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Oh what a tangled web we weave..........It sounds like you have been dealt a big mess and I do not envy you sorting all this out.  Try to relax and contact your niece to see if she can intervene on your behalf.  GOOD LUCK

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Good Luck, hopefully things will settle down.  

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I hope you can fix your problem soon.I was supposed to be in Italy now  visiting my 90 year old mother.I can't wait to be able to fly there when things get better.I don't understand if someone managing your store stole your money and left Greece?

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Sadly, the powers that be have created more problems than we could ever have imagined. My husband, who has Alzheimer's, keeps asking me why we cannot travel to France this year. I try to explain it but it is hard to reconcile what has been playing out here.

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Ok, I'm thinking, and I may be wrong ... but here goes ........


The United Nations in New York City .. isn't that where all the Embassy's are ... so isn't your Geek Embassy there?  Did you try to contact them with your situation?


Like I say, I may be wrong, but maybe this might be an avenue for help.  Hope all goes well for you.