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@monicakm wrote:



That you have the energy to deal with makeup is a wonderful sign


I was on some good drugs, apparently.  Home now and not at all interested in putting on my makeup.  I have 3 Sephora boxes in front of me.  I don't remember what's in them and not up to opening them.  


@monicakm Please get some rest and let others take care of you.  That happened to me after a surgery.  The drugs made me feel like superwoman for a few hours.  Then I collapsed...  Take care 🛌 

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I had a mastectomy yrs ago and went home on the 3rd or 4th day Everything was fine with the surgery and felt like I dodged the bullet! I did cancer-wise but following week when it actually hit me I wasn ‘t . Had a delayed reaction snd did get through it . I think that was the hardest part!