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@Luvmycats I have no idea who you are responding to, but I see no one who even suggested, let alone lectured that anyone should not wear a mask and social distance and who is being selfish.


Many of us had to be out and about.  Most people even have had to go to work everyday.  They did not have a choice.


Yes, we are and should be concerned.  No one wants to get sick.


There are some people that were so stressed about COVID that they caused other medical problems including heart attacks. And many of those people didn't have to go to work and didn't go out at all.

Yes, you can get COVID by running errands and so can the people who run your errands for you while you sit at home safely.  Is that not selfish for healthy people?


Stress is very serious.  If the vaccines help people not to be so stressed, that is a great thing. Stress can kill people too.