess to my galavanting ways! 😜 Went with a group on the shuttle to Pittsburgh. Visited the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. You all should see the Butterfly Forest! Then we had a nice lunch, there at Café Phipps before visiting the National Aviary! I took so many pictures with the new smartphone Gwen gave me for my birthday, that I likely need to upload them somewhere to free up space. (On the iPad now.. easier to type.)


Then Gert and I hit the sales at Dillard’s yesterday. Found some nice tops- she needed pants, too. I have been wanting to replace my navy dress pants set, since it hangs wrong on my shrinking shoulders. Found this one, though I really wanted something in a rose shade.. it only came in this shade of blue: 




Le Bos 3-piece chiffon set


What really sold me on it, was no alterations needed! Now I'll give the navy set to my SIL. I've only worn it twice and she is very fond of it. 


Thank you (and all) for the thoughts and prayers for Erin! They continue to test her, so it could be lupus- or a combination of things. She has to be officially diagnosed in order to get on disability. I hope that’s soon, but dread it for her. Knowing let’s you get underway with whatever treatments, but.. it also finalizes things.


My cousin (her mother) said that she and her husband had been talking. They're thinking about giving her their house. They would be willing it to her eventually anyway.. then moving themselves into a retirement community. Maybe a condo. Wish it could be here- in a nice cottage, like Gert and her husband, but we're full up. The waiting list is long.. 😔 Anyway, that gives me hope for Erin and her family. They'll have a nice place to live and raise their children, come what may. They'll also have more funds when they sell their current house. You know how medical bills can wipe people out! Then too, my cousin and her husband won’t have the stress of the upkeep of a house and big yard. Expenses they don’t need at their age. A wise and good-hearted idea, imho. 


Now what shenanigans are Daniel and Harper up to? It's their wedding, but I hope Winona, Elk and the other elders can make it to Belize. Maybe Chay is just guessing.. 


Oh, how blessed you all are to still have Winona with you! I know she'll be treated just as she deserves to be. Hope your sons can call, and you enjoy your Mother’s Day! 💐 


With Love!

Ruth Ann