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Re: This holiday was really different..

@ECBC, i am truly sorry it fell to you, you are the saving grace ,  I t was slowed  down for us by our 21 year old neice dying on her   birthday nov16 2016.. We only live by  moments so precious we dare not speak , we buried 2 nephews 22 23.2 2years ago. I wish you peace and love, there is nothing but love in the end. You are doing a great thing, i wish you blessings ... You are a strong woman by grace....

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Re: This holiday was really different..

@Keeper of the koi wrote:

After packing away the decorations and labeling things that are new, I always retrieve a notebook i keep with everything, I have been doing this from the first year i was married 24 years ago. i had some extra time to read from years past this week, .First i did my  yearly  writing.



 This year was so diffrent it was peaceful  reflective and joyful, instead of buying we simply gave some cash  to the younger  family members and an ornament, my inlaws got an electric kettle, they have money but live simply .  they use it several times aday, i had paid attention  , they thank me everytime I see  them. We said no to parties, instead put on the christmas lights and talked about our past  holidays ,it was just my husband and furbabys , but it was everything.



New years eve, it was just us again , we talked of spring and plans for the koi pond , building a glass  old fashioned  green house.  quiet  was wonderful, our souls were full. This made me think , do we live for our joy or from obligation? Yes there are things we have to do, but how much do we enjoy doing?This year i baked for 40 of our customers, funny the phones rang always thanking us for the kind gesture and thinking of them, my husband enjoyed delivering goodies fresh out of the oven , his car smelled like a bakery he would  laugh.


I am promising myself to make life easier ,more simple, less forced. It is amazing the lessons we learn  simply by living...Maryanne