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Re: Todays programming, unbelievable

Did not watch a minute of QVC programming yesterday, and I was home all day with bad weather outside. For all their endless hype about cyber week, Q was a bust. Showing only two items all day and night?? Who is in charge of sales and programming?


That said, I did find something on LTS and did my share to boost the economy on Cyber Monday at many other sites.

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Re: Todays programming, unbelievable

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Ladies, no offense meant, but if ya'll are following the programming, you're still viewing. Q's banking that even if you hate the shows, you'll watch and spot one or two must have items. They can track who's watching...not sure how...I gave it up unless there's a show I really wanted to see. 

We all hated these endless hours of unspecified shows last year and years before that. Days went by with electronics, vacuum cleaners or a stupid gadget of the moment that sureIy is lying in someone's basement unused.


I feel by not watching,  it's my way of protesting instead of just complaining about what they're obviously not willing to change.

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Re: Todays programming, unbelievable

@froggy  At least the goats are entertaining. Oops we are not to be entertained any more!