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I hope everyone has a blessed day.Where I live today's temp is suppose to reach 70 degrees.Because my family isn't getting together,and my daughter is cooking for her boyfriend and her father,I thought I would throw a few burgers on the grill and read my book in the sun!



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Happy Easter to you too!! Your plan sounds wonderful. I was thinking about putting up my patio umbrella today and getting out the deck furniture! You've inspired me. Going over to my son's house today. They are doing the main dish and dessert, I'm bringing over the sides. Feeling so happy today for a beautiful sunny, warm day.

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Easter Cards - Greeting Cards by Sarah Boddy | Easter greetings, Easter prints, Easter images

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Happy Easter everyone!✝️🐰🐣💐

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Easter Greetings To All

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Happy Easter, Passover, and what ever holiday you celebrate at this time. It's a gorgeous day out there. 

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Happy Easter to all forum members.  This is my favorite occasion...time for reflection and new beginnings.