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So a few weeks ago I bought myself a snowcone maker.  I started off making snowcones for my friends and myself.......


You know the regular cone shaped way (they give you the cups).


Then I started making myself at least two, then three in the course of a day (hey!  It's hot here in Va.).Smiley Happy


Now I've progressed to making myself a bowl of snowcone!  Yepper!  My motto is 'go big or go home'.


My tongue is frozen, my teeth are red (along with my tongue).  I have the back door open and I'm freezing, but I'm a happy camper eating my bowl of snowcone.


Anyone want a snowcone?  We serve all flavors but I even bought the cherry surup in a gallon size (for real).


I bought a snowcone maker (with surup flavors, etc) for my daughter.


We are ice chewers so this is perfect.  A tiny bit of surup and mostly ice.  That ice maker is working overtime.


Line up right here....comin' at cha'.


Oh!  Bill the cat keeps looking at me like I've totally lost it.  He's used to weird mom, but I think HE thinks 'I didn't sign up for this crazy woman'.

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I had a grape one yesterday.  tiny one!  I ate about half of it.  I hadn't had one in many years.


Enjoy the summer treat!  What's your favorite flavor?

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My favorite is Piccadilly

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I'll have a blue raspberry snow cone bowl, please!

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SNOWCONE!!!  YYAAAAY!  My favourite treat of summer!  Had a watermelon one at the county fair just this past weekend.  If I don't have at least one snowcone during this  season, then I consider it that I've Missed Summer!

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@Annabellethecat66   I had a miniature snowcone maker when I was about 8. We lived in a Village and knew everyone. 

   People passed my snow cone  stand on their way to stores. Most bought one or two. Grandmama had a real ice box and chipped off the ice for me. 

  At a nickel a cone I made enough to buy comic books, go to the movies and have  popcorn with plenty left over!

   Wish I had a grape snowcone!

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Wow when I was a kid I really wanted a sno cone maker! Enjoy!

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You're so funny! Have you dripped any of your snowcones on your chin & down your neck like you did the other week with bacon...or whatever it was?!🤣
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@Annabellethecat66 :  Have you ever had a snow cone in Hawaii?  They are wonderful and everywhere!  In addition to ice and syrup, you can also get them including sherbet, condensed milk and bean paste.  Just thinking about them makes me hungry.

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Sounds refreshing! 

Especially cherry 🍒. Years ago I bought an antique ice shaver. It’s ornate and wrought iron with a crank handle. I thought it was such an interesting piece ...never have tried to shave ice with it but it’s in good condition and still works.