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May you all all have a wonderful day whether you're a mom to humans or our loved "furry" children🌹🌹🌹

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Wishing you the same.

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Where ever you are please feel the blessings that are being sent to you!


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Thank you sadly I cut my trip short as I was ill (still fighting bronchitis) but I did get to share in the celebrations of both my GD & sons bday.  We had a big family get together for both so I was able to enjoy all the fun!


Hope you have a wonderful day💐💐


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@homedecor1.  Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

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Thank you! ugh....I'm sick of being sick!  This has really gripped me but I'm thankful it's not pneumonia as I thought😮.


My thoughts are I've got more meds than a drugstore & hopefully, it will knock it out! I don't like "resting"!


Thanks again🌹

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Thank you!  Mothers Day Blessings to all!  May the day be very special and filled with love, happy memories and making new happy memories.   Heart

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Hi everyone,

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@homedecor1, take care and Happy Mothers Day to you. I know from your posts you so enjoy time with your family, sorry you had to cut your trip short but at least you were able to celebrate with them.

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