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The keyless car start is a wonderful thing in my recent vehicles!  LOVE that feature.  


What make of car has a battery under the seat?  I never heard of that.  

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@lgfan : I either take my car key off my key ring , or give the mechanic my spare key . 
 Also , if you think about it ; what's to stop the mechanic from making a copy of your car key and stealing your car ! ( He know's your address )

I quess you have to go to a mechanic you feel you can trust .

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Re: Dead battery experience

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My 2011 Buick Enclave SUV has the battery under the floor, behind the passenger seat. When you open the hood if you have to jump it, there are two terminals there that run to the battery so you don't have to access the battery itself to get it running.


I too beleive in replacing the battery on a schedule, BEFORE it dies in some inconvenient place...


My car was manufactured in 2010, so they were already doing it then.(hiding the battery!!)


At least no one can easily steal the battery...they can run almost 100 bucks today....!! And I just noticed ( After all this time of just pressing the fob!!) my car has NO way to open it with a key ( no keyhole!!!).


My car lives in a heated garage, so the battery lasts longer than one left outside in the weather...but this November it will get it's second new one in it's life.


My car has a name too. "AUTO".  I always thank Auto when he gets me home I reward I wash him at LEAST once a month in the Super Wash/Wax so he still looks brand new. My garage smells like that bubblegum soap they use in the car wash when I bring it home.....


I NEVER take him out when the roads are wet, icy, snowy or in the dark. I'm retired, so this works!!! I plan all my trips. ( Not kidding....fresh and dissolved road salt destroys cars here in the W. Pa where I live!!!)


He has less than 30K miles which I good cause I'll be driving him til I'm 90!!!!


Both my old man neighbors want to buy Auto if I get rid of him....but they keep their current junkheaps outdoors ( thier garages are full of consumer junk that they never use) and it would kill me to see AUTO outside freezing in winter....

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@lgfan wrote:
I learned many years ago about not keeping your house keys on the same key chain as your car keys. When you take your car to a mechanic and give him your keys to your car he can easily make copies of your house keys to break into your house. I keep my house keys and car keys on separate key chains.

 I remember the drivers ed teacher telling us that when I was in high school.  45 years ago.  People only leave their car keys when they have their cars serviced.  

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I don't keep the car key on the same key chain as the house keys and the car key never leaves my purse.


My husband went out one day, forgot something, left the car running while he used the keys to get back into the house.  Threw the keys on the table, got what he forgot and off he went.


He was gone a few minutes when I saw the keys laying on the table.


Luckily I was able to get in touch with him before he turned the car off so he could come back home again and get the keys. We are a one car family so if he had turned it off the only way he was getting home was to walk or figure out how to use Uber on his phone. 

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Re: Dead battery experience

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@Sooner .............Is a GMC Acadia.

Saving time & trouble. If I offend you, I am sorry.
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Some newer model car keys cannot be duplicated. You would have to go to the dealer and purchase another key.
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@Sooner wrote:

The keyless car start is a wonderful thing in my recent vehicles!  LOVE that feature.  


What make of car has a battery under the seat?  I never heard of that.  

I didn't even know that was a thing, a few weeks ago my daughter called me.  She had just dome off of a 4 days of working and was in LAX, she lives in San Diego.  She just wanted to get home but the keyless fob battery was dead and the override wouldn't work.  She walked a mile to target to get a replacement battery.  Then when she tried to start the car it said the car battery was dead, she used the Halo bolt I had given her and it finally got started.  Strange the car battery has been fine since.  I guess the lesson I hope she learned was to keep extra batteries to the key fob.


I kind of like my old fashioned key.

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I used to have that same problem with one of my older Outbacks.  The steering wheel would lock and that would add to the problem.  My sister drives Outbacks also, she never dealt with it.


I'm sorry it happened to you, but I'm glad it was not just me.

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@Imaoldhippie My Kia Soul went through a phase of not releasing the ignition key. I could turn the engine off but the power stayed on. If I left it on all night (not locked, mind you) it would have been available to steal or at least wear down the battery. I tried everything I could find on the www, nothing worked! Finally called AAA and after a few minutes talking to whoever took my call, just said,ok I have a dead battery. 


The dead battery guy showed up and I explained the problem. He had never heard of this before, so I suggested he disconnect the battery. Presto! The key was released. Then this happened twice more. Of course I had to disconnect the battery and I don't like doing that, have to use a wrench or pliers.


My mechanically gifted friend later attached a battery disconnect device that has an easy switch to turn off battery. Problem solved. It's only done that once since but with my cool battery on/off switch, I'm good. BTW my mechanic at Kia dealership said he'd never seen this problem before. Maybe he told me the truth, or maybe not. 


I'm grateful my battery is up front and easy to reach. I know about yours because I worked at GMC dealership for several years.