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Never had a hot flash, my only negativity was getting heart palps. 

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@SouthernBee @I am the same age as you and I am finally feeling a little less of the hot flashes but I still can’t stand heat.My dh has to wear warm clothes and heavy socks in our house too.I sleep with the heat off and one thin blanket that I toss off and on.He sleeps with down up to his chin.LOL.I still have stress feelings that I think are even worse than hot flashes.I don’t think it stops unless you take hormones which I don’t.My friends who do are sleeping better and much more relaxed than I am.

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I was very fortunate, no issues whatsoever.  Smiley Happy

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I was in post Menopause at age 47....that was two years since my final period. So early menopause for me.   I was fortunate to work in the natural food and supplement industry for 25 years so I has all the natural things at my beckoning. I flew through menopause with only a few night sweats for about a year....then it was over!  I did take care of my health....and still do with healthy diet and exercise. 


Very important is that you need to really focus on good health, good diet, and good lifestyle at this time....also good adrenal health is number one.  Read up on adrenals and how to  get them or keep them healthy....naturally.


Then look-into natural supplements.  I am not going to list them here as you can do your own research.  Also Topical NATURAL-progesterone cream you can buy over the counter( not synthetic progesterone)  really can make a difference in hot flashes. I used it for several years.  I think it is very important. I used it in conjunction with the NATURAL  oral estrogen herbs.


What you do not want to do is take synthetic Estrogens  or (synthetic progestrones) that  most doctors prescribe. Look for natural  Estrogen alternatives....lots of good info out there if you are willing to look into it. 


The most important thing to remember is that peri menopause..menopause... and post menopause are all natural parts of is not a sickness or a disease  or a terrible awful society labels it...


 REMEMBER menopause is as as a natural thing like  getting your period was when you were a young girl. Just another stage in life. Think positive about it! Not having a period is wonderful👍👍👍👍👍🙂

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I never had problems during menopause - just a stray hotflash. My main issue was PMS, which got progressively worse as I got older. Eventually, I felt sick two weeks out of every month.  Once my cycle started, I was fine. But before that - I felt horrible.


So I welcomed menopause. And thankfully had none of the effects that plague so many women. I think gratefully of menopause as the end of my PMS suffering.

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I had a partial hysterectomy at 39, I kept my ovaries so didn’t have to take meds. I turned 57 on the 1st and still haven’t experienced anything. I know my sisters started menopause in their 40’s as did my cousin. 

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I started at age 46 after a serious heart cancer scare surgery ended my periods. The hot flashes ended after about 10 years. Well about 2 years ago after my yearly checkup my Dr. started me on a thyroid pill and they started up again. I told her the pills were making have hot flashes, she said that can't be possible. Well I wayed my options and at 64 I thought I'm not doing this again so I stopped taking my pills that was 2 years ago. It's taken this long to finally get over the worst of it.

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Mine was early.  At 49 I started having a few hot flashes.  Never had the nighttime sweats, big mood shifts, or big weight gain.  By 51 I was all done!


I feel lucky when I see what a tough time some women have for years, including a couple of my sisters.

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@Susan Louise 


Years ago QVC sold a gel-filled extra long pillow for sleeping through night sweats and hot flashes.  The gel absorbed the excess body heat and softened as you slept on top of the pillow.  Then you simply turned the pillow over and slept on that side until softened.  Repeat as needed.


i had two of them and when I no longer needed them, I lent them to friends.


Imagine you might find something similar on medical or camping websites, if not on Amazon.   It really worked !!,

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@haddon9 wrote:

I'm 65 and never really had a hot not everyone gets them.  I did however used to suffer a LOT with very bad PMS and cramps which sometimes were so painful that I had to go home from school.  Occasionally I would also get bad menstrual migraines in my 30s & 40s.


I was either 48 or 49 when I got my last period and for me menopause has been liberating!  


ETA:  I want to mention that I don't take any meds for menopause.

@haddon9    Me too!  I'm 60.  I even went to ER a few because it was so bad.