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At 8:15 tonight, a man knocked on my back window. He said his house was being broken into. He was wearing a t-shirt and basketball shorts, with bare feet. I didn't recognize him. He gave me his address which is about a block away from my house, through the back yards. I called 911 and gave him the phone. He asked if I could let him in, he was freezing. 


I told him I couldn't do that. I live alone and I was afraid to let him in. The cops had to check his house out before they would come get him. I gave him a jacket, socks, a pair of garden shoes, and a cup of coffee.


I feel bad that he was cold, but I was leery of how far he came to my house (no closer neighbors?), but I just don't let people into my house unless I know them. My neighborhood is pretty safe, but  we've had some random "door knockers" lately.


What would you do?



I think you're a smart cookie and did exactly the right things.


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If you live alone and a strange man knocks on your door, you shouldn't even open the door.

If you opened the door to hand him the phone, he could've pushed into your home right there.


If you had to do SOMETHING, you could've called 911 and given them his address & told them what he said, that his home was being broken into.


Protect yourself at all times IMHO.

Becca Lou Wrote : Don't tell anyone you live alone. Talk to a pretend person, and I even named my Dog a man's name, they will think twice if they aren't sure your alone.So How that turn out?. Did the police come to your house to get him off your porch.?

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Exactly the same as what you did.  It sounds suspicious, it really does!