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Last week we checked our drawer of gift cards and decided to use a few.


My husband and I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Had to wait for 45 minutes to be seated for lunch. Because they did not have the staff to use all the booths.


Had a tasty lunch. Used our $25 gift card and had to add an additional $15 cash to pay the bill and tip. 


We did not order alcoholic or fancy beverages. My husband had ice tea and I had lemonade. And we did not have any dessert. 


Guess we have to get used to paying more for everything.

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I have noticed, but it doesn't bother me one bit. I'm just glad they are open.

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Prices are up, big time, pretty much everywhere.  We in northern CA already pay more than anywhere else in the US for gasoline (that's always been the case, but now it's worse), and my airfare to NY for the holidays this year is way more than it was for holidays in 2020 (I ended up not going last year).


Companies are trying to recup their losses, and I totally get it.  Like another poster said, i'm just glad they're open and people are back to work.   


Have read a few reports of customers who have been downright abusive to restaurant staff.   They enter, see a bunch of empty tables, and don't understand (or don't WANT to understand) that there are too few servers to handle the tables, so the restaurant overloads the servers, service goes down, people get belligerent, tips go down.  So, servers are working harder, for less $$.


Anybody who has cocktailed or waited tables knows how hard it is.  Please be extra kind/generous to your service staff.  The extra $5 or so is likely a lot more impactful to them, than it is to you.


What I DO have a problem with, though, and always have, is the exhorbitant service and delivery fees charged by the likes of UberEats and Doordash.   I often walk to the restaurant and pick up my food, but on the rare occasions I have food delivered, the prices are ridiculous. I recently entered an order for $32 in food.  With all the fees, the total came to $50, and that did NOT include a driver/delivery tip.  Ultimately, I did not place the order, which resulted in loss of business for the restaurant itself.

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@haddon9 wrote:

I'm sure that they have but I haven't really noticed.  We tend to try new places when we can.  Just this past weekend we tried a restaurant that was on a farm....very nice and a bit pricey but since it was my first time there I don't know what they charged before.


It was nice to try some place new!



Farm to table dining is usually a little more.  It's highly likely that you were having organically grown food.

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We supported our local restaurants and businesses as much as we could the last year and a half because we wanted them to make it through. Restaurant prices have increased and we continue to support them.
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In our area of Florida prices have definitely gone up.  The staff they have are so overworked and the quality has gone down plus hours have changed because of lack of help.  Now that the Delta is out of control who knows what will happen now.

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I haven't noticed anything too exorbitant when it comes to increased prices.

I'm just thrilled they're back in business; glad many were able to hang on! Must have been horrible for them.

Now I'm looking forward to our restaurant months in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. For obvious reasons they couldn't do it last August-September but I''ll be shooting for at least one a week this year.


During the slow season, August-September, many restaurants participate in Miami Nice or in Broward; Restaurant Month. Those that choose to do so have pre fixe menus for $35 or $45 that includes a choice of app, entree, and dessert. The majority are highend non-chain restaurants and it's fun to try them at a reduced price!

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I haven't been to a restaurant in about 3 yrs.  I prefer to make my own food.  Brace yourself, everything will be going up

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I've only been in two different restuarants since things have opened back up. The prices are higher and the menu's are smaller has been my experience. It was still just as delicious though, and the servers were great. 

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Yes!  We were out of state traveling on the Turnpike.  Stopped at a rest area.  A cheeseburger was $6 and change.  A roast beef was $7 and change.  These areas are known for being expensive, but wow!  We ate at a sports bar, nothing fancy.  Ordered to 2 cups french onion soup, a bowl of gumbo and a mozzerella/tomato appetizer with 3 sodas....over $60!