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@GenXmuse wrote:

Just looking at her other posts I think she has depression.  Lots of physical complaints among others, and depression can make you see things more negatively than they really are. Maybe a doctor can help with addressing this with antidepressants and counseling. I hate to see anyone het stuck in a  poor me cloud.  She may be needing more than others can give. I’m glad she has a husband and she’s not without family.

I was think along those lines this morning. Sometimes a “vent” can bring mixed responses. Hopefully OP may find at some point that our offerings, whether cozy or instructive or even “tough love” will bring her a fresh perspective.


ADDING- Sometimes when you wind up in a rut, you need to be prepared for when the vine swings by to pull you out of it.


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@Pasta Lover , some times it helps to remind ourselves that we are responsible for our own happiness.  I know people can let you down but I try to have many outlets for my energy.  It hurts when people disappoint you but you are responsible for looking after you.


My best wishes to you @Pasta Lover.  LM

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@Pasta Lover 

Nice to see you came back 🙂.....hope you're ok...


When a person has depression they cannot simply jump out of it... and telling them to, makes it even worse.. the ol guilt trip and "I'm a horrible person", kicks in too.....


When I was young I would sleep a parents were baffled...and when I'd get up for a few moments, they'd greet me happily which then I'd groan, stumble back to my bed.... I did not know what I had. And I felt awful... I'd look around and think, well, it's another day,  beautiful sun shining, nothing has changed since yesterday, all is ok and good, yet I felt 'DARK', I felt displaced and a horrific, dreaded feeling consumed some point, poof, it would be gone.... 


It makes most relationships beyond difficult... I'd envy those who would laugh and smile and socialize all the time.... did not want to be me at all. 


Take care @Pasta Lover 




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cbrite, so how did you get over it?

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For me it comes and goes and has my entire life. I do not choose to take meds. Some ppl do. I also believe certain things one encounters in their life, may also add to depression of a more normal reaction ie: death, loss, change, age, abuse, illness, etc. (Those sorts of things...jmo.) Different depressions I believe.. 

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As someone else said, our family does not send out invitations and stuff gets posted on FB and I get calls to make sure I've seen it.  As for sending get well cards or checking on ppl to see how they are doing, I don't get that either and I battled cancer 7 years ago.  


These days about twice a month my sister sends a text asking how I'm doing and usually follows that up with a phone call once a month.  Have two brothers who come through when the going gets tough but otherwise I think they rarely know I exist.