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After reading another post about baby boomers and what they remember, I thought about the glove compartments in cars. I've been driving since the late 60s and never once used that box for my gloves! Maybe they've changed the term in the newer cars. I think they've changed the term for "cigarette lighters" to USB ports but I've never heard a glove compartment called anything else. I've not bought a new car in a while so I may be wrong about this.


If you don't call yours a glove compartment/box, what do you call it?

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It's still a glove box to me but I don't wear gloves ever. I just have my car owners manual in there.

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Boomer here.  I still think of it as glove compartment, but usually just shorten it to compartment when I say it. I never put gloves in it either! Just car repairs receipts, bank slips for drive through, spare sunglasses or readers, stuff like that.

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Re: Glove Compartments

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Maps.  Those large, paper frustrating to fold, maps😀

We used to call it a glove box instead of compartment. Still do.


Edited, sorry, I need to clarify, haven't kept actual paper maps in there in years.


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You just reminded me of something I need to do is to clean out my glove compartment, don't use gloves but everything and anything is shoved in there, don't really drive all that much now since being retired, usually use by hubby's car for errands.

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My husband kept his gloves in the glove box lol.  


I keep the owner's manuial in there, owner's and insurance cards - that's it.

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I do think that in the Model T era everyone wore driving gloves, especially in the winter.  They needed a place to put them when not in use.  Hence the glove compartment.


Its still a glove compartment or glove box to me.

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Glove box for us too, but it holds the car manual, owners/insurance cards etc. Oh and the Covid masks!

A lot of things were moved to the center console...napkins, tissues, etc. OH and CDs and the player!!!

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I still refer to it as a glove compartment. 
I keep car registration, auto insurance, copy of my CDL-front and back. I keep only the current , no past years worth.


Middle console has Kleenex, zip bag of change and ten singles, comb, tablet and pencil.

I don't like clutter in my auto.

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Seems a lot of us carry the same things in their glove box. I was riding with a friend once who got stopped for speeding. Her car was a real mess but she was a young mother with three kids and I guess they spent lots of time in the car. As the passenger, she told me to open the box when the officer asked for license & registration. When I opened it, it just exploded with all kinds of stuff she kept in there. I know the officer was rolling his eyes as she went through every single piece of paper she stored in there. I got tickled and couldn't stop laughing, very glad the officer couldn't see me well; he had his hands full with her!