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Agree @Mom2Dogs that you need more than just your spouse for friends.

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I managed people most of my life. Your attitude of "it is what it is" sounds healthy.


Interesting to me in relation to my life. I was managed all of my 33 years working for the same company(3 different names). My attitude was the opposite of "play along to get along". Things I felt were out of the norm, I questioned, others just followed.

Most of my "outside life"! I managed about everything in which I had an interest. It wasn't because that was a goal in my life. It seemed I was mostly in the wrong place at the right time, or vice versa. What was the most important characteristic to me of those I managed? Attitude, nothing else came even close.

hckynut 🇺🇸

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@Mom2DogsOh I totally understand the need for girlfriends, I was just concentrating on the work friends thing. I am blessed to still have my best friend from high school, our husbands are very good friends too from all of our years spending time together. I have a couple of other good friends but don't see them all that often. I hope things get better with the one that's causing you angst, sometimes people do that but I think it's most likely not intentionalSmiley Happy

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SO very sorry!

I lost a very good friend at work; hopefully she can come back here to live, but we don't have a place for her!