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It's ridiculous how diligent we have to be because the scammers are everywhere.  I just got a text message that my Bank of America account  was temporarily locked due to suspicious activity.  There was a link for me to sign into my account for details.  I panicked for about 20 seconds which is how long it took me to remember I haven't had any money in thst bank for many years.  Like 20.  So obviously they are on a phishing expedition to get BOA customers to provide their account numbers and passwords. I read about this a few weeks ago.  They don't clean accounts out, they take $50 or $60 from many thousands of accounts from various banks.  They can make millions in a single day.  


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Re: Scammers !!!

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I get a text message often saying my Amazon account has been suspended...I delete it...Scam

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The scammers are upping their game...we need to be alert and aware.  My husband and I receive almost monthly notices that our pay pal accounts have been locked, etc.  We periodically receive these notices on bank accounts.  


I'm glad that you recognized the scam and all is well.  We no longer live in Kansas!  Stay safe!

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@sann wrote:

I get a text message often saying my Amazon account has been suspended...I delete it...Scam

@sann I get that one for Amazon all the time too!

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I get "someone has tried to access your Facebook account."  I don't have a Facebook account!!  Delete!


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I don't know why some claim to get this stuff all the time and others never get it.  I'm a Prime member and have never gotten a scam message.  Nobody ever sends anything about my BOA account.


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I too have been a Prime member for years. Have got a few of these scam emails claimed to be Amazon. Like others, I delete them. That is not the way Amazon conducts their business.


Unless it has a verified order number, which I recognize, and the details of the item(s) ordered?  That info can be found under my Account on Amazon Smile, which we always use


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My husbands cell phone number is on the robocall list for phishing calls regarding Amazon and Pay Pal accounts of which we have neither.   3 calls just today.  

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I keep getting emails that my

Life Lock subscription is expiring to renew for $350..I have never had Life Lock.

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I get phishing e-mails (sometimes texts) all the time supposedly from Amazon, or several different banks. Sometimes banks I use, sometimes not. I delete.


The worst was by phone last week. On my land line, which I rarely use, I had a phone message (supposedly from Amazon) stating: 'You have a charge on your account for an iphone 11. Click 1, if you authorize this charge, or 2 if you did not make this purchase.' Arghhhh!


I just deleted the message. Then there was another one, and another, every 20 minutes, or so, for a total of 7, or 8 calls. I had to unplug my land line for two days to get off of their redial loop.


I searched online and this is a really bothersome scam. Others shut off their phones at 15 calls. I was livid. I'd be ashamed to reveal what I was wishing for the people behind this. It's pathetic that we can't even have peace in our own homes.