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@PamfromCT.  I can't tell you how relieved and happy I was to see your message.  8ve thought of you so often and wondered if you were okay.  I'm thrilled to hear you are.


So many of us are not doing great in the health department, so we understand the need to take some time off.   Maybe we should have a forum titled, "how I'm doing today".  That might explain some of the weird or grumpy posts we see from time to time. 


Anyway, it's great to have you back and posting again.  I'm glad to hear you're well.

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@Kachina624, Hello to you,  my old and dear friend!  You are so right, that so many of us are experiencing health challenges of one sort or another.  And sometimes going from one thing to another.  My joke is that I have a doctor for every body part.


And I have clothing in my closet older than my new cardiologist.  Don't get me wrong, I am appreciative of having such good care, but everything gets so drawn out with tests.

But I am grateful.


And how are you doing?  Any new pets?  Our kitty Winston has gotten us trained beyond belief.  I can't believe how time has past!  Will be 80 this summer.  Maybe some of us could host shows giving real advice to young women customers at the Q?  Your thoughts...

I have missed you!




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Fantastic to see our beloved @PamfromCT ,  back in circulation!  A kind, knowledgeable poster,  gracious and fun.


Glad to hear that Winston is keeping you in line, @PamfromCT .    You've been missed--   always enjoy your posts.

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@Oznell, Thank you Oznell, I have missed you too.  A kind and talented person who dedicates so much effort to post such wonderful glimpses into how other people's homes.  As well as showcasing collections that so much of us admire.  



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Hello PamfromCT,


Glad to see you back here.  By the time I realize I haven't seen posts by some people, I don't like to ask as I don't want to seem like I'm being intrusive (or nosey as my mom would say).


I wish you continued good health.

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Thank you so much @roeroe1005!


It feels good to be back.  I do appreciate the chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  There are so many great people posting here, from all over the country, with so many interests and talents.  Most of all, a place of friendship and support.

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@PamfromCT  ❤

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