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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!


Surgery went well. I spent 1 night in the hospital. 


Things have really changed since I had my other knee done 10 years ago. I like the new way.


Then:  I was put under full anesthesia

Now:  I received a spinal, pain blockers in leg, and enough sedative to make me sleep


Then: I couldn't put weight on leg for 3 weeks

Now: I had to get up and walk hours after surgery


I'm using a walker most of the time but can do a little bit around the house without it. Pain will set in if I overdo so I'm taking it easy.


Last time, I had trouble being able to straighten my leg. I can do that easily this time. I can bend my knee to about to about 68 degrees though it aches when I do.



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Re: Tomorrow is my lucky day!

@CalminHeart ... So happy everything went well !! Yes. They usually do improve surgeries after a while. Be very careful not to overdo. You could also fall and that would be devastating! Just rest, read, watch some TV or whatever you enjoy doing...but be careful not to overdo. Okay? 😊