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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

@Lilysmom   I know I've told you this before, please excuse the repitition, but I love your 'moniker'.


Lily or Lilly (however it is often spelled) brings up thoughts of sweetness and a sweet smell.


My Granddaughter's middle name is Lilly.  Her whole name is Madeleine (French spelling so I've been told) Lilly.  


I have a few family members with the middle or first name Lilly or Lily.


Have a wonderful weekend. Smiley Happy

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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

Dear sweet friends,

I'm so glad that there were responses to my post.  I have always felt when a kindness is given it should be acknowledged.


But I also was interested in hearing everyone's stories about their family or grandchildren, really anyone.


I know I'm just as guilty as everyone in that I get frustrated at the way so many people are in a hurry today and so often it seems like it's "all about me, me, me" with so many people.


It's nice to take a minute and think about some of the good things (and people) in our lives.


I keep thinking about the lovely man I met yesterday at the grocery store (I posted somewhere else about him).  He was so good-looking (hey!  I'm old, not blind).  Ha!


He was a young Bruce Willis (even totally bald).  I wonder how many people just walk past each other and never hear each other's stories.  


It's true, we all have things to do and places to go and people waiting for us....but often my conversations only last maybe 2 to 3 minutes and I never see them again.  This particular one last longer because HE wanted to talk.  His mother was on his mind (she's coming to live with him and his wife soon).  She's in her 90's and still gets around good, but he wants to get her out of the cold of Minnesota.  


He was just a sweet man.  He reminded me so much of my late husband.  My husband was the kind of man (for some reason) women were intimidated by him.  He was very muscular (not an ounce of fat, big muscles).  He was average height, not quite 6' (That is short for the Honor Guard at Ft Myer, Va).  But they wanted him because he was so athletic (walked on his hands, did flips, you name it).  He put on a show at the Jefferson Memorial during the Vietnam War.


Anyway, it was just a nice conversation and one I'll think about for some time.  I'll probably never see him again, but he touched my heart.


Another person I remember was a conversation with an African American woman.  We were both looking at the make-up.  She said she wanted a colored pencil because she hated the way her eyebrows were turning white (she was only in her late 30's). 


I told her about what I use (Two-Face brow stuff) but I also told her any of the pencils would color her brows.  She told me about her son (he is disabled) and how she is a single mother.  She said she wanted to go out more and be around people but it was hard for her to find someone to care for him.


I suggested she go to a local library and talk to the librarians.  They could probably tell her how to go about contacting an agency that could offer her some relief.


My daughter's boyfriend runs all of the libraries for my area so I know a tiny bit about how amazing they are and how they are only happy to start the process to show people HOW to get help from various agencies.


It's all about teaching people they can empower themselves and to give them the confidence they have inside themselves to go after what they want in their lives.  It's kinda like "look at this" and "go here for the answer and it will lead you there" and so on.


Anyway, the conversations I have are not just limited to the grocery store.  


Sometimes (believe it or not) it's in an elevator.  That happened 2 times this week on the way (with my daughter) to get my back operation.


I asked my daughter if I embarrass her by talking to people so much.  She always laughs and says, "Good grief mom!  I guess I'm used to it.  That's one of the things I love about you".


I don't remember a time when I didn't love people and hearing their 'stories'.  Sometimes they stick with me more than other times.  But I listen and care about all of them.


Keep those stories coming.  It's all anoymous.  Just like the people I meet, we touch but no judgment, just sharing.


I think if I met most of you we'd hang together now and again.


@ECBG and I are friends.  We talk and text.  I've sent her a few QVC things.  She's wonderful and has the most amazing personality.  


I have a very large family.  Everyone is busy doing 'their thing' but you've never heard of a more 'outgoing' group of people!  When we get together (which isn't often anymore) can imagine.


Hope everyone is having a good weekend and if you're affected by the  heat wave....stay cool.


Many of us remember being young and back then only really (and I mean really) rich people had air conditioning.  


There are still people who don't have it or can't afford to run it.  


I was just thinking that there's no reason why the city (any city) couldn't hire a few buses and pick up people and take them somewhere where they could cool down at least during the day.  


There are so many large arenas where people could go (like in hurricanes, etc).  They could have an area for old(er) folks, one for young kids (show some Disney movies), let people plug into their 'devices', etc.


Yet, here everyone is huddled inside their own homes taking all for granted.  Unfortunately, I'm no different.  Ugh!


I know many of you remember 'the old days'.  Some were good, some....well..not so good.  Aren't we lucky that as we get old at least one good thing GOD gave us is the ability to do our best to remember the good times....


Do you guys ever think of what an amazing job GOD (or whomever you believe in is a higher power) did when we were created?  I'm always amazed at the human body....especially how wonderful he made us females....


Heh!  Heh!  Who wouldn't want to be a female?  We're da bomb (a good kinda bomb)!  Ha!


I KNOW there are more out there in QVC forum land who can post something....


Here's how I do it.  I just type what I'm thinking...(as you can brain rattles on and on.)


Funny...when daughter #3 (that's what I used to call her sometimes) was just here.  It took her a short time to get used to how my conversations take sharp twists and turns.  In now time she remembered how I think and talk in ways that aren't easy to follow.


I think that's why I'm so terrible on names.  Names aren't important to's the humans and what they say and do...not WHO they are.  Sounds dumb, I guess...

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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

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You are such a lovely writer. Are you working on your memoirs? You should do that.... I'm sure it would be a wonderful gift for your grandchildren someday.  How blessed you are to have three daughters and grandkids 💕 


My sons are in their 30s. Neither is married and they are far from settled down.  I often wish they were, and I wish they were married and I wish I had grandkids.. and I wish, I wish, I wish.  Sometimes I need to stop wishing and remind myself what wonderful young me they've turned out to be. They two of the most caring, compassionate people I know.  Wherever life takes them, I can be proud to have raised two excellent human beings.

~ house cat ~
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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

@house_cat  Thank you for your kind words.  But as I said, I don't have the organizational skills and/or mostly patience to write a book or anything even resembling something a person would want to read.


Actually, right about now my brain is tired.  So, here's a little peek into my brain (this won't take long....believe me).


So, I finally decided to set my fanny down and order my tootsie roll pops (I love the @#$ things and it drives me crazy that I do)...only orange and cherry now.  I order them by groups of 60 in a way too many of them.  (A psychiatrist would say maybe it has something to do with my mother abandoned me when I was 3 months old and didn't get breast fed)...Who the heck knows.  I think it's just something to chew on.


Also, I order the Altoids (all flavors) they come in individual tins of (I think maybe 12) and I carefully mix up each bin so I get all falvors in one bin (you can imagine how many bins I end up with.


I won't bore you with some of the weird things I do and get when it comes to candy.  I'm very, very specific on what candy I eat.  It's surprising how many people love Tootsie Roll pops.  I give lots away.


Anyway, so I've been "perusing/i.e. fishing) on Amazon for Hot Sauce to keep the squirrels away and on and on.....


Next thing I know I'm looking at Fox urine and other varmit urine to keep squirrels away.  I start thinking...."That just might work".  Those critters are driving me crazy!  


I have been taking junk food breaks every other 'fishing' episode...


I came back to push 'click' to order the stuff and that pesky other side of my brain (the one that's just too good and honest for it's own good says)....wait for it...."Annabelle...just how do you think they get that urine from those animals".  Then I envision foxes being tied up, fed water, etc. and something connected to them to collect their urine.  That's terrible!  I mean how else could they get it...right?  


So, that's the end of that....Now I have to try to wipe that visual from my brain (and you need to too....sorry).


I think I should write a book on how to waste time.  I've said that before here.  I'd be @#$ (really good) at it.  But then come to think of it....who'd read it because my 'fans' would be off wasting their time....THEIR way...right?


It's now almost 5:00PM and I have done zip today.  I write all of these notes (they're all over my kitchen) about things I need to do.  


I've developed the art of ignoring....I ignore every note....every thing I need to do....but good grief!  It is fun to ignore, well, it is for me!


Inbetween all of the 'doing nothing' and 'eating', I did send out to my girls and friends (and my little sister) pictures of our family from past get-togethers.  


They all enjoy looking at them.  It's easy because they're all plastered all over my refrigerator...All three of my girls do the same thing...but they are all 3 very organized.


They write notes and chores to do and actually do them.  They get that from their Dad.  


Anyway, time to go get me an orange creamcickle.  That's another of my latest 'thing'.  It was at the creamcickle aisle where I met that beautiful (inside and out) man yesterday.  He said his wife works until 8:00 every night.  Wow!  Does she realize what an amazing honey she has.  He mainly wanted to talk about his momma (which worked for me...I loved it).  He didn't have any children.  He did say he was looking forward to spending time with his mom.  Oh!  He said he wanted to get his mom away from all of the drama (back home).


Did someone say 'drama'?  We all know drama.  If you have any family....there's always drama...right?  Ha!  Then when you get old(er) you realize whatever the problem, it wasn't such a big deal...(I'm talking about the he said she said drama....not the really physical stuff...that's bad).


OK, so now I hear that ice cream calling me.  I think I'm going to order myself one of those 'shaved ice machines'.  I keep going to the little outdoor ice cream stand near my house and getting it.  OMG!  Just waiting in line a few times I've talked people into trying it!


My daughter leaves for Hawaii soon for almost 3 weeks with her family.  She loves the shaved ice there.


For Christmas last year one of the things I bought her was a portable ice maker!  Why?  Well that girl loves, loves (add another loves) to chew ice.  Ever since she was little.  She has teeth like the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland (beautiful, big and white/white) so I guess she hasn't lost the enamel.  I'll give her the ice shaving thing when I'm done with it.....then again...,maybe I'll keep it.


Come on people!  Post some of your stories of present day or past what you loved to do alone or with someone....


I just had a brain...(starts with an f and has the word art in it)....I'll tell you one of the many crazy things I used to do when I was young and went to many many parties with friends.....

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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

So, I just ordered this from Amazon!  I was going to post a picture but I saw where QVC sells a little dinky ice shaver and thought they might delete my picture.


It's a Cuisinart Hawiian shaved ice maker.  I bought all of the flavors (although I only eat cheery and orange) and all of the cups, etc that goes with it.


Wish you guys were could help me chew, chew and chew some more on that shaved ice.  


Ummmmm!!  I can't wait to get it.  Probably should have bought one for my daughter (the ice chewer too), but she'll probably get this one when I get brain freeze (assuming I still have a brain).


I can taste it now.  OK, you guys....who here loves to eat snow cones....can't you taste that calorie laiden sweet it curls your toenails...turns your teeth and tongue all red!  I can't wait.


Just be glad I can't post pictures....I should get it by Monday or Tuesday (don't ya love how quick).


I'm off to take a break (from this break) and go lay in bed and eat my Harris Teeter creamsickle.


You know ladies, I've delved deeply into my psyche and I still can't figure out why I haven't lost an ounce of weight?!?  


What do you guys think?  Be back later.


I'm still waiting for those stories and happenings from you guys...


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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!



You're cracking me up!  A blog! That's what you need to do - start a blog!  Write yourself a note so you won't forget 🤣 

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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves, when people let a door just slam in your face. I don't expect kids to know better  cause nobody taught them but what is the excuse for adults?  So it's so nice to hear about a child being taught manners. Good job to his parents!

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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!




You, Annabelle, are a treasure, and I am sure your personality has rubbed off on your children and grandchildren.      

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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

@speedy girl  Yes!  I totally agree with you (about the door slamming).  It drives me crazy too!


More than one time (just this past week, in fact), two twenty-something girls almost ran past me and my friend to get into Panera's so they could get in line ahead of us.


I'm slow so my friend ends up waiting for me sometimes.  


Anyway, these two girls swing open the door and we were right behind him...(in fact I had my hand reached out to grab it).


The door swung back as they slid in and it almost knocked me to the ground (they slid between me and the door).


I yelled "YOU'RE WELCOME"  and "THANK YOU".


I often say very loudly either you're welcome or thank you when they slam the door on my face.


I'm sure these idiots and others never even hear me because people like that are so self-absorbed...they're just thinking about themselves.


Many times it's males that do that (slam the door, etc).  I've had (I'd say....thinking about it)...more females hold the door than males.


That's why I decided to post this.  So, when my girls were young I'd take them everywhere with me.  My late husband and I would take them to 4 and 5 star restaurants traveling (he liked to eat good food...give me a hamburger and I'm happy).


We taught our daughters that people pay a lot of money to eat out (even if it's McDonalds) and to respect other's people's privacy and behave themselves.


My husband died right after my oldest daughter had her second daughter.  The oldest was maybe 2 1/2 years old and we were (with him) sitting in a casual restaurant (Silver Diner).  Granddaughter's name is Emily.  She started throwing a genuine fit when her mom wouldn't let her play with the sugar then it was she wanted ice cream instead of food...(you know little kids). 


She kept getting louder and yelling.  My late husband scooped her up and left the table.  About 5 minutes later he came back to the table.


I said, "Where'd you go"?  He said, "I took her out to the car and told her we'd go back inside when she could behave.  We just sat in the car for a minute or two".  (That was in the days before everyone had cell phones (2004), etc.


She sat up at the table and colored and ate some food (you know how kids pick at the food).


We had a nice meal.  She was happy and we could carry on a conversation and the people in the place didn't have to listen to Emily throw a fit because she couldn't get ice cream.


My point?  Well, I have to wonder if some of these inconsiderate adults were never taught as children the correct way to act and how to treat other's with respect and kindness?  


What do you think?  It only takes a minute to be nice to someone.  


I'm curious?  Do any of you think it's the generation?  It just seems like (for the most part) old(er) people are more courteous and considerate....


I hate putting people in groups like that.  But sometimes it seems that way.


You see people on the road especially coming home from work.  They weave in and out of the traffic like "I'm special...get out of MY way".


So, as I've told you guys, my youngest daughter spent almost 3 weeks visiting us from Denver.  She was born here in this area of Virginia.


She always has to listen to me talk about how agressive and self-serving people closer to the DC area have become...Many in that area are transients and have come from other places working for the government or in that general area.


She's always said, "Mom!  Listen to yourself!  You're trying to pigeon hole everyone".


Well, before she left she said, "Mom!  There's so much difference from when I was here to now.  The people are rude.  They walk in front of you and if you're driving, they don't even look, they walk in front of the car.  It's crazy!"


I said, "Whoa!  Let me hear that again!  You mean Mom might be on to something".  Ha!

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Re: My Grandson Surprised Me Yesterday!

Annabellethecat you sound like a wonderful woman. I would love to meet you in a store and chat. I beleive that the lack of respect today is the downfall of our society. My children are very polite and caring, and I told them that never goes out of style!