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Hedge, you're killing me with that  "smell test".Smiley LOL

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I don't get the whole "knocking on the back window" vs coming to the front door.


He lived a block away and maybe he cut through the back yards.  I'm guessing he saw her through the window and that's why he stopped there.


Luckily my front windows are completely covered and my back windows are one story up, so I don't have to worry about someone coming to my window.

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Re: What would you do?

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If I was alone, I would never let a stranger into the house, I am very suspicious these days.  I don’t open the door to anyone I don’t know, unless it’s a neighborhood child selling for a school fundraiser with an adult.  

You helped him by calling 911, he would be fine until they arrive. You absolutely did the right thing.

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Re: What would you do?

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Most 911 calls such as this would be answered probably in 5-10 minutes.  He wouldn't freeze in that short of a time. They are coming up with all sorts of ways to scam, hurt, and rip people off. No, I wouldn't have let him in....his story makes no sense.  If you are really cold and without resources...... most people would go to the nearest residence. His story is very fishy.

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I never answer the door (or window) for anyone unless I know them.  I would have called 911 to report that someone was frantically knocking on my window and let them take care of it all!! 

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I said it above ^^^^ so I’ll say it to those in the cheap seats,





Your home is a safe place.

“Handing the phone” to someone is the same as allowing

them within your home. “Passing the phone through the screen”

is the same as allowing them within your home.


‘Random door knockers?’

Sounds like someone, or a group, is casing your house. 


I would’ve called yelled,

‘I’m calling 911! Step away from my back door!’.

Call police immediately.

Turn on every light in your home & outside your home.

Let the stranger work it out with the Police.


If you have the financial means, install motion detectors outside

your home...where light would automatically turn on if someone

is in the area.  Do you have a Neighborhood Watch? Get involved.

Call the non-emergency 311# & ask them how to handle the

situation in the future.

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Thanks for the mention of calling the police. They told me that they   checked out his house, but found no burglars. They said there is nothing of report on this guy. Not to worry.


i found my stuff on the front porch this morning.


Lesson to self is keep my blinds down at night. Don't answer the door. These are my usual rules, but last night, I hadn't yet dropped the blinds and he saw me through the window.


The more I thought about it, the more rattled I got. Believe me, I will be shutting my blinds, etc at dusk from now on!!!


Thanks so much for all your kind wishes. I am kicking myself now for not following my rules, all it takes is just one time to let your guard down!




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You did more than I would do. Sorry, but I wouldnt' have opened my door to him, I would have called the Police for him for sure though. A few years ago, we had a young girl knoeck at our front door during a snowstorm, her car had gone into the ditch up the road from us......She said she had forgotten her cell phone at home, and would I call the tow company for her? I said absolutely, but never once did I invite her in? And she had to go wait in her car for them.....My daughter said oh mom please let her in, it is so cold, but I said absolutely not.....


You never know what someone is up to.......The tow truck came and everything was legit, but still I am super super cautious......... 

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I think I would have done the same as you. Especially since you live alone. You have to protect yourself.

Years ago, I had a very elderly lady show up at my house. It was in the heat of the summer. I was outside, went over to her. Her car didn't have an air conditioner, she had gotten lost up here, on this mountain where we live. I did invite her in, insisted she sit down and drink some cold water.

I remember her saying that when she saw our big front porch, she thought it would be ok to stop here. I wish we were living in a time when we could just welcome everyone with open arms, but its just not the case.

Things have changed so much and it seems like we always have to be on guard.

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I think that when you told him he couldn't come in and he understood but asked for your help he was trusting you also.


I think you did the right thing.  You lived through it!  That proves it!