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If you can, will you add my sister-in-law, Deb, to your prayers?


She has pancreatic cancer and is going into a hospice center today to control her horrible pain.


I know she will pass soon and that is a blessing, but prayers for a peaceful passing are needed.  I feel so bad that she is suffering.


Prayers for my husband too.  He is heartbroken that his "baby" sister is going through this, and there isn't anything physical he can do to help her.


Thank you, and may God bless you and yours.

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Praying for peaceful passing and angels to surround you and the family.

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@Carmie , I am lifting your sister in law, and the family up in prayer for a peaceful passing. 


Bless all of you going forward.  

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Re: Prayer Request

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@Carmie  I am so sorry that you and your loved ones and Deb are going through this difficult time as your dear sister in law enters hospice care.  I pray that she is surrounded by everyone's love and eased into this final chapter with compassion, heartfelt wishes and peace. She is loved and treasured and I pray that you and your husband can find comfort in knowing that she loves you all very much and you've all done all that you can and she's done all that she can so far.  Deb has fought a very courageous fight against pancreatic cancer.  Your husband has loved and known Deb all of his life and that's a gift that I am sure Deb is very grateful for- and I am sure she's very grateful for your love and the love of her friends and family.  When Deb does pass, memories of her will live on in the hearts of many. and she will watch over people in spirit.  God bless, dear sweet Deb. 

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BLESS her heart!💝 I am SO very sorry to read this Carmie❤, and know how difficult this must be for you as you support her!❤ I am sending heartfelt prayers for her to pass PAIN FREE and peacefully surrounded by her those who LOVE💝 her!🙏🙏


I am sending prayers of STRENGTH for YOU and your dear husband, as it is SO difficult watching our loved ones experience something like this!😟 We feel so helpless❤. Soon she will no longer be suffering and that is a blessing!🙏


May you find comfort in the cherished family memories of the good times, and use them to sustain you both through this very difficult time!🙏💝


God BLESS you, and your loving family!🙏💝💝


~~~All we need is LOVE💖



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I'm sending prayers for your dear sister-in-law, your husband and the entire family.

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Sending prayers to Deb, your husband, you, and all your family. Prayers also for Deb’s caregivers assisting in her passing.

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So Sorry @Carmie, pancreatic cancer is so painful, my brother in law passed from it several years ago.


I hope she gets relief once hospice is involved.

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Prayers for a peaceful passing, and praying for your family for comfort.  

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@Carmie   So sorry for the pain you and you loved ones are going through. Praying for God's strength and comfort for all of you, and peace without pain for her passing. She is blessed to have her loved ones near her. My heart goes out to her and those she leaves behind. Hoping you find some comfort here on this forum from those who care.