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Have you seen Colleen's Ruana as the HSn Special of the day? It's reversible! Five or six colorways, really nice I think. I wasn't going to buy any of them and ended up buying 2 of them!!!  I bought the burg/navy reversible and the tan/brown leopard print. I also picked up three colors of her long sleeve tee with the V-neck and mesh in the Vee.  I couldn't help myself!!!  I'm am really getting into this look of ruanas, oversized tops over a shell or tank and then long sleeve in the fall. I love a lot of styles Colleen brings to HSN. I find myself really more drawn to fashion items there than here.


If you picked up one or many or this ruana, I'm so looking forward to getting mine - hope you are too!!!

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Just a reminder Top Cashback now has 12% back from HSN. 

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Just like you, I have been into ruana for quite a while.  I keep one in each car.  They seem to be replacing the use of sweaters.  They can top vest easily and are easy to remove or wrap around your self.


It has become a staple in my gift closet / Christmas presents.

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They are pretty, but just keep in mind that viscose (rayon) wrinkles like crazy.

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I got the animal print! Retailmenot is giving 20% cash back!

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@PINKdogWOOD I am recently into ruana's too.  Never liked them before in my life.  There was another thread discussing this item yesterday and people seemed to like it.  I did too but passed as I am only 5'4" and thought it was way too long for me.  I have purchased a couple on Chico's with matching tanks (I mentioned this in that thread) and the ruana length is a bit shorter which is what I need.  I liked the two prints you picked though.  

Hope you come back and tell us how you like them, enjoy your new items Smiley Happy

I am a big Colleen fan!

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@LindaSal   I agree that some are too long for me too at 5"4", it's a balancing act with these, dusters and the like to make sure they're not too overwhelming on us.

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I bought 2--the burgundy/blue medallion and the peacock.  I think they are going to be so much fun to work into my wardrobe.  The burgundy one paired so well with cognac shoes/bag on the model, and the peacock is such a gorgeous shade of blue.  I can't wait to get them.  I enjoy "year round" pieces and these can wake up pieces I already own.

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Everything I see this, I wonder who is Miss Lopez Ruana???  🤣