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Daily Positive Thread for Saturday

Hello my friends! Well we had our second showing.  Know nothing yet, waiting patiently and praying for a good offer.  Did anyone see the recipe I posted on the last thread for the Brocolli and cauliflower recipe? I will be making it shortly.  Not much news here so I'll wish you all a great blessed and positive weekend. Praying for you all.


Keep yourself young in spirit always by thinking new thoughts and getting
rid of old habits. Lord, may my spirit never become a frail and my abilities
never become barren. 
S C R I P T U R E   F O R   T H E   D A Y 

"Jesus turned and said to Peter, 'Get behind me, Satan! You are a
stumbling block to me; for you are setting your mind not on divine things
but on human things. 'Then Jesus told his disciples, 'If any want to become
my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross and follow
me.  For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose
their life for my sake will find it.'"  ~Matthew 16:23-25

M E D I T A T I O N   F O R   T H E   D A Y  

We were born with the Divine within us.  Living a selfish life can hinder
the Divine from being expressed and shared.  The celestial fire has to be
tended and fed so that it will grow into a real desire to live the right
way.  By trying to do the will of God, we grow more and more in the new way
of life.  By thinking of God, praying to God and having communion with God,
we gradually grow more like God.  The way of our transformation from the
material to the spiritual allows God to work in and through us.

P R A Y E R   F O R   T H E   D A Y  

I pray that I may tend the spark of the Divine within me so that it will
grow.  I pray that I may be gradually transformed from the old life to the
new and fuller life.
Did Jesus use a Modem at the Sermon on the Mount?
Did Jesus use a modem
At the Sermon on the Mount?
Did He ever try a broadcast fax
To send His message out?
Did the disciples carry beepers
As they went about their route?
Did Jesus use a modem
At the Sermon on the Mount?
Did Paul use a Laptop
With lots of RAM and ROM?
Were his letters posted on a BBS
At Paul.Rome.Com?
Did the man from Macedonia
Send an E-Mail saying "Come?"
Did Paul use a Laptop
With lots of RAM and ROM?
Did Moses use a Joystick
at the Parting of the Sea?
And a Satellite Guidance Tracking System
To show him where to be?
Did he write the law on tablets
Or are they really on CD?
Did Moses use a joystick
At the parting of the Sea?
Did Jesus really die for us
One day upon a tree?
Or was it just a hologram
Or technical wizardry?
Can you download the Live Action Video Clip
To play on your PC?
Did Jesus really die for us
One day upon a tree?
Have the wonders of this modern age
Made you question what is true?
How a single man in a simple time
Could offer life anew?
How a sinless life, a cruel death
then a glorious life again
Could offer more to a desperate world
Than the inventions of man?
If in your life, the voice of God
Is sometimes hard to hear.
With other voices calling
His doesn't touch your ear.
Then set aside your laptop and modem
And all your fancy gear.
And open your Bible, open your heart
And let your Father draw you near.

Written by Ellis Bush
Author Unknown

Just inside the Pearly Gates
Underneath a gorgeous sky
Two angels hovered near a cloud
(They don't sit like you and I!)

"I just don't understand it,"
Said angel number one,
"I've watched and studied everything
Those foolish souls have done."

The second angel gave a shrug,
"Why do you even care?
It's no concern of ours at all
What they choose to do down there."

"Maybe not," the first one said,
"But still I'd like to know
With all the blessings they've received
What makes them quarrel so?"

The second angel stretched his wings
Then smoothed a ruffled feather,
"It's just about a hopeless cause
For men to live together."

"The Master's working very hard
Has been for generations. ....
And still they fight among themselves
causing death and devastation. "

The older angel softly sighed,
"You can't change things, little one,
The Master's tried everything
He even sacrificed His Son!!"

The young angel nodded slowly,
"That's what seems so bad!
He suffered, bled and died for them!
He gave them all he had!"

"Oh, He still has more to give,"
The other looked both sad and wise,
"For I've seen Jesus when souls are lost,
And I've held Him while He cries."

"For to Him each one is precious
With a value beyond measure.....
He wants them all up here with Him
To share in Heaven's treasure."

"And sometimes, someone down on Earth
Will kneel in fervent prayer
Crying out, 'Please help me, God!
Show me that You're there!'"

"And when that happens you will hear
All the bells of Heaven ring!
As the Master's love pours down like rain
And the Heart of Jesus sings!"
Many years ago, during a terrible desert war in the Middle East,
a spy was captured and sentenced to death by a wise old Persian
warlord. Despite the harsh sentence, the warlord was actually a
man of mercy and compassion.

Over the years he had adopted a strange custom. In death penalty
cases, he would allow the condemned a choice of a quick death by
firing squad or take his chances by passing through a mysterious
black door.

As the moment of execution drew near, the warlord ordered the
frightened spy be brought before him. "What have you chosen?
Will it be the firing squad or the black door?"

It was a terrible decision for the prisoner to make. Each time
he moved close to the massive black door, his trembling hand stopped
short of the key. Finally he informed the warlord that he much
preferred the firing squad to the unknown horrors that might lurk
in the shadows behind that mysterious black door.

A few minutes later, a volley of rifle shots signaled that the
sentence had been carried out. The old warlord, gazing off to
the distant horizon, turned to his aide and said, "You see how
it is with people; they will always prefer the known to the
unknown. That man went quietly to his death even though I gave
him a choice.."

The aide asked, "What lies behind the black door?"

"Freedom," replied the warlord, "and I've known very few men
brave enough to take it."

Author Unknown

July 24 - Jesus Calling

Thankfulness opens the door to My Presence. Though I am always with you, I have gone to great measures to preserve your freedom of choice. I have placed a door between you and Me, and I have empowered you to open or close that door. There are many ways to open it, but a grateful attitude is one of the most effective.

Thankfulness is built on a substructure of trust. When thankful words stick in your throat, you need to check up on your foundation of trust. When thankfulness flows freely from your heart and lips, let your gratitude draw you closer to Me. I want you to learn the art of giving thanks in all circumstances. See how many times you can thank Me daily; this will awaken your awareness to a multitude of blessings. It will also cushion the impact of trials when they come against you. Practice My Presence by practicing the discipline of thankfulness.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.
-Psalm 100:4

Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
-1 Thessalonians 5:18

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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Saturday

What is that saying, "No news is good news".

Praying it will be good.


Loved "Did Jesus have a modem"?


Blessings to all.


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Re: Daily Positive Thread for Saturday

Hello all.  I am blessed because I am feeling much better than I was.  AC is running.  It is hot here, but a gentle breeze is blowing.  Nice....I hope you all have a good day with many blessings.


Gloria,  I hope you sell your house soon. How ia Linus?  Thinking of him.