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Titles may change, I'm too tired to think, but here is Thursday's thread.

I cannot do anything uplifting for you, just come here and say I love you all and wishing you a very good night and blessings to come your way tomorrow.  The day with the twins today went fine, they are so precious and so cute!!! They may not know what love is, but they do love us!  3 months old and they really listen to us.  Yesterday Darla told us that she has never seen anything so beautiful in all her life as her twins!!!  What a blessing they are to all of us!!  I encourage you to post something uplifting here for us all.  Bella, you are a poet - please share!  If I find something that I can use, I'll use it, but I'm way too tired right now.  3 days in a row, long days with the twins do make me tired.  I'm not that young anymore!!!  But guess what?  I will continue to post - why?  because you all encourage me and you all uplift me!!!  Thanks so much and God bless you!!!

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God bless you Gloria.



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Harlene - I saw your post before all of this happened.  It's gone now, but so sorry about your MRI and I do hope that your chiropractor is the answer for you!!  I know you trust him and that's the main thing.  He won't disappoint you.  Praying for you, dear.  

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gloriajean - I just found your post on damyankee.  I sent you a reply.  So happy to find you there.


You'll see the name changed over there.


I am so happy that you are able to spend so much time with those precious twins.  They are so beautiful, the best thing for you to focus on for an uplifting day.


We understand this has been so frustrating for you, but you are doing a great job here and an outstanding job in the Grandma department, enjoy!!


Will look for you on your other posts elsewhere.  That way I can read your wonderful inspirations without the hassles from this forum.


Hope you can rest up a bit, little ones are a great deal of work, but soooo rewarding.


Harlene - so hoping you can get your back issues solved quickly.  Prayers to you.


Bella, I've been praying for your journey to be quick and easier than you expect.  God's blessings

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@gloriajean  It would be nice if you just came here when the mood strikes to share your life with us, as all of us do.  Please don't be downtrod because you can no longer deliver a religious message...we'd be happy to just have you as a friend and contributing board member.  You have a wonderful family and many friends that we'd enjoy hearing about, especially those darling babies.  Come here just for fun!


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Thank you, Kachina! That's what I will do. Please share your life with us too!!  Nice to see you!!

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Yay! 3suwm5! I saw you there and wish more would come there.  So glad you found me there!

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To that one soul reading this,

I know you are tired, you are fed up, you are so close to breaking

but there's strength within you ... even when you feel weak, keep fighting.


Let us take a turn and uplift you @gloriajean

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Re: Hello My Friends!

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Hello gloriajean and "Everyone" who wants to be here...


Image result for picture quote for friday


Many Blessing to All.  May all of you have a weekend of peace and tranquility.


Love and Hugs!


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Good morning!


@gloriajean, so happy to see this. Many prayers were said for you last night!  Will Darla be going back to work soon?


@3suwm5, I haven't checked out the other website, but I will sometime today. 


@lovestopaint, hang in there!


@Bellabutterfly, I think of you lots and what an inspiration you are.  Special prayers for you. 


It's another dark, drizzly day here, but so fitting for fall.  I know Who made this day, and I am so thankful!


Have a peaceful day, all!