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How old is too old to wear a backpack to an amusement park?

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We carry ours when we go to Disney, my hubby is in eary 60's..   I see lots of people, both women and men wearing backpacks.. 

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I don't see backpacks as safe.  What's to prevent someone from deftly getting into your backpack while standing on line, for instance? 


If I were carrying a baby, you can be sure that backpack would be hanging off my chest, not my back.

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If you feel comfortable wearing one you should. Never to old.
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For me, there is no age limit for most things, including wearing a backpack. I recently bought the GiLI one, and I'm 43 and plan on using it often. I also travel and feel more secure using a backpack rather than a purse. In regards to an amusement park, I think it's a great idea as you don't want to lose your personal belongings from your pockets. I live in Florida, and most people carry backpacks while visiting tourist attractions. It keeps your hands free!!! Have fun😀
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Better than a backpack - the Healthy Back Bag. Took all over Disney World. It comes in several style variations and sizes.


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There's an age requirement for backbacks???? faint.gif

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i am 66 and i carry a backpack often when i go to disneyworld ... and often when i go other places where i have to carry a bunch of stuff.  last week i carried one to a dog show, and will be carrying one when we go to our community july 4th celebration.   i hope i have not been breaking any rules by doing so.  LOL.

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Thanks everyone.  It just seems like a sensible thing to do but wondered if it would be out of my age bracket.  Guess now I have to go look to buy a backpack.

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I don't think a backpack is more secure either, anyone behind you could access it inline or a crowded area.

For security a crossbody is better,  but if you want to carry a bunch of stuff I can see that a backpack is better.


Some places have restrictions on bringing in a backpack as well.


Age not an issue.