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What challenges did you face recently?

Last week was a difficult one for me.  Not in comparison with the nightmare they are living through in Houston, but it was a tough one.  The trying week ended with Back to School Night, an event that pushes me outside of my comfort zone every year.  The day of the event, I had some very upsetting family problems to deal with and the heat was 112 degrees for the 6th day in a row.  I felt like closing the blinds and going to bed at 5 pm, but I couldn't... so I put on my game face and the evening turned out to be quite pleasant.  I've decided to do something I rarely do and be proud of myself for facing some challenges gracefully and successfully.


If you're agreeable to it, I'd love for you to share any challenges you faced recently and over which you triumphed.

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

As always, keeping my blood sugar in check. I've had two nights this past week that my bs ran dangerously low and thank goodness for my dh who brought me out of it. I always owe my life to him. Heart

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

Life is full of challenges; sometimes we have big ones and sometimes small ones like yours.  At this age, I have learned to just "go with the flow" as my bff says.  My challenge for the last few days, since Friday afternoon is that my daughter and her 8 month old daughter have been staying with us in our 2 bedroom condo.  I love them dearly and I love spending time with my girls and their babies.  But the baby is teething and fussy and my daughter is on her phone all the time and the tv or music is on in the family room.  I miss my peaceful quiet home.  She also has  snacks and cupcakes in the kitchen and I don't eat stuff like that now but I'm tempted every time I go into the kitchen.  Her dad and her husband and some friends are at her house painting the entire upstairs, so she and the baby will be here until Tuesday morning.  And it's raining today, so we're all inside.  That's my challege.   

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

I had a new heat pump took 7 hours on a 110° day.

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

@house_cat I am a retired teacher so I certainly remember how Back To School night can be a stress on top of anything else going on in a teacher's life. Good for you for handling your challenges this week so well. (I can't even imagine how the heat would affect everything too)!!  Not as recent for me, but extra challenges have piled on since December when my mom passed away. Then my uncle passed away in February, my in laws both had to go to assisted living in March, and my son had a serious car accident in April. Just this past week or so I actually felt like we would all be ok and some of the fog lifted. I am not sure if it is a feeling of triumph, but I am starting to feel little bits of happiness again.

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

Mercy, @chrystaltree, that IS a challenge. Hang in there. At least you know what day it will end.

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

Hi Housecat. Happy for you that you can take your good experience and tuck it away - pull out your truth when you need it next time. Good for you.


As you mentioned, I too recognize I'm at a good place in life, but was challenged at work this week. Ninety-five percent of the time things flow smoothly on campus, but this week a few toxic, entitled faculty, not wanting to learn new technology or abide by new processes, dug heels in and acted like bullies. Spoke awful about our Dean (whom I like). In a controlled way, I was able say what I've been wanting to say for a few years. I get along well at work, but if the toxic ones freeze me out for a while, it doesn't matter. Our Dean has 250 faculty and he ended the emergency meeting with harsh words for the entitled ones. Weird week at work. Hope we can go back to normal after Labor Day.                 

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

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In April of '16 I started having some serious health issues which no one could diagnose.


17 months and counting, I have a diagnosis, and am heading to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, for treatment and an on-going plan.


No triumph yet, but HOPE and fear.


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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

I was hit by a car and almost killed.  Coma for weeks, hospitalized for months -- very happy to be alive.  Smiley Happy 

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Re: What challenges did you face recently?

Lot's of big changes in these last yrs....death of both parents....MIL recently passed...all the legal and house hold closing up things....going thur the antics of family members on both sides.  Oldest son just moved out...husband and I helped move all his things plus we had gotten furniture from my MIL's home for him.  All the hauling and packing to help him.  Just got it finished yesterday.  


For some reason whenever one of my sons moves out I go thur a anxiety type thing for a few weeks.  I worry about all kinds of things...pray it all works out for them.  I don't tell anyone how I really feel (until now) just know I will adjust to the new normal.


Still have my youngest son at home.  It's such a strange thing....I hate the awful mess boys make...and the fact they don't care about cleaning anything and will use things that are dirty!  I have tried over and over but to no avail...gave up.  So I miss the ones not living here but I am so relieved to get all the work...mess they brought gone with them.  Yet I worry how in the world are they functioning in all the mess? LOL!!  Crazy I know it! 


Now I have another huge project in the recently vacated much to do...bought cleaning products to see if I can fix it.  If not then I'll have to get a professional in to redo bathroom...carpet...painting.  


Then I have my own ongoing "low energy" testing for my thryoid coming I have been slowly increasing medication plus added in a new one T3 med that at first I couldn't take...made me even more tired!  Finally started taking it seperate from my synthyroid medication...wait about 2hrs and no more crushing fatigue or dizziness.  I still know I will need to increase this med (T3) ...will do labs soon.


There's more but this is getting way to long!  Like I can't stay asleep at night....up 3 or more times per night...good grief I think if I could just sleep 5 hours straight per night that I would be in much better shape physically.  And that's another story....I'll stop there LOL!


On the bright side...I look around my home (disorganized mess right now) and think I am SO LUCKY to have a home/roof over my head and food with AC!  Thank you GOD...and I see what's going on in Texas and just brings tears to my eyes.  I don't do well w/o power for days can't imagine what these folks are facing.