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Re: You get what you pay for?

Yup.....but it doesn't always apply to food

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Re: You get what you pay for?

Unless it’s a “lunchtime special.”   That’s what bargains are, you feel you are getting more than what you paid. I got a beautiful braided sterling silver bracelet recently that I paid $58 for and the rule of thumb for silver is five dollars per gram and this bracelet is 25 g. 

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Re: You get what you pay for?

Money is so subjective. What is expensive to some, may be inexpensive to others. The variables are endless (clothing, vehicles, homes, hiring part-time workers, skilled contractors, office workers or professionals with degrees.

Perhaps a middle-of-the-road approach may be the safer and more cost effective.

We've done that with bids on housing projects over 50 years and had excellent home improvements completedly in a timely manner and on budget.

We have also lived within our means (purchasing what we were able to afford without loans). An extravagant home means nothing if unable to furnish it properly and enjoy it due to high mortgage payments IMO.

Hiring meant individuals with knowledge/skills for the position, as well as common sense, ability to interact well with the public and their peers, kindness and manners at all times. Employing an individual for his/her  PhD means nothing if that individual lacks a well-rounded personality and the ability to interact well with others.  

Look at the whole picture; then take the best choice for your long-term needs.  

Money screams; wealth whispers.
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Re: You get what you pay for?

Remember when the lightweight food storage items came out and everyone said that no one would want those cheap things?


Well we do.  They have a place in our homes.  Lose one?  Who cares.


Cheap can be the right choice too.

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Re: You get what you pay for?

I generally do believe that you get what you pay for.  If you go cheap you usually get cheap stuff that is usually a waste of money in the end since while it may be ok it just doesn't last that long.  Over the years I have learned this the hard way.  It isn't always the case but in my experience usually is.  Some, though, will go cheaper and are ok with merely acceptable.  What is ok and acceptable is different for everyone.  

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Re: You get what you pay for?

I certainly try to.

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Re: You get what you pay for?

Pretty much

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Re: You get what you pay for?

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Absolutely, from experience have learned this is true...with some exceptions.  A reputable retailer will match quality to price.  


I suspect you are referring to this comment made by a QVC host.


I think some of the things we have been saying here on the forum are getting to managers because recently, I heard a few of the hosts and designers addressing some of them. 


Last week I heard a host addressing increasing prices at QVC.  She said "everything goes up." 


That's true, but QVC's quality for the price isn't consistent.  More recent examples for me are Valerie's velvet pumpkin stack and her deer with lighted wreath around the neck.  The deer at $49 is very good quality and worth it, possibly priced more elsewhere.  The dollar store quality pumpkin stack at $39 isn't worth more than $12.95 or at most $14.95.  

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Re: You get what you pay for?

I believe that, in theory.  And you have to compare the two things side by side.  A $1000 handbag is not necessarily better than a $400 handbag but it's always going to better than a $25 handbag.  

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Re: You get what you pay for?

I know clothes, so I do in that arena. I'd need help with a car purchase for example.


"Payment" is relative.  There's payment for goods and services.  Then there is emotional payment in relationships and one of the reasons marriages fail.