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I love garlic and I am about to make pesto, but I get sick of foods I eat too often pretty quickly. I do love artisan jewelry though and have to be careful I don't spend too money on it, cause then I feel quilty and that ruins it for me.

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@Vivian OMG, it was so gross I could not even bring myself to quote what you saw on that addiction show. That is mental illness, surely. What suffering for them and anyone who cares about them.


My weaknesses (mild by that standard!) include shoes (which I shamed myself into controlling, lol), reading, and beautiful stationery. I have loved reading all my life and cannot pass up looking at lovely wrapping paper, cards, notecards, journals, etc.


Shoes...I do love shoes, but after really looking at my closet, sanity has returned and I have purged every ill-fitting or worn out shoe and will not buy another pair without first asking if I have something similar or donating at least one pair. I found shoes I had forgotten I had, brand new from end-of-season sales, and this made me realize that I needed a sanity check on shoe buying.



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My addictions?








Very high thread count 100% cotton sheets

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Love garlic, too!  I pretty much eat it every day.  Hummus ingredient.  However, even tho most hummus have raw garlic, I roast mine in a bit of olive oil (no tinfoil---oy!) when I make my own.


I think it's processed garlic (garlic powder/garlic salt) that give that horrible off smell some people get.  Ugh---ever walk through a college dorm on a Saturday morning?  All that pizza with cheap garlic salt--Bleck---the smell!!!

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Chocolate cupcakes.

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this is a great thread healthy addictions but watch your purses ladies myself included, I wish I started my serum addiction earlier but wasn't aware (just recently in the skincare world) older addiction handbags, always shoes , previous jewelry adding on occasion , addicted to jackets and cashmere , suede leather I guess I'm kinda a shopaholic trying to modify my spending if that makes sense !
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The internet keeps me sane, though I sometimes drive myself crazy Googling things.  I would say using the internet is an addiction for me.


I've managed to kick other things that are expensive or unhealthy to the curb or minimize my use/consumption of them...


...except for pizza.





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I love trying out new skincare.  I have so many products, I could open my own mini-spa.


I also love to read almost anything.

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I am addicted to my computer and the net.  I am not a surfer of sites, but I ask it so many questions; how to get rid of weeds, how long to keep this soup in the fridge, what time will the sun set?  I use it like another brain and it can tell you anything.  I have Alexa on my Kindle, but I enjoy searching and finding information.  I use Dogpile a lot.  It is a combination of many browsers and finds more information.  


I just enjoy knowing I can find out anything with my computer.  (Except how big IRMA is going to get and where she is going!)  That will be there in due time!


Can't imagine life without a tablet or computer!

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My addiction (obsession  ;-) )  for the moment --is replacing all my grungy dishes with brand new, colorful, fiestware!!! Decided for my b-day last June, that I would spend my b-day$$ on new dishes and came across a great sale at M^acys and replaced it all with nearly all the current colors. So happy to open my cabinet doors filled with bright colors!! Now am collecting some for my DD b-day in Dec. She LOVES the pink color that is now retired so have been hunting to find a few pieces for her. Been fun!!