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Pleeze no more pictures this is very hateful and cruel
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@Luvsmyfam wrote:

@Roscoe the Rascal Dear Lord I went ape s_____ over 1,can't imagine 6.Trust me,if I had a spouse,I would make them set and empty traps!Writing this gives me goosebumps

You would be surprised what you can do when you have to.  My hubby is not well and in hospital as we speak.  

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Re: Well Friends.......

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We had one of these little critters run behind a piano. I got at one end behind the piano and my brother at the other end.  I scared it out the other end and my brother slammed it with  a hymn book and that ended it. kind of a eulogy if you will! We were teenagers at the time.


While I felt sorry for the little thing....mice do carry diseases so you don't want them to accumulate. 

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You know they eat them on Alone along about the 4 th week in. Lol. Blaaah!
Glad your critter has been taken care of and is outta your hair!

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Finally after 1 very long week,THE YOU  KNOW WHAT WAS CAUGHT!I'm still jumpy,but not as bad.I pray to the almighty

There are no more PERIOD! My brother came down this morning and got rid of it,I would not go near it.Im hoping my life will settle down and I can rest easy.


You do realize "it" is probably one of many. Did you call the landlord or any of the suggestions posters took time out of their busy lives to suggest to you??

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@tiny 2 wrote:

@Luvsmyfam, Awww,Are you sure you do not like these cuties?


@tiny 2 


This is a field mouse like Stumpy and Sadie Lou, not a house mouse.