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Funny how that gray hair sneaks up on you.

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Good question!  Very cute pictures.  


This year will be my 50 year class reunion (1973).  My opinion only, but the original photo looks like guys from the 1950s, not the 1970s - so I am speculating that the original photo was taken closer to 70 years ago.


The guys in the current photo look to be around my age, in which case the guys in the original photo would be old enough to be their fathers, so not the same guys.  


My dad, 20 years older than me, "collected" antique cars, such as the one shown.  Had he lived, he would be 88 years old this year. 


The styles and haircuts look to me to be more in my father's age group, from the 1950s. The guys in the new photo do not look to be in their 80s. 

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50 years thats what happened!

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The car looks great, I'll leave it at that!!!!!!

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Re: What Happened?

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It doesn't even look like the same car to me and I am not just referring to the tires/wheels.

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What a pleasing and meaningful photographic history of "the gang."

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Re: What Happened?

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I attended my 50th year reunion in 2018.  We combined several classes since it was such a small school.


Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it....and I was never one of the "popular" kids in school....never a cheerleader or prom or homecoming anything (my older sis was all of that, but I was very shy).


Anyway, I found myself wishing I had been better friends with most of the folks I met.  Now, as adults, it's very hard to pick up and create a relationship, not to mention not living near each other.


Also, I was heartbroken to see how many had already died.  We had a large table filled with photos and candles of friends that were gone.  I was stunned.


Of course, we all looked older, but I noted that everyone was kind and seemed to enjoy reconnecting, even if just for the evening.


I hope you go and enjoy yours as much as I did.

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What happened? To me, maybe partly unusual. If the 4 guys(2 are deceased)in 1 picture taken of us around my '50 Merc, were able to be taken again? The 3 of us surviving are still car guys, so that has not changed. 


As it goes: "difference between boys and men, yada, yada, their toy $$$".


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