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And down the road, keep the good memories.  It now is just a thing.  You have all the lovely beautiful memories to keep for you and to pass on for those who want to know about your memories.


You'll realize, the house has no feelings, it's a thing.


Memories live in heart and head.  Time passes. 

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Re: Childhood Home Sold

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A house can be such a profound thing.

Is there any other material possession that can evoke such poignant or sad memories and cause such powerful emotion?


When I had a hard time letting go of "our" family home, it suddenly occurred 

to me that it'd belonged to other families before us, and would house many more after we'd gone.


We'd merely taken our turn within those walls.


Muddling through...
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@Lilysmom1  That was a wonderful post.


I love reading people's stories about everything.


My house I lived in until I was 12-13 is still in existence.


The only change was 1/2 bathroom was added.


I mentioned here that before my accident,  my daughter and I rode over to see it.


I always wanted my late husband to buy it and rent it out.  But he said it wasn't worth the money they wanted for it quite a few years ago.


It was too small for my family and myself to live in it.  Plus, it's in an incredible place to live if you work in DC.



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@781Florist  Another beautifully written account of your memory.


I actually read it twice.


Thanks so much for taking time to share your memories with us.

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Re: Childhood Home Sold

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Wonderful write very well....


O the irony. The BEST years of my own life were spent in what anyone looking would say "You lived THERE?!?!?!?"  followed by: "You had NO TeeVee?!?!?!?!" ( of course in the mid sixties this was.....and NO we did not in that house!...we played cards, Scrabble and read books!!)


It was the house we spent the summer months in, in PA, that was in the family since 1906.


Now ,the granite countertops, look-at-me appliances,  jabbering Alexas, everyone you see in real life AND on teevee clutching a phone as if they'd die if it left their hand...the acres of perfect lawn and the new car every three years lifestyle of today will NOT ever replace the memories I have of that time.


Can't go back of course, but when I go back in my mind, or even if I have vivid dreams of that time,  I feel sad with the knowledge that time has swept it all away,  but a little better for recalling the times we had there....and that's where I go in my mind.... 



I hope things work out for your Mom, and for's gotta be hard and confusing for her to move far away with others and leave everything that's familiar, and perhaps you may even feel some guilt that she has to, although of course she can not stay alone at her wouldn't be safe.


I don't  think I could give up my place now, and I'm only 66.


Good luck.

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@Annabellethecat66 : Which community was this home in? Sounds like my childhood home, within walking distance of Forest Glen metro stop.

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@patbz  Nope.  Not anywhere near there.  Wrong state, I believe.


I lived in Virginia.  I know there's a Forest Glen in Maryland.


Back up...I meant I BELIEVE there's one in Maryland.

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@Othereeeen Your post about people being surprised that you didn't have TV made me remember something.


My late husband was way far from being a fanatic on anything.


However, he put his foot down when it came to cable TV.  That's when it first became available.


Our girls were coming home every day (not much of an exaggeration) boo-hoping that they were the only people on earth who didn't have cable.


My husband thought of cable as only showing people having s$x and being nude.  They wanted to see MTV.


We didn't get cable until my youngest was close to graduating, I think!

Ironic because since I live here by myself, I always say I could tune into Mars because I get every single cable channel available.


And even with that, I'll sometimes have trouble finding something I want to watch.

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Your late husband would be appalled if he saw what's on today...the Lume ads, the manscaping ads, the woman showing her daughter about tampons and then the period panties and what and how much they absorb..the close up of nose hair shavers, and the latest assault on our sense of decorum, the "pooping" women.


I'm no prude, but do we really need to be shown this stuff on teevee??? 


It's no wonder people are so numb to other's feelings today.ANYTHING goes...nothing is off topic. No more filters.


The close up of shaving the pubic area, the constant discussion of bodily functions and the incessant drug pushing commercials...




Can't wait for the demo ad on how and where to use Preparation H. Coming soon to a screen near you, in living color.

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I've told this here before, so if you've seen it...skip over it.


When we bought our first house it was around 1999 or so.


It was a cute all brick house sitting on 1/2 acre located behind a small strip mall.


I remember we couldn't get a loan even though the house was around, $100,000 or less.


The banks all said since I was 22 years old I could get pregnant and wouldn't be able to work to contribute.


My husband had a great job in computers working for the government.  I also worked for the government as a secretary.


We we're finally able to get a loan from Navy Credit Union because my husband was, at one time like everyone, in the military.


We we're putting down around $5,000.  At that time that was a lot of money.  It was to us...anyway!

Actually, all of the papers are in my file cabinet today.  All organized.


Anyway, it was a really cute, small house.  We made one bedroom into a family room.  

Who remembers Naugahyde?  That's what the couch was.  Black.  I painted the walls...wait for it...prepare to be amazed...Chinese red!

Yep!  That was the color.  Our small TV sat on what was a super cheap tiny wooden dresser.  I think I'd painted the dresser red and black...just because.


Look!  People!  You weren't paying attention when I've told you I have absolutely no decorating talent!  Now do ya get it?

Anyway, there were lots of stories I could tell you that went on in this cute little house...


But another time.  I'm still hunting and pecking because I never took care of my fractured left hand.


This year I turn 76.  I think a lot of you might be near there too.


I think you youngsters should bow down to us "old timers" for all the changers our generation are responsible for.


OMG!  On that note I'm going to have to cut this short.


Bill the cat has informed me he's ready for bed.  I've been pecking and typing on a small computer table.


He keeps trying to jump on it.  He starts bugging me at 7:00 pm to go to bed.


Its not that he wants to sleep.  He wants all of the food 'stuff' I give him.  Then I shut 2 bedroom doors so he can roam between them.


There is a full bath in between them so he has 3 rooms and 5 windows to look out of.  It's called a Jack and Jill bedrooms.  You can get into the bathroom from each bedroom AND get into bathroom from hallway if you want.


My husband thought of that.  That's so our girls can slop up the bathroom and we can clothes it off.  There is a story about that too...


Then around midnight I open both doors and shut MY bedroom door sh he has the run of the entire house EXCEPT MY bedroom...he likes to jump and wake me up.


Good night.  I'll try to see if I can type with both hands fast like I used to do tomorrow.


Love you guys.🥰