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At our dealership, they have envelopes for your car key, then drop it through a bent chute.

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@lgfan : GOOD TO KNOW !

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I'm sorry you had such a bad day yesterday!


You gave some good advice...


I hope today is better for you.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

I've always used nothing but these separating Keychain.  Car keys on one ring, house keys on the other.   When you turn your car keys over to someone else, just press the little button to separate and retain your house keys.



I've never seen these. What a great idea! Thank you...

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I've been using a separating keychain for twenty years. Plus, my car has keyless entry. I keep the fob in my pocket, I never insert it in the fog in the  key slot. 

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@lgfan   I keep all my keys on one chain; HOWEVER, I have a valet key that I keep in my front-seat console that I ALWAYS use when I get the car serviced or use valet parking.  

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