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janeyB, I'm so glad you started this thread.  I watched David a bit yesterday and saw him not too long before that, and all I could sense was that he was different.  I suspected at first that he'd lost a considerable amount of weight, and last night I was fairly certain that that is what was so different with him. 


He looks wonderful!  I'm certain his doctor and his body are happy with this change.  David must love his new look!  Very handsome, indeed.

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I am impressed with David's weight loss.  He has a hard job tasting everything for us and yet I have been concerned for him as he did that.  Seeing his visible weight loss on air is encouraging as it gives us hope that he will be with us for lots of extra years.  Good job David.

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He really does look Great!!

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I wish I had his will power!

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It's my understanding that he lost something like 74 lbs.

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Re: david venable

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I remember him years ago when he lost a whole lot of weight. I haven't seen him for years, so I didn't know he was heavy again.


As I say in the Wellness forum, losing is the easier part. Maintaining it is when it gets hard. Sounds like David wasn't too successful on the latter part from years ago.


Permanent weight loss and control requires a full lifetime commitment of changing one's Lifestyle. Without that, the word "permanent", is just that, a word.


Congrats to David, as I said to him many, many years ago, when he lost a whole lot of weight. Make it your lifestyle now David, you will be happy for a much longer period of time.  🙌 🙌


hckynut  🇺🇸

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He does look wonderful, and I'll bet he feels a lot better too.