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Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

Hello my friends! It was a blessing today to get a call from Darla - she heard from St. Cloud State University - the message was for her permission for them to contact her references, a good sign, and she answered back, waiting to talk to the Dean.  Beautiful day here again today - another blessing!  Emails are such a blessing too, you know!!  Through our trials there are blessings among them - pray and have hope.  Padre Pio said if you pray, why worry and if you worry why pray?


Today be cheerful when it is difficult and patient when that, too, is difficult. 

Lord, I will let Your love for me flow through me and touch those around me.


S C R I P T U R E   F O R   T H E   D A Y 

"He must increase, but I must decrease."  ~John 3:30

M E D I T A T I O N   F O R   T H E   D A Y 

We can try to stand aside and let God work through us.  We can try not
to block God off by our own efforts, or prevent God's spirit from
working through us.  God desires our obedient service and our loyalty to
the ideals of the new life we are seeking.  If we are loyal to God, God
can give us protection against mistakes.  God's spirit can plan for us
and secure for us a sufficiency of all spiritual help.  We can have true
victory and real success, if we will put ourselves in the background and
let God work through us.

P R A Y E R   F O R   T H E   D A Y 

I pray that I may not interfere with the working of God's spirit in me
and through me.  I pray that I may give it full rein.



My New Coat, God

I have a new coat, it was designed by God and given to me by Jesus Christ. All I had to do to receive this coat was to believe in God's only Son.

I find it fits me perfectly unless I allow myself to become puffed up with foolish pride, then it's too tight. If I walk with my head high, trying to be above those about, then it is too short. But if I walk humbly as I should before God, it fits me just right.

How is the coat made?

The shoulders are wide and roomy so that I can help my fellow man carry his burdens.

The collar is made of God's mercy, yes, the mercy of God's promises. First that I may become his child and second, that I will one day dwell with Him in that home prepared for His saints.

The cuffs are narrow, so that there is no room to tuck away grievance and hard feelings toward my neighbors.

The pockets are oversized, One is for the love of God; the other is to hold my love for my fellowman and all humanity.

There are three buttons on my coat, which stands for faith, hope and charity. I check on them often so that none becomes loose or lost.

The lining is made of God's forgiveness, which I need so often that I want it next to me at all times.

The belt is made of God's love that encircles me everyday.

The material is thick enough to protect me when the storms of life come my way, but not too thick that I will not be able to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit who guides me.

There are many threads in my new coat, but not one thread of doubt that God's promises are true,

Do you wonder about the color of my coat? Why, it's the color of Jesus' eyes that must sparkle when a lost soul accepts Him.

I will need my coat all through life. When I travel through the valley of death and when I view the future, I will always wear my new coat.

     (Author Unknown)

Prayer of St.Francis  

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. 
Where there is hatred, let me sow love; 

Where there is injury, pardon; 
Where there is doubt, faith; 
Where there is despair, hope; 

Where there is darkness, light; 
and where there is sadness, joy. 
O Divine Master,grant that 
I may not so much seek 
to be consoled as to console; 

to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love. 
For it is in giving that we receive, 

it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.



Take My Hand....

Are you troubled, burdened, blue?
Take my hand.
I've been troubled, too,
I understand.
Where you've fallen, once I fell --
Let me help the clouds dispel --
Take my hand.
Others helped when I was weak,
Took my hand,
Helped me face toward the peak,
Helped me stand.
What they did, now let me do --

Pass the kindness on to you.

Someday you'll help others, too.

Take my hand.


 AMEN !!


To You--with Love 


Dear One,
You are my child and I love you. It's just that simple. No matter what
you've done or what you haven't done. I love you! You have an eternal spirit
living within you, and I know your spirit intimately, and I love you. You
are on this earth, living your life, making your decisions, trying to find
out what's the best thing to do and how to do it - how to live, how to
survive - and it's a struggle. I know this and I understand, for this is the
struggle of life. But all of this can be made easier if you will just
connect -- to Me.

For though your life carries on and you age and then die, your SPIRIT never
ages. It never dies. The real you, the you that now dwells within the
confines of your body, will live forever.

This is why the things of the body, the material things of the world, are
not the things to strive for because one day you must leave them behind. The
things that truly matter are those of the spirit: LOVE, KINDNESS, MERCY,
UNDERSTANDING, GIVING. These are the things that make you rich-rich in
spirit. These are the things that make you strong-strong in spirit.

When the day comes that you shed the garment of your flesh, the strength of
your spirit will be all that counts. So do good. Show love. Give love. Love
your family. Love your neighbors.  Love those you meet. Show mercy, kindness
and compassion. For by sharing these things- by showing love- you show ME to
others. For I, God AM Love, and I love you. I want to spend Eternity with

When you come to the door at the end of the road, at the end of your life,
you will need the key to open the door, to enter into MY HOME where
everything is LOVE. But you don't have to work for that key-just hold out
your hand right now and I will place it there. The Key is MY SON, JESUS, I
hold out this key to you now and say, "It can be yours, because I love you."
It is as though I am offering you the key to My treasure vault, saying,
"This is yours, just because I love you." With this key you can open the
vault and find it is full of treasure. So receive MY KEY- the KEY to living
with ME forever. Just say, yes, GOD, I want the Key to life. I want Your
SON, JESUS, the Key to your vault. I receive it. I accept it. Then this Key
will be yours forever.

I love you. You are my child, and I give you the Key to my inheritance, the
Key to my vault, the Key to Eternity! He is yours, if you will just receive




Your daily reading fromSt. Faustina's diary 

June 29

When, during adoration, I repeated the prayer, "Holy God" several times, a vivid presence of God suddenly swept over me, and I was caught up in spirit before the majesty of God. I saw how the Angels and the Saints of the Lord give glory to God. The glory of God is so great that I dare not try to describe it, because I would not be able to do so, and souls might think that what I have written is all there is. Saint Paul, I understand now why you did not want to describe heaven, but only said that eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him [cf. 1 Corinthians 2:9; 2 Corinthians 12:1-7]. Yes, that is indeed so. And all that has come forth from God returns to Him in the same way and gives Him perfect glory. Now I have seen the way in which I adore God; oh, how miserable it is! And what a tiny drop it is in comparison to that perfect heavenly glory. O my God, how good You are to accept my praise as well, and to turn Your Face to me with kindness and let us know that our prayer is pleasing to You.       (1604)

Oh, how greatly I desire the glory of Your mercy-for me, bitterness and suffering! When I see the glory of Your mercy, I am immeasurably happy. Let all disgrace, humiliation and abasement come down upon me, as long as the glory and praise of Your mercy resounds everywhere-that's all that matters.       (1691)

The words of Our Lord Jesus Christ are in boldface. The words of Our Lady are in italics.

Copyright (c) 1996 by the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. All rights reserved.


June 29 - Jesus Calling

As you get out of bed in the morning, be aware of My Presence with you. You may not be thinking clearly yet, but I am. Your early morning thoughts tend to be anxious ones until you get connected with Me. Invite Me into your thoughts by whispering My Name. Suddenly your day brightens and feels more user-friendly. You cannot dread a day that is vibrant with My Presence.


You gain confidence through knowing that I am with you—that you face nothing alone. Anxiety stems from asking the wrong question: “If such and such happens, can I handle it?” the true question is not whether you can copy with whatever happens, but whether you and I together can handle anything that occurs. It this you-and-I-together factor that gives you confidence to face the day cheerfully.


—Psalm 5:3 My voice You shall hear in the morning, O Lord; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.


—Psalm 63:1 O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water. 


—Philippians 4:13  I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.

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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

That does seem to be a good sign for Darla. 

I feel like the Lord is going to answer our prayers for you to get a good offer on your house too.


Blessings to all.


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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday

“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.” Winnie-the-Pooh
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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

Hi Gloria, glad to hear the positive news about Darla. That would be so great to have her home. I would like to ask you for prayers for a long time friend who lost her son last week to a heroin overdose. He was only 39. So sad and she has had so much tragedy in her life. I'm still not liking this new board very much. God bless!
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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

That makes two of us Marmot24.

I will be praying for your friend's son.


Blessings, Harlene(lovestopaint)

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.Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

Thank you Harlene, much appreciated.
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Re: .Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

Gloria, What a big step forward for Darla! It's looking very positve. Hoping and praying to hear that she got the job.


Marmot, Prayers for your friend. Such a loss...


Harlene, I only have trouble with the boards due to the backgroound. My eyes don't seem to like it, and I have to keep the time I spend here shorter.


Puddles, Beautiful graphic.


Julie, I love the Jesus Calling devotions. It's the first thing I read every day. I found the desk calendar a few years ago while in a bookstore, and loved it immediately.


Lucy, I hope your day is going well, and you're having some good weather to get ready for the fourth.


Hello to anyone I've missed! I did my volunteer job this morning, and stopped to do a few errands while in town. My family will be here for the fourth, and I'm so looking forward to being with them. Wishing you all a good afternoon and evening.  pinky

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Re: .Re: Daily Positive Thread for Tuesday

Marmot24 - praying for your friend and her son!  Lori's friend, Jeremy, had a good friend who took his life recently too, he was a husband and father of two kids.  


Thanks all for your continued prayers for Darla - haven't heard anything new yet.  And no offer on the house yet.  All your prayers are so much appreceated.