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I realize that there is no answer to my question. This is just a comment. A package has been sitting in a post office (20 miles away) since 3-16. I am sorry i ordered the product and makes me not want to order from the Q.

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contact the post office, you can go to and request a search for it.  That generally gets it moving.


My mail in the last 2 weeks has been horrific and that is just regular mail with no packages involved.  


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That's a post office issue, contact them.  However, I do not understand why 3 days is such a big deal.  Surely, by now, you understand that everyone throughout the country is order things online.  The volume of packages is staggering and they are actually doing a phenomenal job with the resources, equipment and funding they have. If you said your item stuck there for 9 days, I'd agree, it's a problem.  When I order, I just mentally assume It's going to take 7 or 8 days.  That way, I'm happy when it arrives sooner.   

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I’ve had that happen several times at a post office about an hour away from me.  I usually file a lost package form online at USPS and have had good luck with that. 

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@Spookyoleme It's only 3 days! Have you seen the news stories that the pandemic has caused huge backlogs of shipping delays due to people shopping from home???

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I am waiting on a package from another company. Shipped from New York drove past my house to Ohio and it still sits there as I wait in Pennsylvania. 

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Not only are there a lot more people ordering on line,but,workers at the post office are also getting sick with Covid or having to take time off work because they have been exposed to Covid.

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@Spookyoleme - your issue is with the PO not QVC. Go to the PO website and file a missing package form. This usually gets things moving.

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I agree with the other reviewers. I would contact that post office, since it's local, and I would ask what's the hold-up. It could be that it's stuck in a bin with a bunch of other packages because of Covid and lack of carriers to take out the packages. It could be that the package has it's address label torn off, but the tracking number is still visible. I know that UPS Surepost is bad to cover over tracking numbers and/or addresses with their stickers. Then, the USPS has to figure out where the package goes. Just give them a call and explain the situation. I would maybe ask for a supervisor or postmaster for help on this situation. 

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@riley1 wrote:

@Spookyoleme - your issue is with the PO not QVC. Go to the PO website and file a missing package form. This usually gets things moving.