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SW MI, getting plenty of rain today.  So for anyone in the track of this, it's really raining a lot!! See the weather channel for sure to see if it's coming your way. We're greening up really well.

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Well, we certainly need it. But it looks like the bulk of it has gone past already, and Scare Team 8 says it'll be dry this afternoon. I certainly hope so...I have a tee time! 

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We had some nasty thunderstorms the last couple of days and more are due today.  We need the rain.  Mother Nature likes to make it rain on my days off though.

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I'm in the northern burbs of Chicago and we got hammered last night....  lots of rain, thunder and lightening.   Another rainy gray day today, with even MORE rain.    Hopefully this will lead us into a nice weekend.

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Thunder, lightening and rain got us out of bed early this morning. We should have the same off and on again all day. After all it’s May. I do much better in the daytime than nighttime during this type weather.

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@qualitygal  Yes, it started here in NE Ohio early this morning.  We're supposed to get waves of it today and tomorrow (my vac. day).  The weekend (at least Saturday) is supposed to be beautiful.......70's and sunny.  I hope so, I REALLY need to get the winter crud off my car!  Between the last few days of 85 degrees and now the rain, it's finally starting to get green around here.  The flowering trees literally came out overnight (also the dandelions).  Tree pollen allergies, here we come!

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It started raining early Wednesday evening and it's still raining this morning.  I'm relieved because it had been so dry here and I had not watered my emerging perennials or the spring potted flowers.  Thanks Mother Nature Woman Happy

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That rain should hit WV over the weekend; only expecting a few showers, but we need the moisture.   

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The rain has been wonderful, the trees, grass and bushes (and weeds) have just popped!

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Rain is starting - another overnight soaker in WI. Grass is greening up fast.