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Hi MsLomo, it's so good to hear from you. I also got my flu shot in October.

I can understand why you are being so careful to avoid it. I know you want to get on with this procedure and be done with the whole thing. We are all praying and looking forward to hearing GOOD news when you can post afterward.


No, the bracelet is somewhere. We know it wasn't out here in the kitchen/family room since the whole thing was gutted. I suppose I could have dropped it outside.

DD#1 gave me a silver bracelet with a gold heart hanging off the side. I wear it 24/7 even in the shower. I guess it has taken the place of that other one in my heart.


Looking forward to hearing more from you,


snappy Smiley Happy

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Hello, agnes, I'm sure you treasure the pearl jewelry your mom gave you. I like things that have a family history. I've given away a few of the most precious things so I knew they went where I wanted them to go. Lots of costume jewelry, and semi precious stones.

SO many stud earrings.

My little GGD has a June birthday, so I imagine she will get many of the pear things.

The new one of the way may be born in June also, but there are plenty for both of them.


My sister says the joint pain is from the shots, but I suppose she could be wrong and the chemo could be responsible.

DD#1 is having an MRI on her hip right now. She has what she calls "clicking" in it so they are trying to find out why.

I don't know why my kids are having all these troubles.


snappy Smiley Happy

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Hi Selah, I'd sure like some of that cool weather. It's in the 80s out here. Windy, which means fire danger. There were quite a few downed trees yesterday. Not where we live, but they did cover it on the news.

I'm sorry the cold bothers you physically. Good old heat pads.


Thank you for praying for my family. So many going through things. DD#2 is back at work today. Almost the end of the school day. I know she is tired so will try to get home as soon as she can. She worries about me being here alone. I understand that.

It's a hard time. Close to retirement age, but not quite and seeing me decline.

We both know the Lord always has and will take care of us, but it's easy to feel concerned anyway.


I ordered a white terry cloth robe to put on after my shower in case I don't have the strength to stand up long enough to dry myself. I know the Lord put that thought into my head.

Also have 2 little Minnie Mouse dresses coming today for the little GGD on the way. Her parents are WILD about all things Disney. All my grandkids spend lots of time at Disneyland. I can hardly wait to hold both those little girls on my lap and kiss their little faces.

Take care of yourself,

snappy Smiley Happy


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Hello, dear ones ~ so good to read your posts! 😊 I'm tickled that some of you are enjoying that recipe blog as much I have.


No, Selah... it wasn’t me who mentioned to the blogger to add the measurement conversions. So glad he has, though! Sorry for your aches and pains ~ I hear ya. Par for the course as we age. My sciatica and the right knee I crushed in the accident many moons ago have been a real nuisance lately. Both get better when I swim in warm water. Do you have a heated pool near you? I use the one here at work some days during my lunch hour. Easy enough during this slower season, but I get so sleepy about an hour after. Thank goodness for coffee and tea, otherwise I couldn’t keep my eyes open to finish out the work day. 


Suze is having aches and pains, too. Associated with lupus, but now that Snappy mentions the possibility of the immune boosting injections causing Shirley the same type of joint pain... I wonder if Suze's has that effect on her. She gets those every 3 months and has for a very long time. Otherwise she is doing okay. I come into contact with so many people daily (sick ones especially on my charity route) ~ though no one here at work has had the flu yet. I'm now wearing a mask 😷 when I go over to her and James' house. Kinda silly, since Gracie's school has had so many cases (same school Jacob attends). She could bring it home to her mommy any day. As I understand it, this year's vaccine doesn’t protect from the strain that causes all the coughing, such as our Issy and Snappy's DD had. Someone at the CDC hit the wrong targets on the dart board. 😉


Hey, I understand that Becky and Josh are meeting up again for Valentine's Day!! 💝💝 


Dear Snappy I'm so glad your DD is recovering and that you avoided catching the flu! I understand her concerns about leaving you there alone while she must continue to work. Have you considered getting a medical alert device like Shirley? It might give you both some peace of mind. I love thick terry robes when getting out of the shower or pool. It's like a warm hug! A good call you made there. The baby will be so precious in her Minnie Mouse dresses!! I miss picking out clothes and shoes for Gracie... She's been choosing her own for a while now, but I did find a little purse she loves in a boutique. She wants to wear the flavored lip glosses that the older girls wear, but her mommy is limiting her to the slightly tinted, berry flavored Burt's Bees lip balm for now. 


We went to down to Roanoke over the weekend to visit inlaws ~ including our nephews's young and growing family. Their oldest boy is nearly 4, the youngest is into the terrible twos (great scot! ~ if we could only bottle all that energy!) and they are expecting another boy in April! All boys and they say this will be the last. My sister-in-law was so hoping for a granddaughter, but it wasn’t in the cards. Her oldest son and his wife in Seattle don’t want any children. 


We had a dusting of snow this morning. The roads were fine and it's mostly all melted now. I'm helping to plan the Spring spruce up in the lobbies, dining areas and guest suites here at the resort. Fun stuff! This is better than having a B&B (my old dream) since I can leave it all behind and go home. I don’t think hubby would have ever been happy sharing our actual home with stranger-guests and we typically have enough family and friends visiting anyway. 


I'm going to search for this shoe thread Agnes mentioned. Need some good, comfy walking shoes for our tour of Israel. TY! ❤️


I'm praying daily for Snappy and family, dear MsLomo ~ who I hope is now recovering and resting her voice. Ruth Ann with her terrible pain. Also Marcia's dear dad and the young man, Neil who was so badly injured. I ask you all to remember sweet Suze. TIA! 



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Snappy, I would send you some cooler temps and gentle rains if only I could. Maybe even a little snow. We are expecting some by Sunday, but today it's up around 50°---tomorrow it's going up to 60°. One hardly knows how to dress from one day to the next. 


Have any of the schools in your area had to close due to the flu? A few here have and I think that a wise move until this epidemic is under control. Record deaths, I just heard on the news. Hope your DD rested well last night, following her first day back. Yes, it's stressful watching our parents' health decline ... I can certainly relate to her concerns, while we willingly trust in the Lord for our ultimate best. I'm sure it feels like it sometimes, but yours is not the only family being challenged this way. Most all have multiple concerns, at least among those I know. I hope that whatever is causing the click in your oldest daughters's hip joint can be easily treated. Maybe bone fragments that need to be cleaned out. Even should she require a hip replacement eventually, those are easier to deal with than the knee most of the time. Especially if they can perform the anterior procedure. Much less invasive with a quicker recovery. 


Sorry you haven't located the bracelet. Did it have a magnetic clasp? I once lost my favorite 14k gold Byzantine bracelet for months. How I searched high and low! Eventually, it was the washer and dryer installer who found it magnetically stuck to the side of the old washing machine he was removing. Thankfully, he was an honest man and brought it to me asking: "Have you missed this?" I could have kissed him!! It had been a birthday gift from Luke and I wore it every day. After that I had the clasp replaced and I'm still wearing it on my gold days. The new one from your DD sounds lovely and I hope the old turns up soon. 


I FaceTimed with my ND grands early last night and my 9 y/o grandson gave me a tour of the elaborate igloo compound that he and his friends have built. Unbelievable, the effort that went into it! They can actually comfortably spend the night out there. His mother said that's ideal, since he still refuses to clean his room! 😜 No energy goes into that, don't you know. I told him if he cleans his bedroom up good, I will try to come and spend a week soon. I'll sleep in his room, while he mans the igloo compound. Hope he follows through! He wants to go ice-fishing with Luke, so fingers crossed. Any new videos of your GGD lately? Her hair must be getting long enough to play with by now. ☺️


Joy: did you find any shoes for your touring? I went to Zappos and bought two pair. One for now (as was pictured in the thread) and another for Spring. No worries if they don't fit. I love their easy, free return policy---and their excellent reviews. 


I saw the report on the train crash near to you on the news. Some GOP officials were aboard, heading to a WVA retreat. I don't believe there were any serious injuries, TG. 


YES! Josh told us that he is going to spend the 14th-18th there in VA with Becky! They have a few things planned. Short day trips with particular sights and dining locations. I don't think he cares if they get snowed in instead either ... So long as he can get there to begin with. The winter has been so mild so far, so I hope that trend continues. 


Enjoy your decorating! I know you're in your element and I agree ... Better than a B&B. I know you have a budget you have to go by, and you are the one to pay the bills, but---with BB's money. Big Boss Man won't miss it and he gets to sit back and enjoy your talents. I know it will be beautiful and hopefully, I'll get to see it all soon. I'm getting that travel itch---fair warning, my genteel sister! 


Prayers for your Suze. I don't think it's silly that you wear the mask and so decrease her risk of catching the flu. We know all too well what it could result in for her. Bless Lurky ... She is having a bad RA flare, but yet, continues to work in the big kitchen. Slicing and dicing from her wheelchair for the soups they are masking for the sick in her retirement community. She (like HiLo who is also in my prayers) is always thinking of and doing for others. 


This is ironic, but here in NC, I'm much further away from a heated pool than I was in ND! There is a PT center with one in Salem, but my insurance won't cover it unless I am directly referred. I will ask my ortho dr about it on my next visit. You are right; it certainly benefits and I can tell my legs are getting weaker since I've stopped. They are trying to compensate for my back and buttocks muscles. Plus I gained some weight back. 12 pounds last I checked. 😁 


This flower pic cracks me up ... and should Marcia-Marcia stop by with an ugly camel Hump Day meme---all the better! 😅




Have a good one, sweet kindred! ❤️




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Hello ladies! Checking in to let you know I'm still kicking and haven't come down with the flu yet, though it's still making the rounds here. Feel so bad for those who do have it. Most here already have enough serious health issues to deal with daily, without this. I can't visit with them since RA compromises my immune system, sort of like Suze's lupus. May she continue to be spared. I can though help in the big kitchen to prepare the soups that other, healthier tenants take up to them. Will say, I'm tired of splitting peas, and slicing and dicing mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions and potatoes- including sweet potatoes. Good company down there, though and we listen to praise music. Keeps our spirits up and helps to pass the time. 


My foot got better, PTL. Been having a pretty bad flare in my hips and one knee, though, so going to bed earlier after listening to the the ebooks through the audio feature, recommended by our MsLomo and HiLo. They both have such good taste! HiLo also sends me very good video titles from YouTube that I can watch on the iPad, though they are blocked by Amazon on my Fire tablet. (Silly tech giant wars.) What a blessing she is as a loving friend. Please do continue to remember her in your prayers as her digestive issues have become even more complicated since the holidays. Also poor Bobbisue.. that smoking addiction is naturally making it so hard for her doctors to help her with her breathing problems. Though she had quit during the long hospital stay and for a short time thereafter.. she can't seem to muster the will to want to stay off of the cigarettes. Some good news, I hope, is that her oldest son has returned home to live with her. That's the one who she used to worry about so during his long absence, Samuel. I understand he's helping her, so that must be a great comfort to her. 


Agnes, thank you, dear for thinking of me with the shoe sale. I will look, but don't really need shoes. Since I can't walk much, mine last a long time. A silver lining! I just looked at all your photos- including Jacob with his sheep on Delphi on our private album. Oh, yes- those are big sheep now! And he is getting so tall himself and more handsome than ever! The girls must be after him now, and his life is about to become even more interesting- and complicated. 😉 Good luck, my sweet adopted granddaughter! 


Selah, Marcia will get you by and by for that flower raspberry pic! We'll have to wait.. I pray for her strength and guidance in her difficult practice made harder yet due the staff shortage because of the flu. I was amazed at your grandson's igloo community in the video you posted on Delphi! Thst's a small town- and somewhat furnished! Love how the lanterns turn the ice blocks blue and they reflect that soft light so beautifully. Maybe he is going to be an architect. A lot of planning and skill went into building it. It will be a shame when it melts away. Can we not post videos, or short clips here? The hello ladies might enjoy seeing them, too. Not that I begin to know how to post them. I hope you get to visit soon- I know your ND family misses you, and Tanya, bless her.. she is doing so well now. I'll pray your healthcare insurance will cover the cost of the PT Center. Certainly should, since you have spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. 


Snappy, does your #1DD have arthritis? "Clicks" can mean that, if she had no injury. Joints begin to deteriorate. Adding her to the prayer list, too. You are so blessed with your children all secure in the Lord, as they are blessed with having you in their life. But I know it must be hard for them to watch your health slowly decline, and now.. they are getting older and so developing these age-related problems. Makes having the grandchildren and great-grandchildren even more special. I hope you're soon able to hold your precious GGD again and I'm praying for both mother and child when the next arrives soon. 


Hello to Joy, Issy, Cute, MsLomo, Rowan, Anu and all our dear friends here! I will write more to each of you later. I love you all! 


Here is a funny one for tomorrow- Groundhog's Day: 



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Warmest greetings to you, Lurky, from a cool, rainy NC! Thanks for checking in here and so glad to hear that you remain flu-free. I'm praying for your neighbors who are sick and that the rest of you who are kind enough to help them in their hour of need won’t catch it.


Always praying for Hilo, Bobbiesue and of course, @jubilant, too. Dear sisters, all, though it's hard to keep up with and communicate my love and concern to everyone everywhere at all times. Thankful to know those who are retired can blessedly be there with and for one another in good fellowship! Grateful for their prayers, too, and the odd fact that we all met here on a shopping site, of all places. But then, our Lord can accomplish anything! 


Thanks too for your comments on the latest video I posted to Delphi last night. Not sure if the personal ones are allowed here, but I wouldn’t dare try anyway. My family members only permit me to post those and photos there on our closed forum that Joy set up for us, since it’s private. Or as private as anything on the net can be. As you know ... most of them, along with many of our personal friends are members there. Only Rowan also posts here now and then. I love your groundhog meme! 😂 


A lost (I assume) cat that resembles your Smoky was discovered curled up sleeping on our front porch this morning. Getting out of the rain, I guess. This is a female, maybe 3 years old and unlike your Smoky, she has white under her chin and down her chest. Beautiful and friendly. Has to be someone's pet. Comes right in, accepts food and water and purs when we pet her. No collar with tag. I took a photo with my phone, printed and made copies to post at the PO and our little local convenience store. If no one claims her, I'll take her to the vet to be checked out. Winona has been wanting a cat and our father's dog doesn’t seem to mind her presence and vice-versa. They just sniff each other, then go their separate ways. I pray she's healthy — maybe expecting kittens and someone dropped her off at the end of our long driveway. Can’t justify it, but it happens, as we all know. Thankful she wasn’t hit by a car, because she doesn’t seem to understand the danger. Must have been kept inside — beautiful gray silky coat and large golden eyes. I'll send you the pic later. Have to get my pot roast out of the slow cooker now and make my gravy. 


Heartfelt prayers for the victims and all suffering trauma from the latest school shooting in LA. 😢


Love and blessings to all here!


- Selah - 


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@MsLomo: here you are with the most fabulous news we have all been hoping and praying for!!! I'm so happy and relieved for you - sending up prayers of deepest gratitude! 


@agnesann: bring on the champagne and strawberries for our big celebration! All I have on me is this cupcake.... 




With love and hugs for all! 💗


I'll be back soon, too. Been gabbing away on other topics here and want to place an order for a Polish stoneware cookie jar now before it sells out. 💋



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Hello Snappy, Issy, MsLoMo, and to Everyone here.. Hoping all of YOU our doing Good.. just checking in, We have SUNSHINE and Cold but LOVING this WEATHER as NO SNOW , OR NO Freezing Rain, just cold.. Here it is the First of FEB. and Yes the FURBABY saw his Shadow today, and 6 more weks of Winter.. POOR GROUNDHOG..

My Hubby and i our staying inside as Still trying to get over the Runny Nose, Cough, and that sort of thing..

I'm Staying in Folks UNTIL the TEMP is the same as my AGE like 75ish..

i shall check in later..

Hoping all of you have a Super Weekend.. yes it's FRIDAY !!