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@San Antonio Gal wrote:

He wanted her to relocate with him and she didn't.   She has no one to blame but herself.


@San Antonio Gal   @Calcgirl 


ITA ... and she SHOULD have seen this coming .... her fault,  and the "reason" no longer matters.

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In reading this post i felt like we are talking about junior high behavior. Ask your friend to get the coop on the boyfriend. Are you kidding me!!!

Stay out of it. Plus, it is none of your business especially since he is your friend.

someone needs to grow up!!

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@Tinkrbl44 - well said and on point. 

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As much as these friends acted like junior high gossip girls, their behavior did not spring up overnight.


I'm not sure why their behavior surprises the OP-once a meddling gossip, always a meddling gossip.


I doubt these luncheons were never about talking about somebody else; and if the OP engaged with them in other luncheons or at least some type of get-together then I do not see why she is surprised at their behavior nor that they snubbed her.


This is the way of gossip groups; agree and you are aces.  Disagree and you are the odd person out.  Control issues.


It's way it rolls when people just won't mind their own business.

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Years ago I had a male friend tell me to stay away from pilots, salesman (car and real estate) and cops.  The many had fidelity issues.  

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I think you did the right thing to stay out of it.  Being in the middle of breakups does not end well.  I am sure you have more friends and won't miss these high school girlies.