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Re: Thinking about a new car...

@Mom2Dogs wrote:

One choice is Hyundai Kona Sel Plus...I am trying to read my way thru reviews, specs, etc.  The other car I am considering is the Buick Encore.


Anybody have either one of these vehicles and your likes or dislikes, thanks!


Which ever car you want (new car) get one that is on sale that was used as a demo, etc.  You get all the benefits from a new car, but a much better price!

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Re: Thinking about a new car...

@pprmntstx   I ended up with a Ford Eco Sport/Titanium.  I am really surprised that I did not get the Buick Encore!  The Encore is good looking but I felt the Ford drove and rode better.  


There are a lot of bells and whistles on the car that I need to figure out.  While I really dislike winter, I do have heated seats and steering wheel!


The car is much smaller than my escape, which is OK, it fits in my garage better.  Thanks for asking.