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If you've scrubbed the pan already and know it's clean, I would just cover it in foil and forget about the black marks.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

If it's so far gone,  I'd toss it and buy a new one. 

I agree Amazon sells these for a fair price. I would be afraid to mix chemicals together.

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@KatCat1 wrote:

@Mom2Dogs,  I don't know where I got this tip but I place the oven racks in hot water & dish soap or laundry soap in the tub and let stay overnight.  All the junk falls off and you only need to lightly clean and rinse.  It's easier for me this way as my sink is a double and not that large plus I don't have to scrub.  I understand bleach works on the black marks on the pan so I may try that too.  Otherwise, definitely the dishwasher.  Cat Very Happy

Before self cleaning ovens came about, this is how I cleaned the oven racks ~ but I used Biz. Worked like a charm. Heart

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not sure if this will work but when i had stubborn stains on anything.


I got ammonia cleaner (straight--no mixed with anything. Pour into garbage bag--the plastic bag (double bag it) place pan into the bag and let stand for 24 hours ..




After 24 hours open up garbage bag, outside, wash up pan and see if everything was removed.  I always washed up the pan twice before i used again.