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Happy new year, MsLomo...and your hubby and son!

I have heard that the pain from kidney stones is TERRIBLE! so I probably don't have them.

No word yet from the doc, but this has been a holiday week. I think if they saw something awful, I would have heard.


Your shortbread sounds wonderful, and of course you have to taste it!


We didn't get to the movie. My car's battery was dead from not being used. My son, bless his heart, came out and used my Bolt to start it and took it up to have the smog device checked. He kept the car until he did his jobs for the day. So now I'm set for 2 years before that has to be tested again. I haven't driven in about a year, and grow more apprehensive about it all the time. I told him that if I decide I don't need it, I'll give it to him. DD gave it to hubby and me about 10 years ago. There's only a little over 60,000 miles on it. I'd save on insurance. I can't expect DD to keep driving it when she has the new one with GPS and cameras and safety features.

Anyway, we hope to see Mary Poppins tomorrow. I'll have to find out if I can climb the stairs with my walker. That's my only concern.

Thank you for your concern for my sister. I hate this for her, but she wants to live, and so do the rest of us.

Stay warm if it's cold where you are.

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Happy new year, WaJa. I'm sure you had a wonderful new year's eve. Seems like weeks ago, but I'm sorry that DD has to return to work on Monday. I love having her here even if we are at different ends of the house.


We didn't get to the movie. My dear son came to jump start my car with the Bolt and then took it up to have the smog device checked. We have to do that out here in order to renew the registration. Not when the car is brand new, but mine is a 2003. Only a little over 60,000 miles so it's in good condition. So, he drove it around doing his jobs that day and then had the device checked. It passed and the check is in the mail to the DMV, so I'm good for now. I told him if I decide to let it go, the car is his. DD gave it to hubby and me about 10 years ago, so it's only right. He's a guy, but he comes through when I really need him.

I'm so thankful for the man of God he has become. He's almost 65 and that about makes me gag!!

I've never known about eating black eyed peas and have never had them, or eating grapes although that does ring a bell where Bobbie sue is concerned.

DD and I order pizza on new year's eve, so we sort of graze the next day.

Girl, I could not imagine where in the world all that liquid came from! Or how it stayed inside long enough. Whew. No word yet from the doc, so I don't think anything awful showed itself.


So sorry you lost some of your ponies to the big C. That's terrible. It's an awful scourge.

Our pastor's wife has been battling breast cancer for 13 years. She has been through so many different kinds of treatments with varying degrees of side effects, but she SHINES with grace and keeps on keeping on serving the Lord. They are going with others from the church to a very closed place for short term missions next month. There are new drugs being found all the time.


James Merrit's name doesn't ring a bell with me.

But my 3 kids were different right from the start. DS did things on "schedule" and if something scared him, he would think about it and then do it. DD#1 just did it and maybe thought about it afterward, and DD#2 just didn't do it. They are all that way today, although more mature.

DD#1 had a rather turbulent adolescence which I think lasted for about 20 years!!! She would agree with that.

Sunny may be much less outgoing than Star and that's just fine. They can help each other. DD#1 once told me that between my sister and me there is a whole person!!

DD has just gone grocery shopping. Our plan is do go to the movie tomorrow. I saw DVD interviewed on TV about his role in it. I'm amazed at how strong and flexible he still is.

Hope to see you soon,

snappy Smiley LOL

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Oh agnes, my heart is broken for that precious little baby, Martin, what a dreadful thing. May God help him and his mom and all who care for him. I hope they have good insurance for his care, and certainly pray for breakthroughs in treatment, and healing. Praying through tears.


Happy new year to your family,

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Happy new year, Selah. So grateful you don't need knee surgery! Thankful the swelling didn't return, and that the PT helps a lot.

So happy for DeLaney and her hubby and the sweet baby boy.

What a thrilling day for them.


Happy new year to all who post here...cute, missing you, bathina, Issy and all others.

God bless and keep each of you,

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Happy and Healthy 2019 to all you dear ladies! 💐


I'm just trying to catch up here a bit, after doing the same on the larger community at Delphi. So many illnesses going around- blessings, too. Was just saying in another thread on CC, I can barely keep up there, now after meeting and getting to know so many dear friends all over the world. Makes me feel badly when I get too far behind. Couldn’t be helped, though.. 


Snappy, I broke down and got the new mattress. Just as you say; it's so hard for you and me to go out shopping for them. Plus I didn’t want to have to buy another adjustable base, since my old one is just fine and they are so expensive. Mine sits low to the floor, so depending on the mattress.. it's low enough for me to maneuver into- no pretty sight, as is! 😜 Our biggest local furniture store was having a terrific end of the year sale, so Tom came and took the necessary measurements. Then we set off on this expedition with my manual wheelchair. Of course, they didn’t have the exact mattress that I'd researched with the inner springs wrapped in foam and the lower Euro pillow  top. I had to get the next best thing, which was cheaper and still nice, but a little taller due to the higher pillow top. It's a Serta, so works well on my base and my sheets still manage to fit. Glad for that as I love my Northern Nights Wrinkle Defense sheets. Mine is just a full-sized bed and they gave me a free mattress protector that is easy to put on and remove for washing. Still it set me back pretty hard right after Christmas. So comfortable, so I'm grateful.


But then.. does it ever fail after you buy a big ticket item?? My chariot's battery went kaput! My ins covers the cost with a deductible and I couldn’t believe how much the price has gone up! Also, had to wait for it to arrive and be installed, just like the mattress and the old ones hauled away. So.. been getting around in the standard manual wheelchair for several days. That made my RA worse in my shoulders, elbows and wrists. Didn’t feel like doing any typing, during my down time- or sewing, or cooking for that matter. Finally both the mattress and battery came yesterday- that was a “good” Friday for me, at least.


I hope you've heard good news on your test results by now. Like MsLomo said; I doubt you have stones, or you wouldn’t need to be told! I'm so happy you had such a nice  time with your sister, her family and both DDs! What a trooper Shirley is.. I think maybe Star takes after her with the fearlessness. Then too, we never know of the courage and strength we process until we're forced to muster it up. How fortunate that her son is working again, and her DDs can help her. I trust our Lord will bring her through this, but I keep on praying just as He taught us to. 


MsLomo, we “professional bakers” must always test (taste) the dough! It's a requirement, so I hope you're counting yourself among us here as pros. 😍 As I explained above.. I haven’t been up to any baking either with this RA flare-up. I have peanut butter cookies in the cubby that I swiped from the dessert buffet downstairs on NYE. Good, but not shortbread good. 😏


Here it is: Marcia, Mike and Tyler Owen's big day!!! 🤗 Oh, to be a fly on the wall! 






What fun it would be, if we could all attend Joy's birthday dinner party at Becky's today! I've read the menu and guest list on D. Good friends and good food- plus the new baby to celebrate at once! 


Joy, for Tuesday: 




I’m so blessed to have known you for another year, dear lady! BTW, I also enjoy the teachings of James Merritt on channel NRB. Very straightforward and practical applications of faith. Never strays from the Word! 


Yours, MsLomo's.. and ALL the moms here need not fret over being imperfect parents. Indeed we all were/are and yet we were blessed to care for precious children- who likewise were/are imperfect. I think that is the point of it all. A life lesson all about unconditional love, responsibly, respect, honoring authority, etc. Your children all adore you and will be there for you through your later years (God-willing). That's a testimony to your worthy efforts as mothers! 


Hope you're having a lot of fun there at the party, too, Agnes! Not sweating the small stuff as there's never any need with real friends, as you're blessed with. Things don’t have to be perfect in order to have a perfectly wonderful time! 😊 My prayers are with Michelle, Martin and her whole family. 


Are you home yet, Anu? I forget when you were to return from NZ, but no word from you or yours as of yet. Hope you've fully recovered from strep throat and enjoyed the trip, party and attractions.


Selah, that's such good news on your knee! No surgery- for now, at least. I hope the PT isn’t too painful and it helps a lot. So, this should mean that you and Luke can attend his DD's wedding! Will he be giving the bride away? 


Time for me to get ready to go down to dinner now, ladies. I'll stop back in soon. Take care and God bless! 


With Love,

Ruth Ann

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Dear Lurky, happy new year to you as well.

Sorry so many are ill and that your RA has flared up badly! Smiley Sad


I'm so glad you found a comfortable mattress and are enjoying it. It's hard to climb on and off of them to find what you want. I've thought about the sleep number since I could adjust it myself. I also only have a full sized bed. Hubby and I slept well in it for 58 years and I continue to. It's a four poster so tends to be higher off the ground. I have to boost myself up into mine now.

I also buy the wrinkle defense sheets. No way am I going to iron them. Or anything else. I just wear wrinkled clothing around the house. And try to buy things that truly don't wrinkle.

Sorry the battery went out also, never rains but it pours, but I see your new one came. Hope that will help you recover from the added aches and pains.

I haven't heard anything regarding the ultra sounds, so I'm guessing all is well. I'm to see that doc on the 23rd, as well a the cardiologist.


Thank you for your interest in my sister's health. I hate it that she has chemo next week, but she is determined to fight this, so we will pray and hope it works.

We are all so happy for DeLaney and her hubby and the baby boy the Lord brought into their lives. How special is that?


DD had to return to work today, but I'm doing fine and that will help her state of mind.

She went to see Mary Poppins which she says is wonderful. I was going, but couldn't figure out how I would lift the walker up and down the stairs. She said it would have been hard. I'll watch it on pay per view when it makes it there.

Star and her family have all had some sort of flu and been really sick. I think they are through the worst of it.

We've been blessed with some rain lately. Mostly during the night which helps a lot.

More is on the way, or so I believe.


Take care and enjoy baking again when you are able.

Hi to everyone reading here. We miss you cute, Issy and bathina and MsLomo.


snappy Heart

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Heh ... a little love bump for Hump Day, friends. Hope yours is going well — less pressurized than mine. 😘


VERY busy here, but have read your posts and will return soon. Take it easy. 


'Til Later,

-Selah ❤️


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Selah, loving me some Humphrey, but my week too has been one huge hump. It's late Thursday and I'm still  climbing... Will be so glad when the weekend arrives! 


Thanks again to you, Luke, Rowan, Chay, Tanya and Josh for surprising me by attending my birthday dinner party!! I truly was surprised ~ no one let the cat out of the bag ~ you all helped to make my day so special. Plus... didn’t we have fun passing little Tyler around? 🤗 He's too sweet for words, and so patient with his “aunties.” Of course Becky was delighted to have Josh there, too!! Now you have to plan to attend ~ and participate in ~ their and Debra and John's weddings soon. So glad your knee is cooperating so far. I know you'll keep up the hard work in PT. 


Have you seen the new show on the Travel channel yet? It's called “Legend Hunter” ~ the host, Pat Spain isn’t as humorous as Josh Gates... more the serious type of investigative explorer, but it's interesting. He's already delved into the Irish Crown Jewels heist, and Lizzie Borden... which has been done to death. 💀 Knowing you and Rowan enjoy this kind of programming; you can probably still catch the reruns. It airs on Tuesday nights at 10:00 ET. 


Are you expecting snow for the weekend? Last report I heard, we may be getting upward of a foot here. 




Fine by me! A good excuse to stay in, do some baking and finish clearing out the clothes we'll donate. Got the kitchen pantry, cabinets and linen closets done. Clothes, shoes and bags are harder... 






Hope you get some time off from the family business to enjoy the weekend! Say hello to the family for me. 


~Joy 💜


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Thank you, dear Ruth Ann!! It's me who is blessed to know you yet another year. ❤️ I love all the cards ~ here, there and everywhere! Nothing could have made my party more special than to have you and the other sweet ladies there. I think it is remarkable and so kind how you manage to keep up with everyone so well. I just can’t right now, but they are always on my mind and heart. I try to keep up with the prayer request thread. Thank you and others for keeping that updated for us. Otherwise... I can only do the quick check ins. The nice thing is; everyone is so understanding and most share the same boat. 


I hope you'll love your new mattress! Sounds like a nice quality one and they sure are expensive. We got James and Suz' a new Saatva mattress with their adjustable base for Christmas. Keeping that hidden (including from blabber mouth, Gracie) was some chore! They really needed it, though. Have been sleeping on their old bed since they were married, and she has such pain from her pressure points. She is seeing a big difference already, and the under bed night light is so nice, as is the massage feature. We may get that kind too, when we next upgrade. 


You'll be happy to know that Marcia, Mike and Tyler all arrived home safely! She will no doubt check in here soon. Being a new mom, though, having lots of experience through caring for BabyGirl, comes with challenges. At least she has the 6-weeks off from work! 🤗 


Anu and her family also arrived home safely from NZ! Said she'll post some pics soon on the private album. She seems to have recovered fine from the strep infection, but had to return to work right away. I was wrong regarding her bar exam date! It’s not until 2/26 - 2/28 (MsLomo)! Good, more study time and I hope a little R&R, too. I had it confused with her long weekend trip back to VA to visit her parents and Nan before V'day. 


Stay warm ~ a big blow is headed our way ~ and enjoy your weekend. 😘 


~Joy 💜


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Hello, and Happy New Year, dear Snappy!! I am sorry your theater doesn’t have a handicap entrance and you have to wait to see Mary Poppins. It won’t be long, though until it airs on PPV. We were planning to take Gracie to see it this weekend, with Agnes and some other friends, but the snow is coming. It'll keep. Something to look forward to in the weeks ahead. Seems so few movies are made that the whole family can enjoy together. All of the Disney animated films are just alike. Gracie gets bored with them and says, “these are the same characters as all the others, just drawn differently.” It’s true! 


That was so good of your son to attend to your car for you! It has been a good, dependable vehicle and it's nice to keep it in the family. Your hubby would be glad! I had to go to DMV and wait endlessly to have my new photo taken for my driver's renewal. The photos are bigger ~ up close and personal ~ more frightening than ever! 😱 Glad I won’t need another until 2027.


Oops, I should have explained more clearly... The Chincoteague wild ponies are not our personal ponies. I just meant ours in “VA's” who live in that nature preserve. We like to visit them yearly, and I was saddened to hear on the local news, that even some of them have died due to a strange type of cancer. It's like a plague! 


Any word from your test yet? No news is usually good news, but it would be nice to have it validated. My prayers are with you, dear Shirley and your pastor's wife, too. 


I know you would enjoy listening to James Merritt if you get him in your area. It seems each generation is blessed with a few good Bible teachers ~ he is definitely one, imho! 


Is your DD a part of the teachers strike out there? Heard about that on last night's news. Something about the contract being less than acceptable. I wish them all well with the renegotiating. I'm glad she is feeling better about leaving you home alone ~ which you never really are! 




Time to head for home now, so I'll be looking in on you again soon, dear friend. Take care! Love you!!


~Joy 💜